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Top 5 Ways to Save Money with Serviced Offices

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Serviced offices are extremely popular because they can help businesses of all sizes to save money. Originally they held many advantages that suited mainly small businesses, but now larger organisations have also started to realise that they can cut costs by moving to a serviced office. Here are the top five ways in which a serviced office could benefit your business.

1. One Upfront Cost
One of the biggest advantages that businesses have found is that they only have to pay one single upfront cost each month which then encompasses everything they need. So, while a traditional lease would have a separate charge for rent, rates, maintenance, utilities, telecoms, security and cleaning, a serviced office includes all of these in one sole charge. What’s more, you’ll usually have office furniture included too! This not only saves you money, particularly when looking at London office space, where extra charges could be astronomical, but it also saves you the hassle of having to organise all of these services yourself too.

2. Shorter Lease
If you’re setting up in a new location or with a new business, it can be hard to know how successful you might be, so signing a five or even ten-year lease with a landlord can be extremely scary and can leave you still paying long after you’ve shut up shop and moved on. If you want to try out Liverpool offices without risking everything, however, then you should look at a serviced office – leases are significantly shorter and you usually have the flexibility to increase or decrease space as you need to.

3. Extra Rooms When You Need Them
You may find that your day-to-day business needs only require a small amount of office space, but that on occasion you need to welcome clients or colleagues from another branch and need some extra space. Most business centres have meeting rooms which can be hired on a daily, or even hourly, basis, so you won’t have to pay for extra space on a permanent basis but which is mostly left unused – you can just add on what you need, when you need it.

4. Additional Services
If you had to employ a receptionist, cleaner or security guard for the year, you’d probably end up shelling out quite a lot in labour costs. Yet these services are all essential for keeping your business secure and professional looking. Most business centres include cleaning and security as part of the package, and you can often also engage the services of a receptionist based in the property who can welcome your visitors and take phone calls as if she were working directly for you.

5. Better Location
It would be very expensive to take out a traditional lease in a smart area of London, but a serviced office gives you that great location in a swish building at a fraction of the cost. Having a good location will also probably earn you more money as your clients will be able to get to you more easily.


Expanding Your Business with Serviced Offices

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Think back to when you first set up your business and all the questions that you had to ask yourself when it came to choosing an office. Where would the best location be? How much space might you need? Will you be likely to expand? Will you be successful? All of these same questions apply when it comes to expanding your business too.

Your business may expand in two different ways. Firstly, you might want to increase operations in your current location because you are doing so well. This could include taking on additional staff and so needing a bigger office space to accommodate them all. Alternatively, you might be thinking of opening up a new branch of your business in another location, which is when the above questions need to be answered. Here are some of the ways in which serviced offices can help you achieve either of these expansion methods.

Larger Business Premises

Serviced offices are ideally suited to businesses which start small and want to grow. When you first start up, you might not have the funds to pay for a large office in the hope that business will soon be booming and you’ll have staff beavering away in every corner. And why should you have to pay out for space that you don’t currently need when that money could be invested elsewhere in the business?

Rather than having to shell out for additional new Liverpool office space, for example, or having to wait out your lengthy lease on your current premises before you can move, going with serviced offices Liverpool means you’ll have a flexible lease which you can expand within the business centre to take on more square footage as and when you need it.

Premises in a New Location

Deciding to start again in a new location can be a gamble, but can be one worth the risk. Choosing a serviced office for your new branch has multiple advantages. In the same way as with your original premises, you’ll have the flexibility on your lease to expand if things go well, and you’ll also be able to benefit from a shorter lease in case they don’t.

If you’ve established that there is a gap or a need in the current location in your market, then you’ll no doubt want to get going straightaway, and especially before any competitors get there. You’ll be able to move into a serviced office immediately, with furniture and fittings already in place and utilities set up so you really could start trading the very same day if you wanted to.

You’ll also have the essential staff already on site to help you get started if you’ve not managed to recruit other employees just yet. A full-time receptionist to field your calls, take messages and greet visitors on behalf of your company will be a huge benefit, as will cleaning and security personnel.

Here at Abacus Real Estate, you’ll find a huge selection of serviced offices from all around the world, so use our Office Finder to find yours today.


Who Needs Serviced Offices?

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Serviced offices and business centres were originally the saviour of new and small businesses who needed a simpler and easier way of getting business premises. They offered short-term, flexible leases and the ability to pay for everything in one simple charge, meaning no initial outlay was required. However, these days, all kinds of businesses are benefiting from serviced offices. Here are some of the different types of businesses which choose to rent them.

