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Should You Use an Open Plan Layout for Your London Office Space?

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When selecting office space in London for your business, there are many decisions to be made. Do you choose an office in a central location, or one on the outskirts of the city? Do you rent a large office that your business can grow into, or one that meets your current business needs? Do you opt for a serviced office? Once you have made all these decisions and chosen your London office space, you will then have to decide what you want your office layout to be. An increasing number of businesses are opting for an open plan layout. But, is that the best choice for your business? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to having an open plan office:

Advantages of Open Plan Offices

•    More Economical
If you choose to have an open plan layout for your office, you will be able to use your office space more economically. Without dividing walls, you will have more room to house more employees. This will give your business room for expansion, without having to move to a larger office. Having an open plan layout in your office also allows for a better distribution of natural light because there are no internal walls blocking it.

•    Improved Communication
Open plan offices allow your employees to communicate easily with one another. This can greatly improve team spirit within the workplace. Without walls dividing them, your employees can easily ask their colleagues for help and advice throughout the working day. Your internal communications could also improve, leading to a more productive, and much happier, workforce.

•    More Flexibility
When you choose your office space to rent, it’s likely that you’ll have a good idea of where you want everything to be. However, as your business grows, it’s likely that this layout will have to change. An open plan office allows for much greater flexibility if you need to change your layout. It also makes a layout change much quicker and more affordable.

Disadvantages of Open Plan Offices

•    Noise
In an open plan office, there are likely to be a large number of people in one room. The number of people, combined with ringing telephones and working office equipment, can make the office space very noisy. This could make concentration very difficult. An open plan layout is not well suited to businesses when quiet is a necessity, for example call centres.

•    Lack of Privacy
It can be difficult to maintain privacy in open plan office spaces. Telephone conversations can be overheard and computer screen are easily visible. An open plan layout is not suitable in offices where employees are dealing with confidential information.

•    Colds and Flu Can Spread
In an office where everyone shares the same space, infections can easily be spread from person to person. In the winter months, when colds and flu are common, you could find that a large number of your employees are taking sick days at the same time.


Benefits of Managed Offices

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Your choice of office will say a lot about your business. After all, if you operate in rundown and dirty premises you cannot expect to impress potential clients. That is why so many start-ups are increasingly turning towards business centres to base their new companies in. Such centres typically offer full services which include everything that you need to run a business. Indeed, there are a huge number of advantages which come from working in serviced offices.

First of all, most serviced offices offer a degree of flexibility which does not come with traditionally signed leases. When you are starting out in business nothing is certain, which is why it is unadvisable to get drawn into a long lease which is difficult to get out of. Successful businesses are constantly growing and expanding, so it is unrealistic to expect your office space in London needs to be the same in ten years’ time as they are now. Serviced offices recognise that the needs of a company can change very rapidly, and thus allow flexible leases which can be altered without incurring any major buy out fees. This is increasingly important in the international economy as businesses that want to stay ahead of the game need to be able to adapt to different market conditions very quickly indeed.

Serviced offices in London can also include benefits such as fixed rental prices. All inclusive services can include everything from office furniture, to 24-hour security, and kitchen refreshment facilities. Signing a lease which has a fixed rental price means that businesses can accurately calculate their financial accounts every month as they know exactly how much money they will be spending on rent. As such, this should help reduce the risks of encountering any major cash flow problems.

Many serviced offices offer extra facilities such as meeting room hire and communal staff areas. Meeting rooms can look great when meeting with new clients. Working in a serviced office which is fronted by a professional receptionist can also increase the trustworthiness and professionalism quota that your business projects. For people who lack confidence when it comes to working with computers, serviced offices can be the answer. Having an inbuilt IT infrastructure means that there is no need to worry if things break down or go wrong, as the office administrators will have their own IT support team to repair any problems.

Working in serviced offices also gives businesses the chance to interact with other companies that work in the same location. This can prove invaluable when you are first starting out in business because you never know when a new contact may be of use. Networking is a major part of business growth, and it is well worth knowing people who are experts in different fields of work.  What is more, managed offices do not have to be a temporary solution. Many long established businesses prefer to work in serviced offices because it removes the stress of owning a building and allows them to concentrate on more important things instead.


Benefit from greater flexibility with serviced offices

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Predicting the future of your business is never easy, but doing so now, when trading conditions are so turbulent, is especially tricky. This can make choosing your working space difficult. If you expect growth, but find that demand for your goods or services in fact falls, you might be left with too much space and too great a financial commitment in terms of your office size. Of course, the opposite scenario can also apply, leaving you too cramped.

