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Who Needs Serviced Offices?

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Serviced offices and business centres were originally the saviour of new and small businesses who needed a simpler and easier way of getting business premises. They offered short-term, flexible leases and the ability to pay for everything in one simple charge, meaning no initial outlay was required. However, these days, all kinds of businesses are benefiting from serviced offices. Here are some of the different types of businesses which choose to rent them.

New Businesses

We’ve already pointed out a couple of the ways in which new start-up businesses can benefit from serviced offices. New businesses don’t often have a great deal of cash behind them, and so finding the initial funds to finance the deposit, furniture and refitting of a traditional office property would be difficult. They also found it harder to budget for month-to-month costs such as utilities, telecoms and maintenance because those costs can be pretty much an unknown quantity. However, with a serviced office, you get all of those costs in one monthly charge, and you also have a smart and professional looking office which you can use to impress customers. If you’ve just taken on small premises but need to use meeting rooms from time to time to welcome clients or visitors, then a serviced office is ideal because you can rent out extra space on an ad hoc basis and usually by the day or even by the hour. This saves you from having to pay to rent large office space London when you usually only need a small amount of space.

Growing Businesses

Larger businesses may decide to expand to new locations, such as trying out a new branch in Manchester when their only experience has been in London, for example. This can be a gamble if you don’t know the new location that well, but if you choose serviced Manchester offices, you can take away a lot of the risks involved, again by benefiting from short and flexible leases. If things don’t work out like you planned, you can scrap your new office and try a better location without a huge financial loss. If you’re planning on looking for a more permanent office space in a new location, but still need a base for getting things set up and interviewing new staff, then a serviced office can also be an ideal stop gap. This saves you from wasting time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

New or Unstable Markets

You may have had a very solid business until now but find that new technology or advances have made your current sector unstable, or you may be venturing into a completely new market, as many digital businesses have done over the last few years. In either of these situations it can be hard to commit to a long-term lease or to continue running large business premises that are no longer suitable. Serviced offices allow you to downsize (or expand) when you need to, so you won’t be wasting money and jeopardising your business.



Your office move tick list

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Moving to a new office can be exciting. It may represent a new era for your business and, if you’re current premises isn’t up-to-scratch or doesn’t suit your requirements, the change could be a welcome relief.

However, if you’re to benefit from the best results, it’s really important that you’re methodical when you’re perusing the business centres that are available.


First and foremost think money. When it comes to business, your head should always rule your heart. It doesn’t matter how good an office looks or feels, and how much of a buzz you get from seeing it, if it doesn’t fit within your spending limits, forget it.

Over-stretching yourself financially can be disastrous, especially during tough times like these. Spending too much money on your office could lead to long-term problems and stress.

The good news is, as long as you know where to look, there are plenty of great deals available. Also, bear in mind that when you choose serviced offices Manchester or elsewhere, your rent will include many of your bills.


Arguably the second most important issue to consider is location. There’s no point in choosing a great office if it’s not in the right place. Your personnel must have easy access to the working space and you may need to be near to your customers.

Often, it’s necessary to make a trade off. To get a suitable office within your spending limit, you might have to be a little bit flexible in terms of your location. For example, city centre offices tend to be pricier than those located further out or on business parks.


Then there’s size to think about. If your office is too small, it will be uncomfortable for your staff members to use. On the other hand, if you choose a space that’s too large, you’ll end up shelling out for space you’re not using.

Quality is key

Of course, the quality of your working area is also really important. To impress your personnel and any third parties who enter your premises, it’s got to look the part. Comfy, stylish furniture is a must, along with any equipment you need to operate successfully.


By choosing serviced offices Leeds or elsewhere, as opposed to opting for traditional leases, you can benefit from a range of additional services that make your life easier. For example, you should have access to reception and phone answering services and you’ll also be able to use meeting and conference spaces. In addition, you won’t have to worry about cleaning, building maintenance and so on. Let’s face it, running a business can be tough at the best of times, so these little extras may be very welcome.

Also, serviced offices are available on shorter leases, meaning you can benefit from greater flexibility. You should find it easier to expand or contract depending on market conditions.

Take your pick

By bearing issues like these in mind, you should be able to select office space with confidence and achieve the results you’re after.


Services offices explained

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More and more firms are using serviced offices and it’s not hard to see why. There are lots of advantages associated with these working spaces and firms of all sizes and in a variety of industries can benefit from them.

Thankfully, it’s also easy for bosses to find serviced working spaces and if you’re on the hunt for offices like this, you’ve come to the right place. Just take a look around our website to see what’s available.

