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Liverpool for your office space requirements

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Transport links are a major consideration when locating your business. The best-run businesses can still suffer if they are not situated in a place which is easily accessible. Liverpool is particularly blessed with some of best transport networks in England. It is in close proximity to overground trains, buses and airports ensuring that you can reach other destinations quickly when travelling to and from your Liverpool office space.

Travelling by road

Road links to and from Liverpool are direct, ensuring speedy connections. To the east of the city, the M62 motorway connects it with Hull and there are opportunities along this route to divert to other major cities such as Leeds and Manchester. If your clients need to visit you from more distant cities, the M62 offers indirect links to London, Nottingham, Birmingham and Sheffield. If links are needed to the west of Liverpool, the Kingsway and Queensway tunnels connect the city with Birkenhead and Wallasey. From Birkenhead the A41 provides links to Cheshire and Shropshire with the option of continuing to North Wales via the A55. Liverpool is connected to the south via the A562 with Widnes and Warrington. If you occupy serviced offices in Liverpool you can be assured of good road connections to and from the city in all directions.

Air connections

Road connections are important, but so are air connections in the modern world. Liverpool’s airport, John Lennon, has many direct domestic and European flights. Flights to 68 destinations are on offer including Barcelona, Berlin, Zurich, Rome, Paris, Madrid and Milan. These flights are typically cheap offered by low-cost airlines, notably Easyjet and Ryanair. KLM, the Dutch national airline, provides a service four times daily where passengers are faced with the prospect of flying to 800 destinations globally with KLM via the Dutch airport. Such an assortment of flights makes Liverpool an ideal place in which to search for office space.

Rail connections

Two separate rail networks serve Liverpool. The national network connects Liverpool with major towns and cities throughout England. The mainline station is Lime Street station and it offers connections to London, Manchester, Preston, Leeds, Sheffield, Derby, York, Norwich and Nottingham. Passengers can reach John Lennon airport via Liverpool South Parkway. Businesses occupying office space in Liverpool can rest assured that they are easily reachable by their clients throughout the country.

Bus connections

Liverpool has an extensive bus service being served by many companies including Stagecoach and Arriva. Queen Square Bus Station and Liverpool One Bus Station are the two main terminals for local buses. The former serves destinations north and east of Liverpool and the latter serves those to the south and east. A night bus is in operation and cross river services to the Wirral use terminus points in Sir Thomas Street and Castle Street. These connections are useful for journeys particularly those contained within the city and are an asset for any business owner with office space in Liverpool.

At Abacus Real Estate we can advise you on the best location for your Liverpool office space.


Serviced offices in Bristol

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If you are about to start up a business, you will have to give thought to its location. Once you have decided on a city, the precise site for your office space is important.

Bristol as an office base

Many businesses seeking a south west location are drawn towards Bristol. It is not hard to see why. Bristol is in an ideal place to connect with the extreme south west such as Exeter, the Midlands such as Birmingham and is a gateway to Wales. It is also well situated for connection to London whilst Heathrow and Gatwick are within easy reach. Bristol is also blessed with its own airport to the south, with frequent connections to European and British cities. Bristol has a long tradition of being at the forefront of innovation – Brunel built the famous suspension bridge and the city is a centre for technological advancement.

Options for Bristol office space

Having decided on renting office space in Bristol, you have options on the type of space to rent. Traditional offices are usually let on a long term basis which involves a major commitment both in terms of time and money. Occupation of these offices is governed by a lease usually with full repairing obligations. The space is usually empty, meaning that the new occupier has to fit out the offices and put in essential infrastructure. This can take time which would be better devoted to running other aspects of your business.

The real problem is that traditional offices are not particularly flexible. If you want to locate your business elsewhere or take on additional space, traditional offices are rigid. A lease often has a break clause which can be triggered only after giving several months notice and on payment of a substantial premium.