The good news is, as long as you’re careful when you choose office space to rent, you can ensure you have the flexibility you need. Because serviced working spaces are available on short-term leases, there’s no need to commit yourself to long contracts. So, you can put your crystal ball away and focus on the other important tasks facing your organisation.

Worrying figures

Demonstrating the difficult nature of the economic circumstances affecting companies in the UK, it has been revealed that there was an increase in the number of firms entering insolvency in May this year. According to Experian, a total of 1,841 firms become insolvent during the 31-day period. This was slightly up on April’s figure and it represented 0.09 per cent of the total business population.

The Business Insolvency Index also revealed that small firms with 25 employers or fewer drove the rise. In particular, enterprises with between six and ten workers saw their rate rise from 0.17 per cent in May last year to 0.2 per cent during the same month in 2012.

Expert analysis

Responding to this, Experian’s Max Firth said: “By the time a firms grows into a six to ten employee business, the flexibility it benefited from as a micro business begins to disappear. Fixed overheads become greater and cash flow starts to cause more serious issues if not carefully monitored.

“Our data has shown that historically, the highest insolvencies have consistently been experienced by firms that have between ten and 100 employees.  If a good credit management process is not implemented before reaching this size, then a firm may find it significantly harder to keep its head above water as it grows.”

Make your life easier

In the past, it was impossible for many firms to benefit from short-term office leases, so managers had little choice but to bite the bullet and to sign up to contracts over extended periods of time. However, things are different now. By taking a look around our website here at Abacus Real Estate you can choose from serviced offices in Mayfair, serviced offices in Liverpool and so on and find leases that last for as short a period as three months.

This might really help to take the pressure off your shoulders. If you move into premises like this, you will know that whatever happens to your firm, you won’t be tied into inappropriate property agreements.

So, if you’re keen to find out more, just take a look around our website or get in touch with our friendly and helpful team.


Keeping a lid on costs with serviced offices

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If your firm needs to cut costs, you can rest assured you’re not alone. Many organisations around the UK, and indeed the world, are reducing their expenditure so that they can balance their books. After all, trading conditions remain volatile and with austerity measures in force and eurozone instability causing concern, it seems as though caution will dominate enterprise for some time to come.

One of the ways you may be able to lower your bills is by swapping to new office space. At present, you might be paying too much for your working environment and this could be having a negative impact on your bottom line. Perhaps your office is too big, or maybe it’s in an unnecessarily prestigious part of town. Of course, you might simply be getting a bad deal on your current premises.

A sign of the times

Illustrating the tricky financial conditions affecting many firms, it has been revealed that enterprises have cut their spending on marketing. According to an IPA Bellwether survey, advertising budgets fell for the first time in a year during the second quarter of 2012.

A net balance of one per cent of the organisations polled reported a reduction in their spending on promotional campaigns.

Not surprising

IPA president, executive chairman and partner Nicola Mendelsohn remarked: “With renewed concerns surrounding the economy both at home and abroad, in particular the problems surrounding the eurozone, it’s not surprising the signs are less encouraging.”

Meanwhile, Chris Williamson, chief economist at Markit and author of the report, added: “Business confidence has taken a step back again, having perked up briefly at the start of the year, which has caused companies to review their planned spend on marketing this year. The focus has been on cutting back on main media advertising, direct marketing and below-the-line activities and reallocating that money towards sales promotions and the internet.”

Adopting a proactive stance

During times of adversity, it’s often necessary to adopt a proactive stance and think of ways in which you can boost your firm’s fortunes and steer it out of trouble. With this in mind, you might want to take a look at the superb variety of alternative working spaces that are available.

Here at Abacus Real Estate we understand the importance of having suitable offices and by taking a look around our website, you might be able to find much more appropriate serviced offices in Manchester, office space in Victoria and so on.

A smooth transition

One thing that might have put you off moving in the past is the thought that starting again in new premises will be hugely difficult and disruptive. However, as long as you choose your new place carefully, there’s no reason for this to be the case.

Setting up shop in serviced offices couldn’t be easier. The environments are fully fitted and furnished, meaning you can be up and running in no time.

So, to see the fabulous array of offices currently up for grabs, just take a look around the rest of our website.