What are they?

Serviced offices are usually found in business centres and they range in size. One of the things that sets them apart from conventional offices is the fact that a range of services are included in the rent.

Also, these working environments are often available on short-term, flexible leases.

A total solution

One of the major benefits associated with these offices is the fact that they are a complete solution because they are fully fitted and furnished. This means that when you move into a working space like this, you can hit the ground running. You won’t have to worry about ordering in furniture and equipment, getting your systems organised and so on.

Also, the working spaces tend to come with reception and telephone answering services, secretarial support, conference and meeting facilities and high-speed internet access.


When you see the rental costs of serviced offices, you may initially be put off. After all, they can be higher than traditional office fees. However, it’s important to bear in mind that the rent you pay includes nearly all the costs you would normally expect to cover on top of the rent you hand over in conventional offices.

There are no additional costs for business rates, heating, air conditioning, lighting, power, security, cleaning, building maintenance, insurance and so on. The only additional costs are for telephone and internet usage – and it’s worth bearing in mind that these are normally charged at standard or even discounted rates. Having more fixed costs like this can give you greater peace of mind and it makes long-term financial planning much easier.


It can be impossible to predict fluctuations in demand for your products or services, and so it’s risky making long-term office commitments. The great thing about serviced offices is you don’t have to. Leases can be as short as three months, and typically they last for six, nine or 12 months.

This contrasts sharply with traditional leases and it can give you much greater flexibility to shrink or expand as required. Knowing you’re not tied into lengthy leases can be a big relief, especially given the turbulent economic conditions affecting the UK and many other countries at present.

Take your pick

If you’re keen to check out the serviced offices available in your desired location, just take a look around our website. Whether you’re after Edinburgh office space, Liverpool office space or anything else, you shouldn’t struggle to find it.

Of course, before you commit to any particular agreement, make sure it ticks each and every one of your boxes.


Could serviced offices be the key to business growth?

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In order for a business to grow to its full potential, it needs not only the necessary capital but the right commercial premises from which to operate. Traditional office leases used to be the preferred choice, but in the current climate this isn’t always the best solution—suitable funds could be difficult to come by and it can be tough for fledgling businesses to get their foot in the door, and the opportunity to expand will often be limited. That’s why serviced offices could be the ideal solution.

The rise of serviced offices

The serviced office industry is booming, and it’s proving to be the perfect way for a business to not only get started but to move forwards in its operations. The flexibility is the key motivator, making it particularly desirable for smaller companies and start-ups—they’re not tied into long-term leases and in many cases can increase the amount of office space they need as their business develops, being a great option for those with big ambitions.

And it’s a growing trend across the country. The demand for serviced offices in Birmingham, for example, has risen by a fifth whilst in Sheffield new placements for the first quarter of 2013 are up 50% on last year, and Edinburgh is enjoying 25% more serviced office tenants too. According to research the rise of the sector is largely being driven by companies with 2 or 3 personnel, giving them a cost-effective and convenient way to get their business moving.

The solution to government legislation

Serviced offices could even be the solution to government legislation regarding commercial properties in London—a lot of traditional office buildings are being converted into housing developments, and that means it’s much harder for businesses, particularly start-ups, to get a foothold in key commercial districts. But, serviced properties are unaffected by such plans and that means they’ve been touted as the key to recovery, with serviced office space in London being a great way to get established in a prime City location.

This kind of arrangement can give fledgling companies the prestigious address they need to make the right impression, all the while getting an office that can provide the amenities and facilities necessary to ensure daily operations can run as smoothly as possible. It’s a simple, convenient and highly cost-effective solution to a business’ premises requirements, and it can all add up to meaning a company’s far more likely to grow to their full potential—the flexible nature of the contract, the prestigious postcode, the convenience and budget-friendly arrangement can combine to ensure a business owner has nothing else to worry about but making a profit, and with such an effective environment in which to work employees will be motivated too.

Do you want to see if a serviced office can give your company the boost it needs to move forwards? Then make sure to get in touch with us here at Abacus Real Estate, and we’ll be on-hand to help you find the solution to suit.


Expanding Your Business Around Britain

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If you’re lucky enough to be part of a business that is currently enjoying success, then well done! Expanding your UK or international business around Britain can be a good or bad move depending on the location or locations you choose for your expansion. Just because you have been successful in one area doesn’t meant that this success will continue into another. You know the market well where you are currently operating, and the market is not the same across the entire country. Here are some tips which may help you decide.