In today’s economic climate, the ability to alter your business whether it is downsizing or relocating on a temporary basis is important. Serviced offices give you the flexibility you are seeking. They are meant to be a short term solution but in fact many become long term arrangements as they can be easily renewed.

Advantages of serviced offices

The main advantage of serviced offices in Bristol lies in the cost of one monthly rental payment which includes a variety of expenses and outgoings. The monthly rental normally includes:

• Buildings insurance
• Furniture and fitments
• Power, electricity bills
• Daily cleaning
• Staffed reception area
• Service charges
• Phone systems and handsets
• Cabling and Broadband
• Printers and copiers
• Use of shared kitchen

As serviced offices are already fitted out they are ready for occupation on a few days notice. Businesses can start operating from them immediately and many are set in prestigious locations which would be unaffordable if renting traditional offices. The bright and modern decor associated with serviced offices means that any clients will have a favourable impression when entering the pristine reception area.

At Abacus Real Estate, we have the experience and expertise to take care of your office needs in Bristol.


Finding offices to rent in Mayfair

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Many business owners do not imagine they can rent office space in Mayfair, and discount the location. However, renting office space in Mayfair does not have to be a pipe dream. It can become reality if you rent serviced offices which are more affordable than conventional offices.

Mayfair is one of the most select and prestigious areas in London bordering the west end and encompassing some of the most expensive real estate in the city. The area is also famous for many historic buildings and there are numerous high quality hotels and restaurants, often in tucked away quirky streets. There is a feeling of the old London when you wander around Mayfair and you can witness the history.

Apart from the location what are the advantages of serviced offices ?


Over the past few years the high street has seen the demise of several well known household names. Confidence needs to return to the economy, but in the meantime few businesses wish to take on more than a short term commitment.

The appeal of serviced offices is that they can be rented on a short term basis giving you maximum flexibility. The usual minimum commitment is for one month, but some can be rented for just a few weeks. If you decide to continue renting you can keep renewing your licence agreement on a rolling basis. There is the prospect of taking on more office space or reducing it depending on your business requirements. In these austere uncertain times the flexibility afforded by serviced offices are the ideal solution.


Serviced offices are offered fully fitted and furnished which means you do not waste time and incur large capital outlay. You are free to devote time to other aspects of your business and expend capital money elsewhere.

Payment is also relatively simple with one monthly payment covering most of your expenses and including rent, buildings insurance, cleaning, business rates, power, use of communal facilities such as kitchen area, staffed reception area and onsite security offering 24 hour access.

Highly trained receptionists are on hand to greet your clients and answer any phone calls in your business name if desired. Renting serviced offices allows you the time to concentrate on your core business.

Sometimes, the monthly payment includes telephony and high speed broadband services. This leaves you to pay for the hire of additional meeting rooms with catering facilities as and when required.


Your clients will appreciate the high quality restaurants on hand and the tranquillity that can be found in discreet bistros and boutique hotels. Discuss your business in relaxing and comfortable surroundings which will impress potential clients and customers.

Mayfair beckons and its affordability is not a secret anymore. You can benefit from the enhanced reputation to your business from occupying a well established location in a high spec building with quality fixtures and fittings.

At Abacus Real Estate, we have the expertise to find the ideal location for your office space in Mayfair.


Rent serviced offices in the heart of Bristol

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Bristol is a very attractive proposition if you want to locate your business in the west country. It has excellent transport links to the rest of the UK and is only a short distance from Heathrow airport so arriving clients can be taken down the M4 by car or via Paddington by train. Wales is just across the River Severn and can be reached quickly over a choice of two bridges. Birmingham is to the north and Exeter is to the south, both again with excellent links.

Bristol is a great cultural centre and has a prestigious university with a notable medical and law school. The docks have been revitalised and are now buzzing with chic shops and restaurants alongside smart apartments overlooking the water.

Surrounding Bristol is stunning countryside, and the notable Cotswold villages are a short distance north. If you want to entertain your clients by the sea, Weston Super Mare is just down the road and the delightful Welsh beaches are at hand.