Shrinking Manchester Office Space Supply Sees Rental Prices Rise

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Population Rise

The population of Manchester is on the rise. With five universities, two internationally renowned football clubs, an excellent transport infrastructure and a plentitude of internationally recognised restaurants, bars and hotels, more and more people from both the UK and abroad are flocking to the world-class city in the North West of England to live and to work. In fact, new figures from the Office of National Statistics suggest that the population of Greater Manchester is set to increase by 20% in the next 20 years, with the number of people living in the city of Manchester expected to rise to 605,000 by 2035 – up 28% from 2012.

Growing Economy

With one of the largest economies in the UK and with excellent links to rest of the world, Manchester is also growing as a business destination. Traditionally known as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, the economy of Greater Manchester has diversified greatly in recent years and the region is now an economic hub for many industries, including cultural, creative and digital industries, media, real estate, financial services, legal services, biotechnology, tourism and advanced manufacturing. In a 2010 poll, the city was voted the second-best city in the UK to locate a business and the twelfth best in Europe. With a wide choice of entertainment and leisure options, Manchester also has a top class reputation as an international conference destination and last year the city moved up seven places from its 2010 position to 79th position in the world ranking in the ICCA’s (International Congress and Convention Association) annual conference report.

Office Space

As more and more people choose to set up businesses in Manchester and as local businesses continue to grow, it is perhaps no great surprise that the uptake of office rentals is increasing. Employee numbers can rise quickly in an expanding business and without enough room at a business’ current premises business growth can be curtailed. Many businesses are managing such expansion by renting serviced office space, a choice that offers flexibility and convenience. Many freelancers and entrepreneurs with start-ups are also taking advantage of the flexibility that renting offers.

However, the cost of renting office space in Manchester is continuing to grow due to an increase in the number of businesses being located in the city. Indeed, city property experts are predicting that the rise in the cost of renting office space in Manchester will soon exceed inflation. According to the real estate advisor, Savills, the rental prices of Manchester offices have already risen at over twice the rate of inflation in the past year and further growth is forecasted in the months ahead. The increase in rents is attributed to a shrinking supply of new office space and the trend is expected to continuing for the next two years. However, with the total cost of renting office space in Manchester below £6,000 per desk per year according to DTZ, Manchester remains a less expensive place for office rental than Bristol, Cardiff and Leeds.


Take Advantage Of A Growing Manchester

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Manchester is continuing to grow at an exponential rate. Over the past 2 decades the entire face and image of the city centre has been updated from the old sooted red brickwork of an northern industrial town to a beacon of commerce that is attractive and friendly to business people from all over the world. With Manchester Airport and vital train links to the rest of the United Kingdom, the city is also very well connected and with many of the BBC’s operations moving to Salford, the city is looking more and more like an attractive option to many. One of the greatest reasons that we can think of to invest in Manchester office space is because of the significant savings that can be made on Grade A business centres. At a general rate of £375 per person per month, you will have a first class base that includes everything from security, secretaries, receptionists, maintenance, all heating and lighting bills as well as a fully furbished cutting edge office that is capable of hosting conferences both face-to-face and video. A super-fast Internet also comes as standard making this package very attractive indeed. By moving to Manchester from London, you could effectively halve your outgoings on office costs.

We have many quality buildings in various locations around Manchester and all of them are easily accessible. Among the many decisions for you to make is whether location is key. Being in the city centre can bring many advantages that a prime location offers, but it can also bring the usual city problems of traffic congestion although Manchester’s tram service is a fast, clean and efficient alternative. It may well be that you are wanting a business centre that boasts an impressive design and Manchester will certainly not let you down. Albion Street in Manchester is home to some Grade II listed buildings that are available for office rent. Many of these offices have very impressive meeting halls as well as top class architecture throughout. Image and impact can be greatly increased by setting your operations in a place like this.

Alternatively, we also have many more modern alternatives such as the Exchange Quay which recently benefitted from a £2 million refurbishment to create a fully air conditioned centre that provides all of the modern amenities a business could ever want. Among the biggest reasons to invest in a building like this is that it is particularly well connected via the tram or by road and offers ample parking space, which many other offices may struggle to accommodate.

There has never been a better time to invest in Manchester offices, particularly if you are sure that your business will eventually expand to this region. With increasing growth and competition prices may naturally increase in this highly desirable city that boasts many of the country’s biggest attractions. With the M6 easily accessible, living in the surrounding area is also made a much more convenient option.

It is always important to look at our site to check our current rates.


Choosing between managed and serviced offices

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When you are choosing between the different types of office available, there is one decision you may have to make early on in the process and that is whether you want to utilise serviced or managed offices.