Be Cautious

If you want to give yourself a bit of a get out clause when picking your new premises, then go for serviced offices. These have shorter leases than traditional office space and are flexible, allowing you to expand or contract your business as necessary, depending on how well things are going in the new location. You’ll also have an office that’s ready set-up for you to start trading straight away. This saves you laying out large amounts of money upfront on furnishings and fittings, particularly if you’re not sure you’re going to be staying put.

Best Place for Your Service or Product

Generally speaking, the best trading areas are London and the South East, so serviced offices London are often a good idea, no matter what you are offering. When it comes to other areas of the UK, however, do plenty of research into your market. Is there a lot of competition there already and if so, are you offering anything that’s going to stand out? If there isn’t a lot of competition, is there a reason why not? It might be that what you’ve got to offer isn’t particularly in demand in that area. Some cities or areas tend to experience the ‘cluster effect’, where businesses in the same sector seem to flock together, such as financial clusters in London, Leeds, Chester and Edinburgh.

The other cities with high economic activity and the most entrepreneurs are Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Nottingham, and Tunbridge Wells.

Good Transport Links

Transport links can be important to every business. If you need to deliver products or receive deliveries, do you have good access to motorways or other main roads? If not, you’ll be wasting a lot of time stuck in traffic. Do you need to receive customers at your premises? If so, then the office will need to be accessible and city centre premises are often preferred. However, if you don’t, then there’s no point in paying for swanky serviced offices Mayfair when you could be based further outside of the city in a place that’s perhaps more convenient for staff and deliveries.

A Good Source of Staff

While a particular area experiencing the ‘cluster effect’ mentioned above may have a lot of competition, there also tends to be a lot of high quality staff available in that area who are specialised and experienced in that field. This can really help a small business or new branch get off the ground, as skilled workers can give the boost needed to make it a success without taking management’s focus away from other areas.


A Professional Office Space

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Many small businesses first start up at home. And it’s hardly surprising – after all, it’s a great way to save yourself some money by only paying one set of utility and telecommunication bills, not to mention saving on rent and other rates too. And there are few commutes that would be as preferable as simply walking downstairs or across the hall. The kitchen table or poky home office might be more than fine for your own business activities. However, when you need to organise a meeting with a client or supplier, then suddenly the kitchen table doesn’t seem quite such a good idea!

Of course, there are solutions to this conundrum. Many home-workers meet up with clients in hotel lobbies, cafes and other similar public spaces. This can be a good interim solution if you’re still trying to keep costs down, but there are drawbacks too. Noise, confidentiality and privacy can be big concerns, as can a lack of essential business facilities, such as Wi-Fi, flipcharts and a projector. The lack of consistency can also sometimes be a problem – you might not be able to meet in the same facility each time, and if you don’t book in advance, you may even find that there is nowhere for you to sit when you arrive for your meeting, which looks incredibly unprofessional.

If your home business has had some success, perhaps it is time to consider moving to a more professional office space than the spare room? This will give you the facilities and environment you need to impress potential and existing clients, but also give you the option to take on additional staff if you need to. The ideal solution for small businesses and those looking at getting their first office space is to go for a serviced office. A quick glance at our website will show you some of the best serviced offices Liverpool, Manchester, London, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds (and many more cities besides) have to offer.

The reason that serviced offices are so great for small businesses is because they provide you everything you need for one simple flat rate. This makes it really easy for you to budget for the room itself, plus the furniture, utilities, telecommunications and maintenance. What’s more, you’ll also get a host of other services that you might not even have considered budgeting for, but which are necessary all the same, such as security, cleaning and a kitchen area. Often, there are facilities to add in a receptionist (who can answer and field your calls – essential if you are a one-man band) and use the photocopier, laminator and confidential waste bin without the same additional charge as if you were to organise these services independently.

Some serviced offices will even just let you hire a room for a one-off or regular meeting without having to take on a set amount of office space. This can be ideal if you suddenly need to organise some London office space for a client who’s unwilling to travel, for example, and will give you access to all business facilities you need.


Serviced offices in London

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As a busy entrepreneur you will be aware of the constraints on your time with an endless variety of tasks waiting for your input. Renting office space in London is a daunting prospect involving many considerations aside from the location of your offices within the capital.

Traditional versus serviced offices

Moving to office premises can be time consuming if you opt for traditional offices. This type of office space requires a great deal of time and capital outlay since you must purchase office furniture and equipment. Traditional offices also require a long term commitment, being regulated by leases with a five or ten year timeframe. If you wish to end the arrangement you will normally have to pay a premium to trigger a break clause. This is another expense which your business can well do without.