Many businesses that want to rent managed offices in the area decide on renting serviced offices which offer the most flexible space. The location and appearance of commercial property in Bristol is vital to the image and prosperity of your venture.

Advantages of serviced offices

If you are a new business or an established venture seeking relocation, serviced offices may be your ideal solution. Setting up new offices can be timely and expensive taking resources away from other important aspects of the business. The initial capital involved when renting conventional offices is usually spent on office furniture, IT infrastructure and office equipment. The appeal of renting serviced offices is that these costly items are taken away from your responsibility and are included in the monthly rent.

All services provided within the serviced office environment are high specification and contemporary. Office furniture and equipment is of the latest design and technology which will make a favourable impact on the running of your business.


Apart from the provision of high specification furniture and equipment, another valuable commodity included with serviced offices is personnel. Reception areas are staffed by competent personnel who will deal with queries and direct any visitors to your offices. Some serviced offices provide a pool of support staff who are on call to deal with any administrative tasks. Your business will not be solely responsible for the costs of seeking, appointing and paying support staff.


If your business expands or contracts, you can adjust the amount of space you need by taking on additional offices or shedding some. Office space in Bristol can also accommodate businesses who need to locate on a temporary basis, perhaps to take on a one off project and so only require limited space for a short time. By renting serviced offices you will not compromise on the professional image of your business.

At Abacus Real Estate we can advise on the best location and property when you want to rent office space in Bristol.


Locating your office in Liverpool

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If you’re thinking of a destination to locate your office in the north west of England, Liverpool has an illustrious past and being a major city port it has attracted settlers from far afield. It has a diverse population which has contributed to its dynamism and is a melting pot for a wide array of cultures. The oldest black African community in England lives in Liverpool, as well as the oldest Chinese community in Europe.

The city has been a magnet for talented musicians, notably the Beatles, and several other groups from the Mersey beat era attract tourists from around the globe.

Realising the wealth of history in the city, several areas were granted World Heritage Sits status by UNESCO in 2004. Contained within the World Heritage Site are Pier Head, Albert Dock and several of the city’s major Victorian landmarks. Liverpudlians are in the enviable position of having two major Premier League football teams to support. Businesses will be spoiled for choice for entertaining their clients whether they want sporting or cultural events.

Serviced offices available in city hub

Serviced offices in Liverpool are located in the prestigious and humming business district in Exchange Flags. An eleven-storey high grade two listed building has been converted into serviced offices and is conveniently situated in the World Heritage site. Within the city centre there is a science park housing high technical laboratories and offering top grade serviced offices. Liverpool is attracting science and knowledge based businesses tempted by the high quality offices to rent. Businesses have the prospect of occupying first class accommodation with business support on hand and excellent transport links to the regions.

Why choose serviced offices?

There are so many advantages of serviced offices as against conventional offices that the list is very long. The main benefits are in the length of occupancy and convenience.

Choosing to rent traditional office space in Liverpool will generally involve costly solicitor fees. These offices are regulated by leases which often have full repairing clauses and other complicated and onerous obligations. Your solicitor will try and negotiate less burdensome clauses for you which can take time and racks up fees. Traditional offices are usually rented on a long term basis and if your circumstances change you can only terminate the lease by triggering a break clause at a cost. In these uncertain times, flexibility is key and renting office space on a short term basis is more attractive.

Serviced offices in Liverpool can be rented from weeks to years should you decide to renew your agreement. The agreement is simple with no repairing obligations so there is no need to appoint solicitors. The ability to extend or terminate the agreement on short notice is very appealing if you are renting Liverpool office space.

The monthly rent also takes care of most of your expenses including electricity, buildings insurance, office furniture and fittings, shared reception area, cleaning and on site security.

At Abacus Real Estate we have the experience to find suitable office space in Liverpool to suit your business needs.


