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Locating your office in Liverpool

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If you’re thinking of a destination to locate your office in the north west of England, Liverpool has an illustrious past and being a major city port it has attracted settlers from far afield. It has a diverse population which has contributed to its dynamism and is a melting pot for a wide array of cultures. The oldest black African community in England lives in Liverpool, as well as the oldest Chinese community in Europe.

The city has been a magnet for talented musicians, notably the Beatles, and several other groups from the Mersey beat era attract tourists from around the globe.

Realising the wealth of history in the city, several areas were granted World Heritage Sits status by UNESCO in 2004. Contained within the World Heritage Site are Pier Head, Albert Dock and several of the city’s major Victorian landmarks. Liverpudlians are in the enviable position of having two major Premier League football teams to support. Businesses will be spoiled for choice for entertaining their clients whether they want sporting or cultural events.

Serviced offices available in city hub

Serviced offices in Liverpool are located in the prestigious and humming business district in Exchange Flags. An eleven-storey high grade two listed building has been converted into serviced offices and is conveniently situated in the World Heritage site. Within the city centre there is a science park housing high technical laboratories and offering top grade serviced offices. Liverpool is attracting science and knowledge based businesses tempted by the high quality offices to rent. Businesses have the prospect of occupying first class accommodation with business support on hand and excellent transport links to the regions.

Why choose serviced offices?

There are so many advantages of serviced offices as against conventional offices that the list is very long. The main benefits are in the length of occupancy and convenience.

Choosing to rent traditional office space in Liverpool will generally involve costly solicitor fees. These offices are regulated by leases which often have full repairing clauses and other complicated and onerous obligations. Your solicitor will try and negotiate less burdensome clauses for you which can take time and racks up fees. Traditional offices are usually rented on a long term basis and if your circumstances change you can only terminate the lease by triggering a break clause at a cost. In these uncertain times, flexibility is key and renting office space on a short term basis is more attractive.

Serviced offices in Liverpool can be rented from weeks to years should you decide to renew your agreement. The agreement is simple with no repairing obligations so there is no need to appoint solicitors. The ability to extend or terminate the agreement on short notice is very appealing if you are renting Liverpool office space.

The monthly rent also takes care of most of your expenses including electricity, buildings insurance, office furniture and fittings, shared reception area, cleaning and on site security.

At Abacus Real Estate we have the experience to find suitable office space in Liverpool to suit your business needs.


Fancy locating your business in Mayfair?

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If you are a small to medium sized business owner, probably the last place that you will think is affordable to rent office space is Mayfair. It is one of the most prestigious areas of London and is known for its wealthy but quirky aspects. The Grosvenor Estate – the main landowner – has invested substantially in maintaining the quality and tradition of the area.

The area

Mayfair is an historic part of the capital, sandwiched between Park Lane to the east and Regent Street to the west. Piccadilly is situated to the south and the famous shopping venue, Oxford Street to the north.

The vision conjured up of serviced offices is new modern buildings, but Mayfair bucks the trend.

Serviced offices in Mayfair are mainly located in period properties although those in Berkeley Street and Berkeley Square are of modern appearance.

The construction of Crossrail has impacted on Hanover Square which has been decanted in order to make room for the new ticket hall. The result has been a depression in the rental market allowing for more reasonable rents making that particular area more affordable.

Tenants in Mayfair have some of the best travel links available. There are excellent tube and mainline connections with buses and airports easily accessible. This means that your clients will have convenient access to your offices. Numerous intimate and upscale restaurants and clubs are within the vicinity which will impress your clients and afford several opportunities to do business in an informal and conducive atmosphere.

Appeal of serviced offices

As Mayfair is such a prestigious location, renting traditional office space will be prohibitively expensive for the average small or medium size business owner. However serviced offices offer an affordable solution making it possible to locate and mingle with other reputable and established businesses.

Serviced offices offer a simple solution without the need for any time consuming and expensive fit outs. Providing a turn-key solution you can move in at short notice without the need to engage lawyers in the process. Occupation of serviced offices is usually governed by a relatively simple agreement in plain English so lawyers do not need to scrutinise lengthy complicated leases which are associated with traditional offices.

Another convenient aspect of serviced offices is that one monthly rental payment covers most of your expenses and outgoings. Business rates, electricity, cleaning, buildings insurance, are all covered in the rent along with the shared use of a kitchen, break out areas, equipped and staffed reception area, sometimes with security provided. Telephony services and high speed internet are available with some management companies including these within the monthly rent. Meeting rooms can be hired for an additional fee as and when required, often with refreshments, which creates a highly professional image.