The advantage of serviced offices is that they are the most cost effective and convenient solution to occupying office space in London or anywhere for that matter. Serviced offices are ideal irrespective of the size of your business.

Built in flexibility

The current economic climate has made setting up and operating business ventures difficult and uncertain. Businesses need to be in a position to react swiftly to changing circumstances. Serviced offices have the built in flexibility to allow a business to be able to move premises quickly, whether on a permanent or temporary basis.

Serviced offices are regulated by a simple agreement rather than a complicated and extensive lease. Normally serviced offices are available to rent for varying periods from a few weeks to months. If it suits your business the arrangements can be extended so that they become long term but with the added benefit of being ended swiftly and without expensive trigger clauses. The agreement does not require the added expense of lawyers pouring over it, which is the case with complex lease provisions.

London office space is available in many locations and careful consideration of location is important. The type of office space is also critical and a wrong choice could prove an expensive mistake.

Other pros of serviced offices in London

In an increasingly complicated world, the prospect of paying most of your office expenses in one monthly payment is very appealing. You have no expensive capital outlay or time consuming fitting to carry out. You are able to occupy your London office space quickly because serviced offices are provided fully furnished and equipped. You are provided with contemporary office furniture, and security, maintenance and utilities are all provided and included in your monthly payment. You have access to communal areas shared with other tenants, such as kitchens, bathrooms and break out areas. IT services, secretarial and administrative support can sometimes be included in the monthly rent or available on a pay as you use basis.

If you wish to rent office space in London there are many aspects to consider. At Abacus Real Estate we can provide an ideal office solution in your search for office space to rent in London.


The allure of Mayfair office space

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Many small to medium business owners automatically discount Mayfair when seeking office space to rent, imagining that it is unaffordable. However, a closer look would prove them wrong.

Mayfair’s international recognition

Mayfair is universally famous, and the mention of Bond Street and Savile Row in many places throughout the world will be met with a gesture of familiarity. Mayfair’s uniqueness is also its attractiveness. Many well known embassies choose to be located in Mayfair giving it a somewhat regal and dignified appeal with foreign attention.

The fame of Mayfair is reinforced by the retail outlets on display, with Bond Street associated with jewellery and Savile Row with tailoring.

Calmness of Mayfair

The business aspect of Mayfair is not thwarted by attention given to its retail units. It may be bustling in the immediate location of the shops but there are many areas where you can find tranquility. Such areas are found in hidden gardens and squares, with some being private but equally many are open to the public. So you can share in a taste of the uniqueness of Mayfair as you meander through its many squares, such as Berkeley, Hanover and Grosvenor. The pleasant atmosphere will be appreciated by your clients and is easily accessible from your office space in Mayfair.

Entertaining options

It is very likely that you will have to entertain clients at some point in your business relationship with them. Mayfair will not let you down in this regard as the area is awash with some famous bars, restaurants and hotels. Equally, there are some very quiet and quirky places to unwind in the backstreets of Mayfair. If you rent serviced offices in the area you will be spoilt for choice for entertainment options. You can celebrate a business deal in a high visibility restaurant or you can choose to negotiate a deal in a quiet unobtrusive establishment.

Transport links

Mayfair is near the centre of London and is well served by bus and underground stations. Access to mainline rail stations such as Victoria, Paddington and Charing Cross Road is easy. The Piccadilly underground line lies within Mayfair, giving seamless access to Heathrow whilst Gatwick is accessed from nearby Victoria.

Serviced offices

The eclectic nature of Mayfair makes it intriguing. Companies can choose between old buildings which have been modernised and purpose-built modern premises. Modern technology will function in each type of building so you are not sacrificing state of the art IT by choosing older premises. Most businesses cannot get a foothold in Mayfair unless they choose serviced offices rather than traditional offices.

Serviced offices in Mayfair are available on a short term basis and payment is by one monthly payment which covers the majority of the business expenses. Outgoings generally included consist of:

• business rates
• buildings insurance
• utilities
• cleaning on daily basis
• staffed reception
• security
• kitchen
• service charges
• furniture
• printers and copiers

At Abacus Real Estate we have the expertise to find your ideal Mayfair serviced offices.