How to afford offices for rent in Mayfair

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Office space takes many forms and ranges from a single room to an entire building. Location, location, location is a well worn adage but very true. How many times have you heard that it is better to buy a small house in a well located street than a large house in a more dubious area?

The same thing applies when choosing office accommodation. However, with attractive locations come a high cost to match, so many businesses discount operating a business from Mayfair, but renting office space in Mayfair does not have to be a pipe dream.

Serviced versus traditional

Serviced offices are an affordable and convenient option for setting up business in a highly desirable and prestigious location. Unlike traditional office space which usually offers exclusive occupation and requires complete fitting out, serviced offices offer shared facilities and are let fully furnished and fitted. The enormous initial outlay associated with renting traditional offices is saved not to mention the time associated with organising the fit out.

In uncertain economic times, businesses want the ability to be flexible so that they can adapt to changing circumstances. Renting traditional offices involves entering into a long term relationship with the landlord. Solicitor costs are incurred in negotiating complex clauses in a lease which governs the terms of occupancy. The clauses are drafted by the landlord and are therefore weighted in his favour. Should the business owner tenant want to leave the premises prior to the end of the lease, a break clause can usually be implemented on payment of a fee. If a business is failing the last thing the owner wants is to incur fees while he is trying to minimise his occupancy.

Serviced offices in Mayfair have the advantage that their occupation is governed by a simple licence agreement. There are no repairing and other clauses for a lawyer to pore over, so you will not incur legal fees. Importantly, serviced offices are rented on a short term basis, usually for a period of one month, which can be renewed for as long as it suits your business. The arrangement can therefore become long term but only if you want it to be. This flexibility is of paramount importance and serviced offices allow your business to expand as you can rent more office space if you desire.


Rent for serviced offices is taken care of in one monthly payment. Conveniently the rent covers many expenses and outgoings which are payable separately under a traditional office lease. Expenses commonly included in service office rent are:
• Buildings insurance
• Business rates
• Office furniture
• Printers, scanners and photocopiers
• Electricity
• Use of kitchen facilities
• Use of reception area and support staff
• Cleaning of office’s space
• 24 hour secure access

So, renting serviced offices in Mayfair can be a reality, allowing you to project a favourable image for your business. At Abacus Real Estate we have the expertise to find your serviced offices in upscale Mayfair at a convenient and flexible rent.


Fancy locating your business in Mayfair?

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If you are a small to medium sized business owner, probably the last place that you will think is affordable to rent office space is Mayfair. It is one of the most prestigious areas of London and is known for its wealthy but quirky aspects. The Grosvenor Estate – the main landowner – has invested substantially in maintaining the quality and tradition of the area.

The area

Mayfair is an historic part of the capital, sandwiched between Park Lane to the east and Regent Street to the west. Piccadilly is situated to the south and the famous shopping venue, Oxford Street to the north.

The vision conjured up of serviced offices is new modern buildings, but Mayfair bucks the trend.

Serviced offices in Mayfair are mainly located in period properties although those in Berkeley Street and Berkeley Square are of modern appearance.

The construction of Crossrail has impacted on Hanover Square which has been decanted in order to make room for the new ticket hall. The result has been a depression in the rental market allowing for more reasonable rents making that particular area more affordable.

Tenants in Mayfair have some of the best travel links available. There are excellent tube and mainline connections with buses and airports easily accessible. This means that your clients will have convenient access to your offices. Numerous intimate and upscale restaurants and clubs are within the vicinity which will impress your clients and afford several opportunities to do business in an informal and conducive atmosphere.

Appeal of serviced offices

As Mayfair is such a prestigious location, renting traditional office space will be prohibitively expensive for the average small or medium size business owner. However serviced offices offer an affordable solution making it possible to locate and mingle with other reputable and established businesses.