If you want to find offices to rent in Mayfair, opting for serviced offices could be the ideal solution. At Abacus Real Estate we have the experience and expertise to assist with your office space search in Mayfair.


Looking for office space in Bristol

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Bristol is situated at the gateway to the south west and the midlands. It is also ideally placed for travelling to Wales and is within a short distance of London. Little wonder then, that with its convenient location many people decide to rent serviced offices in Bristol.

Existing businesses

Several well known international companies including Rolls Royce and Airbus have found their home in Bristol. Choosing serviced offices in Bristol will put you in close proximity to famous aviation, motor and aerospace companies. The world-renowned Wallace and Gromit films were made in Bristol and Deal or No Deal is aired from the city. These connections make Bristol a sought-after area when it comes to looking for office space. Bristol is also home to over 500 IT businesses with Hewlett Packard being just one of the international corporations residing there.

Bristol, a desirable location

Bristol has good shopping both within the city limits at Broadmead and on the outskirts at Cribbs Causeway. All the well-known shops and brands including John Lewis are available. Cribbs Causeway has free parking with easy access to the covered shopping area.

If driving to Bristol most approaches are made by an excellent motorway network. The M4 motorway links the city to Cardiff to the west and London to the east. The M5 provides a northern connection to Birmingham and southwards to Exeter. The airport is only eight miles from the city and thus very accessible with good direct links to several European destinations.

There are many interesting things to see such as Clifton Suspension Bridge and the SS Great Britain moored in the docks which have been the focus of substantial investment. Cheddar Gorge is just down the road as is the well known resort of Weston Super Mare. Bristol is home to a renowned university and little wonder that many graduates choose to stay and work in the city after graduation.

Serviced offices solution

A well trained workforce is at your disposal making Bristol an ideal choice in which to rent office space. Although you are in the presence of some exalted businesses you can still afford to rent office space in the city. It may be true that renting traditional offices are outside the reach of most small business owners due to the need for costly fitting out and a long term lease commitment. In addition you would incur substantial legal costs as solicitors would examine the lease and try and negotiate terms more favourable to you as the tenant.

Serviced offices on the other hand are fully fitted and furnished with cabling for super fast broadband all located within plush modern offices in attractive buildings shared with other tenants. The sharing allows for lower costs and these offices are available on as little as a one month term which can be renewed. The legal costs are negligible since the agreement is simple, thus ruling out the need for solicitors.

At Abacus Real Estate we can advise you on the best location for your Bristol office space.


Serviced offices are available nationwide

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Whether you are searching for office space in Bristol, London, Edinburgh, Manchester or Birmingham, serviced offices could be your ideal solution.

Serviced offices provide a quick and easy turnkey option leaving you time to devote to other aspects of your business. These offices are usually available in the business districts of the major towns and cities ideally located close to transport links such as trams, buses, trains, underground or airports.

Tenants benefit from private pristine offices which are pre-cabled and fully furnished permitting immediate occupation.

What do you get for your money?

The monthly rent covers virtually all of your expenses and outgoings adding to the simplicity of your occupation. This fixed payment enables you to budget in advance as the rent includes:

• Business rates
• Buildings insurance
• Utility bills
• Service charges which are imposed on whole building
• Office furniture comprising modern desks and chairs
• Cleaning of office and common parts daily carried out during out of office hours
• Staffed reception and use of secretariat pool
• Kitchen and use of microwave, refrigerator
• On site management and security
• Telephony system and handsets

Meeting rooms can be hired as and when you require upon payment of an additional charge. Similarly, broadband internet is available for a charge.

You may find that some serviced offices even offer the hire of meeting rooms and broadband internet in the monthly rent rather than being an optional extra. Whether you are seeking offices to let in Manchester, London, Liverpool or Edinburgh you will find that serviced offices can fulfil your requirements.


Most tenants are attracted to serviced offices because they do not require a long term commitment. The flexibility of being able to rent an office for as little as one month at a time has obvious advantages in these uncertain economic times. If your business prospers you can renew your tenancy on a regular basis and you can rent additional office space to accommodate your expanding business needs.

Location, location, location

Serviced offices from Edinburgh to London and Bristol are available in prestigious areas. Location is paramount and an upscale base for your business will entice potential clients. Most serviced offices are situated near to good transportation links including airports and main line train stations. An air of professionalism will be apparent from the smartly furnished reception area with light and exotic potted plants to give a warm welcome to your visitors. If you are entertaining clients you can ask facilities management to provide a catering service. This catering facility will give your business a professional feel and endorse that it is properly run, giving confidence to prospective clients. Appearances are important in most walks of life and this goes for serviced offices too.