Enduring appeal of serviced offices

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Many business owners are faced with the difficult decision of locating and ensuring the best working environment for their businesses. Managing their businesses on a daily basis is a full time occupation and there is no time for worrying about the property management aspects of things. The arrival of serviced offices as a property management option relieve the business manager of the hassle of locating, managing and fitting out office space.

Popularity of serviced offices

A main advantage of serviced offices is that most support you will need is provided by your office operator, saving you valuable time sorting out your IT issues. A business will supply their own computers, but the network is supplied as part of your monthly rent payment. Some companies will only need a simple shared network but other businesses will require something more sophisticated. If your business is graphic design or architecture, you will need higher specification IT services with additional bandwidth and these will be on top of your normal payment.

Serviced versus traditional

If you are looking for commercial property in Bristol, Manchester or Mayfair you will enjoy the flexibility of serviced offices. Most traditional offices come with 10 or 15 year leases which is a real tie and can only be prematurely ended upon payment to trigger a break clause. There are expensive legal costs involved since the lease must be checked carefully to look at the obligations imposed on the tenant. Often, the solicitor will negotiate clauses to make them more favourable for the tenant but all these negotiations come at a cost.

Occupancy of serviced offices is regulated by a relatively simple licence agreement which does not require a solicitor’s input. They are usually for a short period ranging from a week to a few months but can be extended on a rolling basis. This versatility is important in the uncertain economic times faced by all businesses allowing a quick re-evaluation and response to accommodation requirements.

Who are serviced offices for?

Whether you are seeking offices to let in Birmingham, London or Liverpool, you can afford serviced premises. Businesses of varying sizes can benefit from serviced offices. Typically these offices are seen as the preserve of small to medium sized businesses but they are also suitable for larger businesses. Some move their operation to an entire serviced office whereas others choose to locate a proportion of their business to serviced offices. This allows the larger business to enjoy flexibility enabling them to expand or contract quickly.

Serviced offices are suitable for businesses which have a one off project and which requires the business to be near the client. Alternatively they can be an interim measure for businesses whilst they are looking for a permanent location.

Whether you want to rent office space in Birmingham, Bristol or London or Edinburgh, serviced offices are the idea solution.

At Abacus Real Estate, we can explain the benefits of serviced offices and assist to ensure your move to new offices is smooth and seamless.


Finding offices to rent in Mayfair

Posted by admin on March 20, 2013 at 3:23 pm. Filed under: offices to let

Many business owners do not imagine they can rent office space in Mayfair, and discount the location. However, renting office space in Mayfair does not have to be a pipe dream. It can become reality if you rent serviced offices which are more affordable than conventional offices.

Mayfair is one of the most select and prestigious areas in London bordering the west end and encompassing some of the most expensive real estate in the city. The area is also famous for many historic buildings and there are numerous high quality hotels and restaurants, often in tucked away quirky streets. There is a feeling of the old London when you wander around Mayfair and you can witness the history.

Apart from the location what are the advantages of serviced offices ?


Over the past few years the high street has seen the demise of several well known household names. Confidence needs to return to the economy, but in the meantime few businesses wish to take on more than a short term commitment.

The appeal of serviced offices is that they can be rented on a short term basis giving you maximum flexibility. The usual minimum commitment is for one month, but some can be rented for just a few weeks. If you decide to continue renting you can keep renewing your licence agreement on a rolling basis. There is the prospect of taking on more office space or reducing it depending on your business requirements. In these austere uncertain times the flexibility afforded by serviced offices are the ideal solution.


Serviced offices are offered fully fitted and furnished which means you do not waste time and incur large capital outlay. You are free to devote time to other aspects of your business and expend capital money elsewhere.

Payment is also relatively simple with one monthly payment covering most of your expenses and including rent, buildings insurance, cleaning, business rates, power, use of communal facilities such as kitchen area, staffed reception area and onsite security offering 24 hour access.

Highly trained receptionists are on hand to greet your clients and answer any phone calls in your business name if desired. Renting serviced offices allows you the time to concentrate on your core business.

Sometimes, the monthly payment includes telephony and high speed broadband services. This leaves you to pay for the hire of additional meeting rooms with catering facilities as and when required.


Your clients will appreciate the high quality restaurants on hand and the tranquillity that can be found in discreet bistros and boutique hotels. Discuss your business in relaxing and comfortable surroundings which will impress potential clients and customers.

Mayfair beckons and its affordability is not a secret anymore. You can benefit from the enhanced reputation to your business from occupying a well established location in a high spec building with quality fixtures and fittings.

At Abacus Real Estate, we have the expertise to find the ideal location for your office space in Mayfair.


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