New Businesses

We’ve already pointed out a couple of the ways in which new start-up businesses can benefit from serviced offices. New businesses don’t often have a great deal of cash behind them, and so finding the initial funds to finance the deposit, furniture and refitting of a traditional office property would be difficult. They also found it harder to budget for month-to-month costs such as utilities, telecoms and maintenance because those costs can be pretty much an unknown quantity. However, with a serviced office, you get all of those costs in one monthly charge, and you also have a smart and professional looking office which you can use to impress customers. If you’ve just taken on small premises but need to use meeting rooms from time to time to welcome clients or visitors, then a serviced office is ideal because you can rent out extra space on an ad hoc basis and usually by the day or even by the hour. This saves you from having to pay to rent large office space London when you usually only need a small amount of space.

Growing Businesses

Larger businesses may decide to expand to new locations, such as trying out a new branch in Manchester when their only experience has been in London, for example. This can be a gamble if you don’t know the new location that well, but if you choose serviced Manchester offices, you can take away a lot of the risks involved, again by benefiting from short and flexible leases. If things don’t work out like you planned, you can scrap your new office and try a better location without a huge financial loss. If you’re planning on looking for a more permanent office space in a new location, but still need a base for getting things set up and interviewing new staff, then a serviced office can also be an ideal stop gap. This saves you from wasting time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

New or Unstable Markets

You may have had a very solid business until now but find that new technology or advances have made your current sector unstable, or you may be venturing into a completely new market, as many digital businesses have done over the last few years. In either of these situations it can be hard to commit to a long-term lease or to continue running large business premises that are no longer suitable. Serviced offices allow you to downsize (or expand) when you need to, so you won’t be wasting money and jeopardising your business.



Growing your firm with the help of serviced offices

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There are lots of reasons why serviced office rental agreements are so popular these days. For example, firms that take advantage of these leases benefit from a range of inclusive services. They don’t have to worry about having their own receptionist and they also get to make the most of phone answering services. In addition, they have access to meeting and conference spaces.

However, there’s another reason why offices like this are proving a hit and that’s flexibility.

Starting out

Starting your own business can be exciting and, if you prove to be successful, you stand to reap potentially significant financial rewards. Of course, achieving this outcome isn’t easy. Economic conditions remain tough, business costs are rising and there is plenty of competition out there.

However, if you’re savvy, you can make your life that little bit easier. By using serviced offices London or elsewhere, rather than opting for traditional office agreements, you can give yourself greater flexibility. These leases are typically available on six, nine and 12-month contracts, and it’s even possible to get three-month agreements. When you’re a fledgling enterprise, it can be virtually impossible to predict demand for your goods or services, so this freedom is especially important.

Peace of mind

Knowing that you aren’t tied into long-term contracts over your working space can offer you greater peace of mind. It means that if and when you need to, you’ll be free to expand or contract.

More fixed costs

Getting to grips with your new firm’s finances can be tricky too, but serviced offices once again come into their own here. Because many of your bills will be included in your rent, including heating, lighting and security, you’ll have less uncertainty to contend with. It’s much easier to plan your finances when you have more fixed costs.

Property management headaches

Also, if you opt for serviced offices Liverpool or elsewhere you won’t have the usual property management headaches to contend with. It will be someone else’s job to worry about these logistics, meaning you’ll have more time and energy to focus on your company.


The best thing is, finding serviced offices is now a breeze. Here at Abacus Real Estate we know how important it is for bosses to be able to secure the ideal working spaces and, by using our website, you should be able to do precisely this.

Just take a look at the offices available in your desired location. You won’t be stuck for choice.

A checklist

Before you make any final decisions, it’s important to ensure the office you have in mind meets all the relevant criteria. For example, it must be within your budget, in the right location and have all the equipment you need. Also, it’s important that the office looks the part. As long as you’re methodical and don’t make any snap decisions, you should achieve the results you’re after.

Serviced offices are probably the fastest growing and most exciting sector within the commercial property market, and it’s not hard to see why.


Serviced office sector set to double in emerging markets

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The serviced office sector is booming, but recent figures have indicated that it isn’t only in the UK where this is the case—it’s enjoying a surge of popularity across the globe, with emerging markets in particular showing a steep rise in the number of serviced business centres being available. These figures are expected to continue to be on an upwards trajectory for the foreseeable future, with it even being estimated that the industry as a whole will double over the next 5 years.