Serviced offices offer a simple solution without the need for any time consuming and expensive fit outs. Providing a turn-key solution you can move in at short notice without the need to engage lawyers in the process. Occupation of serviced offices is usually governed by a relatively simple agreement in plain English so lawyers do not need to scrutinise lengthy complicated leases which are associated with traditional offices.

Another convenient aspect of serviced offices is that one monthly rental payment covers most of your expenses and outgoings. Business rates, electricity, cleaning, buildings insurance, are all covered in the rent along with the shared use of a kitchen, break out areas, equipped and staffed reception area, sometimes with security provided. Telephony services and high speed internet are available with some management companies including these within the monthly rent. Meeting rooms can be hired for an additional fee as and when required, often with refreshments, which creates a highly professional image.

If you want to find offices to rent in Mayfair, opting for serviced offices could be the ideal solution. At Abacus Real Estate we have the experience and expertise to assist with your office space search in Mayfair.


Looking for office space in Bristol

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Bristol is situated at the gateway to the south west and the midlands. It is also ideally placed for travelling to Wales and is within a short distance of London. Little wonder then, that with its convenient location many people decide to rent serviced offices in Bristol.

Existing businesses

Several well known international companies including Rolls Royce and Airbus have found their home in Bristol. Choosing serviced offices in Bristol will put you in close proximity to famous aviation, motor and aerospace companies. The world-renowned Wallace and Gromit films were made in Bristol and Deal or No Deal is aired from the city. These connections make Bristol a sought-after area when it comes to looking for office space. Bristol is also home to over 500 IT businesses with Hewlett Packard being just one of the international corporations residing there.

Bristol, a desirable location

Bristol has good shopping both within the city limits at Broadmead and on the outskirts at Cribbs Causeway. All the well-known shops and brands including John Lewis are available. Cribbs Causeway has free parking with easy access to the covered shopping area.

If driving to Bristol most approaches are made by an excellent motorway network. The M4 motorway links the city to Cardiff to the west and London to the east. The M5 provides a northern connection to Birmingham and southwards to Exeter. The airport is only eight miles from the city and thus very accessible with good direct links to several European destinations.

There are many interesting things to see such as Clifton Suspension Bridge and the SS Great Britain moored in the docks which have been the focus of substantial investment. Cheddar Gorge is just down the road as is the well known resort of Weston Super Mare. Bristol is home to a renowned university and little wonder that many graduates choose to stay and work in the city after graduation.

Serviced offices solution

A well trained workforce is at your disposal making Bristol an ideal choice in which to rent office space. Although you are in the presence of some exalted businesses you can still afford to rent office space in the city. It may be true that renting traditional offices are outside the reach of most small business owners due to the need for costly fitting out and a long term lease commitment. In addition you would incur substantial legal costs as solicitors would examine the lease and try and negotiate terms more favourable to you as the tenant.

Serviced offices on the other hand are fully fitted and furnished with cabling for super fast broadband all located within plush modern offices in attractive buildings shared with other tenants. The sharing allows for lower costs and these offices are available on as little as a one month term which can be renewed. The legal costs are negligible since the agreement is simple, thus ruling out the need for solicitors.

At Abacus Real Estate we can advise you on the best location for your Bristol office space.


Serviced offices are available nationwide

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Whether you are searching for office space in Bristol, London, Edinburgh, Manchester or Birmingham, serviced offices could be your ideal solution.

Serviced offices provide a quick and easy turnkey option leaving you time to devote to other aspects of your business. These offices are usually available in the business districts of the major towns and cities ideally located close to transport links such as trams, buses, trains, underground or airports.

Tenants benefit from private pristine offices which are pre-cabled and fully furnished permitting immediate occupation.

What do you get for your money?

The monthly rent covers virtually all of your expenses and outgoings adding to the simplicity of your occupation. This fixed payment enables you to budget in advance as the rent includes:

• Business rates
• Buildings insurance
• Utility bills
• Service charges which are imposed on whole building
• Office furniture comprising modern desks and chairs
• Cleaning of office and common parts daily carried out during out of office hours
• Staffed reception and use of secretariat pool
• Kitchen and use of microwave, refrigerator
• On site management and security
• Telephony system and handsets

Meeting rooms can be hired as and when you require upon payment of an additional charge. Similarly, broadband internet is available for a charge.