When choosing your serviced office you should give as much attention to choosing a well respected agent as you do when appointing an accountant or solicitor. At Abacus Real Estate we have the experience to help choose your ideal office space at locations throughout the UK.


The benefits of serviced offices in Birmingham

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Birmingham is known as Britain’s second city and has the largest population outside of the capital. Birmingham’s economy is the second largest in the United Kingdom and it is a burgeoning commercial centre, making it an ideal location in which to rent office space for any new business owner.

Why Birmingham?

The city is a centre of excellence for higher education with three universities and two university colleges and is held in high esteem in the academic world. Birmingham is also held in high regard from a cultural viewpoint and boasts the Barber Institute of Fine Art, the Birmingham Royal Ballet and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Its cultural attractions are complemented by the Bullring shopping centre, the Birmingham NEC and many fine bars and restaurants located in Broad Street. Any visiting clients will be well catered for with such a variety of entertainment within Birmingham’s confines.

Accessibility is vital when setting up your business’s office and Birmingham is well served by trains, trams, buses and planes. This is expected to improve even further with the announcement of a high speed train link to London. You will be able to create a favourable image of your business by locating your office in a cosmopolitan city with excellent transport links.

Serviced office rental in Birmingham

A number of well-known companies have already made Birmingham their base. Cadbury products, HP sauce and the Austin Mini were all produced in Birmingham. The success of such companies goes to show why many businesses consider Birmingham a good base in which to set up their head offices. Most businesses do not want to lock themselves into a long term arrangement as there is uncertainty in the economy. The renting of conventional offices will involve entering into a medium or long term arrangement with a lease regulating terms of occupancy. The lease is often complicated and expensive legal fees are inevitable as the terms often require amendment before agreements are made. Although you may be able to exit from the lease if circumstances change, there are usually expensive break clauses, meaning there could be financial repercussions if you do terminate the arrangement.

Serviced offices are usually let on a short term arrangement, for months rather than years. They are governed by a simple licence agreement rather than a lease and there are no expensive break clauses and no need to engage a lawyer. The savings you make in lawyers’ fees can be put towards your monthly rental payment. Serviced offices come fully furnished with all office furniture, IT systems and telephony services provided.

Renting serviced offices in Birmingham is a good choice, especially in today’s economy. Serviced offices afford flexibility and are a time-saving solution for any busy business owner.

If you are looking for serviced offices to let in Birmingham, you should contact us at Abacus Real Estate. With our knowledge and experience, we can assist in your search and advise on the best choice for your office space in Birmingham.


Versatility of serviced offices

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Serviced offices, commonly known as managed offices, are a modern solution for today’s businesses which need to keep their options open and require affordable and easily maintained premises. Most serviced or managed offices are located in the business districts of large progressive cities throughout the developed world. These offices are fully managed by a facility management company which rents out entire floors or individual offices to businesses.

Popularity of serviced offices

The increase in the popularity of serviced offices as opposed to conventional options is seen to reflect the economic climate to a certain extent. In these uncertain times, most companies are reluctant to commit to long term accommodation arrangements and are looking to avoid a large capital outlay on renting premises.

Serviced offices can be available for companies to rent within 24 hours of entering into a rental agreement. There are no costly or complicated legal issues to resolve when renting serviced office space. The turnkey arrangement will enable your company to be fully functioning within a matter of hours.

Serviced offices are a simple, streamlined way of locating your business in a prestigious area, raising the profile and prestige of your business. Appearances are important and potential clients will be more impressed if your offices are modern, well-equipped and located in an area of similar offices. Being located in prime positions means that access is easy and this is important, particularly for visiting clients.

Although the appeal of serviced offices lies in the flexibility of their short-term arrangements, many companies still choose them as a permanent option instead of using traditional offices. Serviced offices also appeal to companies who have a requirement for one-off projects, or for branch offices and for overflow space. Their adaptability makes them multi-functional which is appealing in this uncertain world where diversity and flexibility is often the key to a company’s success.

Cost effectiveness

Serviced offices can help new businesses with cash flow as there is no need for the initial capital outlay associated with renting traditional offices. These modern offices are fully equipped with office furniture and are pre-wired for speedy internet access and modern telephone systems. Most of these facilities are paid for in the monthly rent, avoiding the need for costly investment prior to trading. Whether you require offices to rent in Mayfair or Edinburgh, serviced offices can cater for your company’s economical and corporate needs.