The research

The research, conducted by Instant, looked at the number of serviced office centres available in the emerging markets of Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. And there’s been an impressive rate of growth—the number of centres grew by 21% with the opening of another 124 premises over the last 12 months, with figures showing that in the third quarter of 2012 there were 714 centres spaced across 110 cities of the 59 countries analysed. And this level of growth is expected to continue, particularly as The World Bank predicts that India, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Russia and Brazil will account for more than half of the world’s total economic growth by 2025—this rise, and the rise of new companies being founded in such markets, means the number of serviced office centres will need to grow accordingly.

Why serviced office centres?

Start-ups tend to be the main users of serviced arrangements, but it’s also a great choice for more established companies that want to enter one of these emerging markets. It can provide the ideal platform from which to operate and can drastically reduce the number of challenges you’d normally face when entering a new market—it’s a highly flexible solution which can lower the risk associated with starting out in a new sector, and with there being a shortage of quality commercial space in a lot of these countries you’ll find serviced arrangements could be ideal. Then there’s the fact that you won’t need to worry about navigating local business customs to quite the same extent—everything will be arranged for you, and you’ll have the chance to quickly establish a presence in key commercial districts and can have a professional image as soon as you get set up.

Time to get on board

It’s an exciting time to be involved in the sector, and any business that wants to get a head start on making their presence felt in any of these emerging markets would be wise to consider a serviced arrangement. Of course, it’s a highly preferable choice for the UK too, and if you’re looking for a solution that’s a bit closer to home you’re in the right place. We can give you access to high-quality office space across the country—whether you’re looking for serviced offices in Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds office space or anything else we’ll be able to accommodate, so get in touch and you can soon be a part of the trend.


Why businesses choose serviced office rental

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Having the right premises from which to operate can be vital to a company’s success, with the combination of a great working environment, prestigious postcode and competitive rates ensuring a business can thrive. But, finding the right property can be easier said than done. These days a lot of businesses (particularly those that are just starting out) may not have the funds to confidently sign a long-term lease, and what about the issues of refurbishment/facilities/opportunity to expand? Flexibility and cost-effectiveness are two key areas of concern, and that’s why managed arrangements are quickly becoming the preferred choice.

The benefits of serviced office rental

•    Flexibility. Traditional leases tend to last for ten years, meaning a company is tied into that one location and will face administration charges should they need to move. Of course, this arrangement is far from ideal—what if circumstances change? If you’re going through a period of growth or temporarily need additional space for subcontractors (for example) you’ll want the flexibility to add more space as necessary, and a managed office can deliver that kind of solution.

•    Value. You might think that managed options will be far more expensive than a traditional lease, but this isn’t always the case. And, when you consider the fact that you’re getting a fully furnished space and that the fixed rate covers every aspect of office management, you’ll soon see that it’s actually a highly cost-effective solution with no need to worry about any unforeseen costs that might normally be associated with running an office.

•    Convenience. Most serviced premises will be ready to move into at a moment’s notice, with these all-inclusive spaces having all the facilities and amenities necessary to get started straight away. You’ll have everything from reception desks to workstations, and the fixed price means you’ll be far better able to manage your finances to offer another level of convenience into the mix.

•    Location. A lot of managed spaces will be in highly prestigious locations with the likes of serviced offices in Mayfair and high-end Manchester offices being readily available, and the right location can make all the difference both in terms of customer impression and ease of access for clients and employees.

Ultimately, having the right commercial premises can transform your company’s prospects. It can make all the difference to the way it functions on a day-to-day basis and can even affect the impression it gives to clients and visitors—if you’ve got a drab, poorly-furnished office space not only will employees be unmotivated but it won’t put your business in a good light, and then there’s the fact that if you’re tied in to a long-term contract you could easily come unstuck should your financial situation change. That’s why managed solutions should be the preferred choice.

The days of traditional office leases are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and with more and more businesses choosing to go down the managed route it’s high time you joined them. So, if you want first-hand experience of why businesses choose serviced office rental make sure to get in touch and you’ll soon be able to reap the rewards of this way of operating.


Serviced Office Rental on the Increase in the UK

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Serviced office rental has increased in 2013 around the UK, perhaps as a result of the continuing recession with seemingly no light at the end of the tunnel. More and more businesses are responding to the need for flexible office space and short leases without the need to invest long term by taking on a serviced office.

Taking up serviced offices Birmingham has increased by a fifth in relation to the same period in 2012. Businesses are also requiring more space, with the number of desks required doubling from four to eight when compared with the same period last year. Interestingly, while businesses may be unwilling to take on a long traditional lease, they are now also committing to serviced offices for longer periods, increasing the initial licence from eight months to ten.

