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Smart Offices for Smart Prices

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The term ‘serviced office’ brings to mind images of modern, well-furnished offices in out-of-town business centres or smart city centre buildings. You may be mistaken, then, for thinking that these come with a hefty price tag. After all, being able to run your business from a great location with all the added benefits of a fixed monthly charge with no hidden extras should cost a lot, particularly when you take into account that you can move in straightaway, without having to wait for essential services such as Internet and phone to be installed. The fact is, though, that serviced offices can often work out as more cost effective than an office on a lengthy conventional lease, because you have the flexibility of being able to leave or change your space requirements without having to wait for a lease of several years to be complete or having to pay high administrative costs.

Whether you need to find commercial property in Bristol or offices to let in Birmingham, we have over 1,000 listings for serviced offices in the UK, as well as thousands more in other major cities around the world. Small, medium and large businesses alike benefit from the advantages of serviced offices. Large businesses in particular are now choosing to house all or part of their business in a serviced office because of the flexibility of options it offers, opening a new or temporary branch of a company being one such example of how a large company can use a serviced office to their advantage.


How Large Businesses Can Benefit from a Serviced Office

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There are few businesses now which can be sure to want to rent office space in the same location over a period of several years. The ever changing and uncertain economy of recent years has made companies and individuals wary of making long-term commitments. Consequently, more and more businesses are turning to serviced offices as a solution to find their ideal business premises. Although a serviced office is not always the best option for every kind of business requiring office space, it can offer numerous advantages to most.

While such offices were once more commonly used by small or medium sized businesses, now more and more large companies are starting to use them to their advantage. A London-based company that needs office space in Manchester for just three months, for example, will find themselves looking for a serviced office because there is no other solution available to them. It is also not worth the costs involved in buying and/or transporting furniture and registering with gas and electricity suppliers for such a short period. Similarly, for a company opening a new branch and needing Liverpool offices, the time required to take out a conventional lease and set up the new premises will mean that the business is losing money, and they may not even be sure that their product or service will work in this location. A serviced office gives them the flexibility to be able to pull out of the area if necessary, or expand if things are going well.


Additional Benefits of a Serviced Office

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When you hear talk about the benefits of serviced offices, the words ‘flexible’ and ‘convenient’ will often come up. These are, of course, major benefits, but there are multiple other advantages which can mean you will soon consider a serviced office as the only solution for your business. Serviced offices vary from provider to provider, but the facilities available are usually similar. Common services include things like office furniture (often modern and stylish), a shared kitchen (or individual, depending on how much space you take out), and a cleaner. There is often a reception area, which may be manned by the building’s own staff who will take any messages and forward calls. You can sometimes use shared office equipment, such as a photocopier, fax machine and scanner, which can save your business money on shelling out for its own equipment. Some offices will also provide full IT support, which can be a huge benefit for small companies in particular that don’t have their own IT department.

Are you convinced yet? If you have decided that a serviced office is the way forward for you and are now looking for office space in Edinburgh or serviced offices in London, then check out our listings. We have over 300 listings for London alone and have details on over 1,000 offices across the UK in almost every town and city. If you have offices abroad or are looking to break into the international market, we also have 4,000 offices listed in the major international cities.


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