Managed versions fall somewhere between conventional working environments and their serviced counterparts. In general, they are more suitable for slightly larger firms and they often include a whole floor or wing of a building.

The contracts differ and some include services like heating, cleaning, lighting and so on. Also, in certain cases, furniture is provided.

However, they will not include some of the services typically associated with serviced corporate accommodation. For example, they generally do not come with post room operations, secretarial support, photocopying facilities, meeting room hire and so on.

In contrast, serviced offices represent the full package and are ideal for companies that are keen to move into premises with the minimum of hassle. Often, they are favoured by smaller organisations as they provide them with facilities and options that would not otherwise be open to them.

One of the draws of serviced office premises is the fact that they tend to be let on short-term contracts, meaning that their occupiers have considerable flexibility when it comes to moving on.

Whether your enterprise is seeking office space in Birmingham, Leeds office space or premises elsewhere, it is crucial that you know all your options and decide which type of working environment is most suitable.

Regardless of whether you decide to go for serviced or managed offices, you should have plenty of choice.


Avoid technology headaches with serviced offices

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These days, the business world is heavily reliant on technology. Indeed, like many firms, yours may not be able to function without a plethora of sophisticated devices and systems.

This may cause you considerable stress. After all, depending on such provisions makes you vulnerable to breakdowns. Furthermore, setting up a working environment that features all the necessary gadgets and infrastructure can be difficult and costly. Indeed, you might simply not have the resources to achieve this.

With this in mind, your choice of office space in Edinburgh or elsewhere is vital. If you are savvy, you can benefit from superb serviced offices that come with much if not all the technology you require. In contrast, traditional offices are often simply empty shells that you have to fill yourself, at great expense and difficulty.

Serviced offices in Mayfair and elsewhere represent a total solution and they often come with features such as reception and telephone answering services, networking and high speed internet access.  Also, many such working hubs come with access to video conferencing facilities. This might be a great help to your enterprise.

Being able to use such provisions without having to fork out for them upfront can make your life considerably easier and means you have one less thing to worry about.

Also, being part of a larger business centre means you may well receive help with any technical problems affecting your network and so on.

Of course, the technology and services associated with serviced offices do not come for free, but the costs are incorporated into manageable regular payments along with the rent.


Why You Should Switch to a Serviced Office

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Having an office to work from is an essential requirement for many businesses, yet not one which is much thought about once they are in it. That is, until it comes to move or leave the premises. The costs for leaving office space rented with a conventional lease include legal fees, surveyors’ fees and administrative charges, much like when you moved in. If the reason you are leaving is because you need to move to bigger or smaller premises, you will resent having to pay all these fees just to meet the needs of your business.

With a serviced office, on the other hand, there are no exit costs. It doesn’t matter whether you have serviced offices in Victoria or Birmingham office space, you pay just one monthly cost from start to finish and nothing else before or after your lease starts and ends.

The nature of serviced office space is that if you need to adapt your circumstances, there is the possibility to do so. If you are a small business, when you started with your conventional lease, the chances are that the space was too big for your needs and you grew into it (hopefully). A serviced office is available in much smaller units at much smaller prices (even just one room if that’s all you need) and you can expand as you find you need to do so.


Why Choose Serviced Offices?

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Serviced offices can be the perfect solution for a whole range of companies, but if you’re new to the concept you might be wondering what it’s all about. So just why should you choose this kind of arrangement?

•    Convenience. Offices of this kind will be ready to move into and with many being fully-furnished there’s no need to invest in new furniture or worry about the design of the office, offering the height of convenience so you don’t need to waste a second of your time.

•    Value. Investing in offices outright can be incredibly expensive, but when you choose serviced options you can easily save money whilst getting the facilities that you need.

•    Reduced maintenance costs. Managed offices are exactly what they sound like – fully managed. This means that all normal aspects of office management including cleaning arrangements, IT services, security and utilities will be taken care of to save you time and money.

•    High-end facilities. Many of these offices are located in prestigious locations with high-end facilities often being available, ensuring your employees are properly looked after whilst portraying the right impression to clients and customers.

•    Range of locations. You’ll be able to find offices of this nature up and down the country, so no matter where you’re located you’ll find the office to suit.

These are just a few reasons that you should choose serviced offices in Liverpool, Birmingham or indeed anywhere else, and with so many advantages you’ll be reaping the rewards. Get in touch today to experience the difference and you’ll soon find the London office space that gives you just what you need.


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