Chris Meredith, the chief executive at said of the rise in serviced Birmingham office space: “What I believe this data shows is that Birmingham is a place where companies want to do business and the consistent growth and progress in this important section of the property market over the last 12 months is likely to continue in 2013.”

And it’s not just Birmingham that’s seen an increase in serviced office space rental either. Compared with the same period in 2012, Sheffield has seen a 50% boom in serviced office rental this year, according to Office Space Finders. This is even more encouraging news when you consider that the figures for 2012 suffered a 22% drop in Sheffield from the previous year. These new figures indicate that the city is experiencing growth again, which is definitely what the country needs.

What the figures also reveal is that those who are renting the offices have changed profile somewhat. In 2012, more offices were rented for companies with eight to ten people. This year, however, it is smaller businesses which are leading the market, with more demand for two to three person offices. Looking at these statistics, therefore, the physical amount of space rented has actually decreased this year by 62% compared with 2012. This should then lead to lower prices for prospective tenants looking at renting their first serviced office, which again is great news for new or fledgling businesses.

These figures also show that Sheffield as an area has improved greatly in terms of enterprise and economy. As a traditional manufacturing city, famous for ironmongery and steelwork, it is now a city where businesses can launch and grow. Serviced office rental helps with this, by providing small businesses with the ability to rent an office without being tied into a long traditional office lease. Serviced offices also reduce start-up costs for small businesses because all the necessary furniture and furnishings are already provided and included in the single monthly bill. Utilities, rates and telecommunication costs are also included, as are other services such as cleaning and security. This makes it much easier for a small business to budget their costs and control cash flow, giving them a greater opportunity at success.


Renting Victoria office space

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Choosing to rent office space in Victoria could be a wise decision. Victoria is a commercial area within the City of Westminster and houses one of the busiest transportation networks in the capital consisting of Victoria railway, London underground and a huge coach station.

Victoria is home to some of the most famous landmarks in London with Westminster cathedral just a stone’s throw from the underground station. Further along are Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. Victoria also boasts many chic hotels and international restaurants where your clients will not fail to be impressed with the variety and quality of entertainment on offer. The famous Apollo theatre is in the heart of Victoria and produces major musicals and hosts world class comedy shows.

Why choose serviced offices?

Renting traditional office space in Victoria is costly as the tenant has to fit out the offices and put in all the usual office equipment in addition to paying the usual expenses on top. The convenience of serviced offices in Victoria is that the offices are already fitted out so saving you time and money. One monthly payment includes most of your outgoings such as:

• Business rates
• Buildings insurance
• Daily cleaning
• Staffed reception
• Service charges
• On site security
• Use of kitchen
• Utilities, including telephony and broadband
• Facilities Management

Many serviced offices are situated just off Victoria Street in a variety of buildings ranging from modern purpose built ones to conversions. Stag Place is particularly popular for serviced offices and is well situated for Victoria station and its transportation links.

Built in flexibility of serviced offices

Traditional offices by their very nature require time and money to fit them out and are meant to be a long-term commitment. Although this gives a business some security, it does not provide flexibility. In tough economic times most businesses prefer to be in a fluid state where they are not locked in and can adapt and adjust easily to new market trends. Traditional offices are regulated by complicated leases which have burdensome obligations on the tenant. If a tenant wishes to make an early exit from a 15 year lease, he will normally have to pay a premium to break the term. This is additional expenditure which could easily be spent on another part of the business.

Adaptability of serviced offices

Serviced offices are governed by straightforward licences since the landlord is responsible for the maintenance of the entire premises. Renting serviced offices in Victoria will give you the flexibility to either take on additional space or reduce it depending on your business needs. Sometimes, businesses have to relocate to Victoria to be near their clients for a one-off project lasting just a few weeks, and serviced offices are an ideal solution. They can be rented on a weekly or monthly basis, and as they are a turn-key operation they are available at short notice.

At Abacus Real Estate, we offer a fully tailored and comprehensive service to help you find your ideal Victoria office space.


The allure of Mayfair office space

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Many small to medium business owners automatically discount Mayfair when seeking office space to rent, imagining that it is unaffordable. However, a closer look would prove them wrong.

Mayfair’s international recognition

Mayfair is universally famous, and the mention of Bond Street and Savile Row in many places throughout the world will be met with a gesture of familiarity. Mayfair’s uniqueness is also its attractiveness. Many well known embassies choose to be located in Mayfair giving it a somewhat regal and dignified appeal with foreign attention.