Latest technology

The business world is increasingly dependent on the latest technology for its progression and even for conducting basic transactions. Gone are the days when meetings involved extensive travel and pre-planning by all parties. Advances in technology has meant that video conferencing has largely negated the need for face-to-face meetings, being more cost effective and often more efficient. Video conferences can also be arranged at relatively short notice.

For all business owners wanting office space in Bristol, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester or London, Abacus Real Estate can assist with your office requirements which will be tailored to meet your individual needs.


Impress your clients with serviced offices in Mayfair

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In today’s challenging economic environment, most businesses are looking to cut costs wherever possible. The location and appearance of your office space is very important, particularly if you are looking to attract new clients. Shabby offices can detract from potential business and expensive initial outlay for premises can hinder the performance of your venture.

The solution to your worries over appropriate office space in Mayfair and cost saving can be achieved by the use of serviced offices. Increasingly, more and more people are finding serviced offices the perfect answer for numerous reasons.

Why serviced offices are a good choice

As money is precious in any business and a healthy cash flow is vital, serviced offices can ease any worries as only one month’s rent is required for immediate occupation. If you rent conventional office space you would need to find a minimum of three months’ rent plus money for furniture and other set-up items.

Very few businesses want to sign up to a long term commitment as the market is unstable and nobody wants to predict medium term growth. The ability to move quickly if the market declines is an important consideration and contracts for most serviced offices allow you to sign on a monthly basis.

Company image

If you want to attract new clients and make a good impression on existing clients, your image is crucial. Mayfair serviced offices are blessed with a good postcode which can only give your company credibility. As Mayfair comprises some of the most expensive real estate in London, renting office space in such a location would be impossible for most companies going it alone. However renting serviced offices in business centres allows you to maintain affordable office premises in a prestigious location. Serviced offices in Mayfair come with impressive front line reception areas and security staff; both of which are included in the monthly rental and help project your company’s image as a serious player.

High technology solution

The internet impacts on everyone’s life and having a superfast reliable broadband connection is a major advantage as replicating the type of IT infrastructure found in serviced offices would be prohibitively expensive for most small and medium size businesses. The telephone systems are usually state of the art, making international communication hassle-free. Video phones permit prospective clients in other countries to view your offices and they will often make a judgment based on the location and appearance.

The use of on-site meeting rooms and function suites are additional to the main office premises. Such business solutions provide a boost to the professional image of your business and are functional in providing extra space for meeting either in allocated rooms with conference facilities or in break out areas for more impromptu, informal gatherings.

As a business owner, choosing a suitable office solution can be a major decision. At Abacus Real Estate, we have the range of experience and expertise to assist you in making this important business decision.


The best solution for your Bristol office space

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If you are a sole trader or small to medium sized business owner in Bristol looking to set up a new enterprise, the location of your office space is a key decision. Bristol is a city with a great seafaring history and is home to SS Great Britain. It is located at the gateway to the south west and is also conveniently close to Wales and the Midlands.

Once you have chosen a convenient location, you need to choose the office type best suited for your purposes. Flexibility is particularly important as you try to establish your business so being locked into long term occupation can be seen as an unattractive option. The option to rent serviced offices in Bristol should be considered as there are many benefits which suit businesses operating in today’s uncertain environment.

Serviced offices benefits

Most businesses look to project a professional, upmarket image and serviced offices can satisfy these ambitions. Serviced offices by nature have an executive feel and are often ultra-modern, giving clients a favourable impression of your business.

The offices are fully furnished with a staffed reception area, communal kitchens and several break rooms; meaning immediate occupation is very much a possibility. There are often security officers on duty and some offices are open 24 hours a day.

The offices generally have chairs and desks, telephone systems and internet access included. Other communal commercial equipment on offer includes printers, facsimile machines and photocopiers; renting, as opposed to buying this equipment, can save thousands of pounds. The equipment is also likely to be the most contemporary and reliable available.

Meetings can take place in a variety of venues within staffed offices such as allotted meeting rooms, conference rooms and even break areas for the more informal meeting. Hot desks are often available and can suit the nature of businesses where employees often go off site.

Short term occupation

The flexibility of serviced offices allows occupation covering various lengths of time. If your business expands in the future, serviced offices give you the option to rent more office space; allowing capacity to be enlarged without moving to new premises. This facility is particularly useful to allow for temporary increases or lulls in your business activity.

Freedom to devote to new business

Avoiding a big capital outlay is a major advantage of serviced offices. Typically with serviced office rental, the rental charge covers expenses you’d expect to pay in addition to rent in traditional offices.