You may find that some serviced offices even offer the hire of meeting rooms and broadband internet in the monthly rent rather than being an optional extra. Whether you are seeking offices to let in Manchester, London, Liverpool or Edinburgh you will find that serviced offices can fulfil your requirements.


Most tenants are attracted to serviced offices because they do not require a long term commitment. The flexibility of being able to rent an office for as little as one month at a time has obvious advantages in these uncertain economic times. If your business prospers you can renew your tenancy on a regular basis and you can rent additional office space to accommodate your expanding business needs.

Location, location, location

Serviced offices from Edinburgh to London and Bristol are available in prestigious areas. Location is paramount and an upscale base for your business will entice potential clients. Most serviced offices are situated near to good transportation links including airports and main line train stations. An air of professionalism will be apparent from the smartly furnished reception area with light and exotic potted plants to give a warm welcome to your visitors. If you are entertaining clients you can ask facilities management to provide a catering service. This catering facility will give your business a professional feel and endorse that it is properly run, giving confidence to prospective clients. Appearances are important in most walks of life and this goes for serviced offices too.

When choosing your serviced office you should give as much attention to choosing a well respected agent as you do when appointing an accountant or solicitor. At Abacus Real Estate we have the experience to help choose your ideal office space at locations throughout the UK.


The benefits of serviced offices in Birmingham

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Birmingham is known as Britain’s second city and has the largest population outside of the capital. Birmingham’s economy is the second largest in the United Kingdom and it is a burgeoning commercial centre, making it an ideal location in which to rent office space for any new business owner.

Why Birmingham?

The city is a centre of excellence for higher education with three universities and two university colleges and is held in high esteem in the academic world. Birmingham is also held in high regard from a cultural viewpoint and boasts the Barber Institute of Fine Art, the Birmingham Royal Ballet and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Its cultural attractions are complemented by the Bullring shopping centre, the Birmingham NEC and many fine bars and restaurants located in Broad Street. Any visiting clients will be well catered for with such a variety of entertainment within Birmingham’s confines.

Accessibility is vital when setting up your business’s office and Birmingham is well served by trains, trams, buses and planes. This is expected to improve even further with the announcement of a high speed train link to London. You will be able to create a favourable image of your business by locating your office in a cosmopolitan city with excellent transport links.

Serviced office rental in Birmingham

A number of well-known companies have already made Birmingham their base. Cadbury products, HP sauce and the Austin Mini were all produced in Birmingham. The success of such companies goes to show why many businesses consider Birmingham a good base in which to set up their head offices. Most businesses do not want to lock themselves into a long term arrangement as there is uncertainty in the economy. The renting of conventional offices will involve entering into a medium or long term arrangement with a lease regulating terms of occupancy. The lease is often complicated and expensive legal fees are inevitable as the terms often require amendment before agreements are made. Although you may be able to exit from the lease if circumstances change, there are usually expensive break clauses, meaning there could be financial repercussions if you do terminate the arrangement.

Serviced offices are usually let on a short term arrangement, for months rather than years. They are governed by a simple licence agreement rather than a lease and there are no expensive break clauses and no need to engage a lawyer. The savings you make in lawyers’ fees can be put towards your monthly rental payment. Serviced offices come fully furnished with all office furniture, IT systems and telephony services provided.

Renting serviced offices in Birmingham is a good choice, especially in today’s economy. Serviced offices afford flexibility and are a time-saving solution for any busy business owner.

If you are looking for serviced offices to let in Birmingham, you should contact us at Abacus Real Estate. With our knowledge and experience, we can assist in your search and advise on the best choice for your office space in Birmingham.


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