The fame of Mayfair is reinforced by the retail outlets on display, with Bond Street associated with jewellery and Savile Row with tailoring.

Calmness of Mayfair

The business aspect of Mayfair is not thwarted by attention given to its retail units. It may be bustling in the immediate location of the shops but there are many areas where you can find tranquility. Such areas are found in hidden gardens and squares, with some being private but equally many are open to the public. So you can share in a taste of the uniqueness of Mayfair as you meander through its many squares, such as Berkeley, Hanover and Grosvenor. The pleasant atmosphere will be appreciated by your clients and is easily accessible from your office space in Mayfair.

Entertaining options

It is very likely that you will have to entertain clients at some point in your business relationship with them. Mayfair will not let you down in this regard as the area is awash with some famous bars, restaurants and hotels. Equally, there are some very quiet and quirky places to unwind in the backstreets of Mayfair. If you rent serviced offices in the area you will be spoilt for choice for entertainment options. You can celebrate a business deal in a high visibility restaurant or you can choose to negotiate a deal in a quiet unobtrusive establishment.

Transport links

Mayfair is near the centre of London and is well served by bus and underground stations. Access to mainline rail stations such as Victoria, Paddington and Charing Cross Road is easy. The Piccadilly underground line lies within Mayfair, giving seamless access to Heathrow whilst Gatwick is accessed from nearby Victoria.

Serviced offices

The eclectic nature of Mayfair makes it intriguing. Companies can choose between old buildings which have been modernised and purpose-built modern premises. Modern technology will function in each type of building so you are not sacrificing state of the art IT by choosing older premises. Most businesses cannot get a foothold in Mayfair unless they choose serviced offices rather than traditional offices.

Serviced offices in Mayfair are available on a short term basis and payment is by one monthly payment which covers the majority of the business expenses. Outgoings generally included consist of:

• business rates
• buildings insurance
• utilities
• cleaning on daily basis
• staffed reception
• security
• kitchen
• service charges
• furniture
• printers and copiers

At Abacus Real Estate we have the expertise to find your ideal Mayfair serviced offices.


Enduring appeal of serviced offices

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Many business owners are faced with the difficult decision of locating and ensuring the best working environment for their businesses. Managing their businesses on a daily basis is a full time occupation and there is no time for worrying about the property management aspects of things. The arrival of serviced offices as a property management option relieve the business manager of the hassle of locating, managing and fitting out office space.

Popularity of serviced offices

A main advantage of serviced offices is that most support you will need is provided by your office operator, saving you valuable time sorting out your IT issues. A business will supply their own computers, but the network is supplied as part of your monthly rent payment. Some companies will only need a simple shared network but other businesses will require something more sophisticated. If your business is graphic design or architecture, you will need higher specification IT services with additional bandwidth and these will be on top of your normal payment.

Serviced versus traditional

If you are looking for commercial property in Bristol, Manchester or Mayfair you will enjoy the flexibility of serviced offices. Most traditional offices come with 10 or 15 year leases which is a real tie and can only be prematurely ended upon payment to trigger a break clause. There are expensive legal costs involved since the lease must be checked carefully to look at the obligations imposed on the tenant. Often, the solicitor will negotiate clauses to make them more favourable for the tenant but all these negotiations come at a cost.

Occupancy of serviced offices is regulated by a relatively simple licence agreement which does not require a solicitor’s input. They are usually for a short period ranging from a week to a few months but can be extended on a rolling basis. This versatility is important in the uncertain economic times faced by all businesses allowing a quick re-evaluation and response to accommodation requirements.

Who are serviced offices for?

Whether you are seeking offices to let in Birmingham, London or Liverpool, you can afford serviced premises. Businesses of varying sizes can benefit from serviced offices. Typically these offices are seen as the preserve of small to medium sized businesses but they are also suitable for larger businesses. Some move their operation to an entire serviced office whereas others choose to locate a proportion of their business to serviced offices. This allows the larger business to enjoy flexibility enabling them to expand or contract quickly.

Serviced offices are suitable for businesses which have a one off project and which requires the business to be near the client. Alternatively they can be an interim measure for businesses whilst they are looking for a permanent location.

Whether you want to rent office space in Birmingham, Bristol or London or Edinburgh, serviced offices are the idea solution.

At Abacus Real Estate, we can explain the benefits of serviced offices and assist to ensure your move to new offices is smooth and seamless.


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