As a tenant of a serviced office in Bristol you can concentrate on marketing and developing your business without worrying about all the headaches associated with conventional office space. If your telephone fails to work, for example, simply call the operator of the serviced offices and they will fix the problem, leaving you to focus on the important things.

At Abacus Estate Realty, we have a great range of experience in locating offices to let in Bristol, helping to give your business the best start.


Navigating the London office space minefield

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You may think that having a great business idea is the most important part of your new venture. Well, you should think again. The premises from which you trade are equally as important to a business, particularly if prospective clients visit your offices. London is a magnet for many businesses and in order to survive you should seek professional advice when searching for the perfect location for your London office space.

First impressions are important and in this competitive world there are many businesses all clamouring for orders. Prospective clients will cast a critical eye over all aspects of your business, and that includes your premises. The location of your office space can be critical in determining the success of your business. Location is as important when contemplating your office premises as it is when you are looking to buy a property. It is reckless to risk losing business by investing in cheap, shoddy office premises.

Serviced offices in London

At Abacus Real Estate, we are professional office agents with a wealth of experience in the market and will help you choose your office premises with care. In addition to choosing the location, we can also advise on the type of premises best suited for your purposes. One option is serviced office space in London whereby the offices are fully furnished and ready for occupation as is. Such offices are seen as a total solution requiring minimal input from the new tenant and are managed by the Serviced Office Operator.

High costs of serviced offices

Although the costs seem particularly high, the rent includes many expenses which you would normally pay in addition to rent in conventional premises. Items which are included in serviced offices’ rent typically comprise heating/air conditioning, lighting, security, cleaning, maintenance of the building, lifts and insurance. The expenses which you will pay for are telephone and internet and these are often charged at a discounted rate. As competition between telephone and internet companies intensifies, some serviced offices even include phone and internet expenses within the rent. The only other item which you normally pay for is the hire of meeting rooms, usually charged by the hour.

Length of occupancy

One of the most significant differences between conventional offices and serviced offices is the length of tenure. Serviced offices can be viewed like fully furnished holiday cottages with a short length of stay, usually weeks. On the contrary, traditional offices are similar to unfurnished property aimed at people willing to provide their own furniture and occupation is usually several months to years. Serviced offices afford the business great flexibility as the business can move quickly to another location if the venture expands or contracts according to its success. This ability is particularly useful in times of economic uncertainty when the nature of the business can quickly change and being able to exit from serviced offices easily is an added advantage.

We are highly regarded and professional and will discuss the various premises options to suit your business needs.


Serviced Offices Explained

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When you start a new business, there’s much more than office space rental to think about. Not only can office space in Liverpool be expensive, you also need to consider the cost of utilities, furniture, office equipment and meeting facilities. Also, do you want to be tied into a long office lease before your business has taken off? Because of these reasons and more, many new businesses are opting to use ‘serviced offices’. But what exactly are serviced offices, and how can they help growing companies? Here’s a summary of what you can expect if you’re considering serviced office rental for your business:

Everything You Need

Serviced offices have been designed to provide you with everything you and your new business needs. When you step into your serviced office, you will see all the facilities required to get your new business off the ground. Serviced offices in Liverpool come complete with furniture and fittings, along with telephone and Internet services. You will also have a team of administrative staff to support you. The cleaning and maintenance of the office will also be the responsibility of the centre’s staff, so you won’t need to worry about a thing.

A Professional Image

For many new businesses, an office, along with a team of administrative staff, is an expense that is difficult to afford. Because of this, it can be a struggle to portray a professional image to potential clients and customers. With a serviced office, your business can run with minimal staff, yet your clients will think there’s a huge team of people behind it. Serviced offices come with a team of reception staff. They will answer the phone on behalf of your business and direct calls to you. They may also be able to take care of administrative activities like photocopying and sending mail.

Facilities As You Need Them

Along with fully-furnished office spaces and a team of reception staff, serviced offices are also equipped with a range of facilities for you to use as and when you need them. Many serviced office buildings have meeting rooms, AV equipment and conference facilities that you can rent by the hour when required. You and your staff will also have the use of a communal car park. Many serviced office buildings also have a cafeteria for you, your staff and visitors to use.

A Lease to Suit You

Traditional offices generally come with long leases, often as long as a number of years. While this could be well suited to an established business, it’s impossible to predict how a new business will develop over that length of time. With a serviced office, you can choose a lease to suit the needs of your new business. While leases are generally for 6 or 12 months, some are available for as little as 3 months. This will allow you to expand or contract your office space as your requirements change over time. This will give you much greater flexibility when running your business.


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