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Getting Your First Business Premises

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Many small businesses start life based at the kitchen table or from the box room. Working at home has its advantages – saved costs and no commute to name a couple – but it can also have major drawbacks. It can be hard to stay motivated when there are household distractions, particularly when the children come home or the phone’s ringing off the hook with personal calls. If you need to meet clients, your living room doesn’t scream ‘professional businessperson’ either, so you may even be holding yourself back by not finding your own business premises.

Yet signing the lease for your own office space to rent can be scary. At least if you have already spent some time running your business from home, you will have had the chance to make some profit which you can put towards the running costs of your new office, as well as establishing how well your business is doing in the current marketplace.

Accommodation and labour are two of the biggest financial drains on a business, yet both are usually necessary to ensure its success and growth. Consequently, you should spend some time to research different locations and think about how much space you might need before you sign up for anything. Remember that an empty property always looks bigger than it would with furniture in, and a crowded office is no good for your staff or your customers’ morale.

Location can be one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing your office space. There’s no point choosing prestigious office space in Victoria if you are targeting clients on lower incomes, and likewise city centre Birmingham office space may cause problems if your staff and your clients are all coming by car and would prefer free car parking and less traffic jams over access to public transport. Location will also usually affect costs, so consider what your most important priority is and then go with that.

Expansion has to be a consideration for any and every business. Already if you’re moving from your kitchen to your first office you have been able to expand, so you need to consider if that growth is likely to continue. Serviced offices offer short-term leases and a great amount of flexibility, which make them ideal for first business premises. You won’t have to commit yourself to too much, but at the same time you’ll have the opportunity to allow your office to grow as your business does.

For your first office, you also most probably won’t have any furniture to put into it. Rather than spending all the profit you’ve made so far on some smart-looking desks and office chairs, with a serviced office you’ll have a fully furnished workspace which you can move straight into, so you won’t have an unnecessarily large initial payout to contend with.

Serviced offices make a great option for first business premises, although many established businesses are also choosing them because they are much more suited to the current economic climate.


BMG using exciting new workspace

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Firms are continually pushing the boundaries when it comes to office space. Thanks to developments in technology and interior design, as well as shifting working habits, organisations are creating increasingly divergent and interesting spaces.

Of course, if you’re on the lookout for a new base for your organisation, you don’t have to go to the effort of designing it yourself. Instead, you can simply find serviced offices Birmingham or elsewhere that tick all your boxes from the outset. This means all you have to do is move in and start working. Nothing could be easier.

BMG case study

One organisation that’s well aware of the importance of effective office design is BMG. The international group of music companies, which trades under BMG Chrysalis in the UK, the US and Sweden, has transformed a premises in Wigmore Street, London.

Writing on Financial Director, the firm’s Mark Ranyard noted that it needed a new office after BMG bought Chrysalis in February 2011. The building chosen was Grade II listed and it had housed one of the UK’s first department stores.

An exciting and creative workspace

Mr Raynard noted that managers had clear objectives when transforming the working space. About this, he said: “Having found the right space, we needed someone to turn it into something we could use. The brief was to maintain a clear BMG corporate identity, while also making it an exciting creative workspace.”

He also stated: “Our office is more than a space – it has been integral to the company’s development, both reflecting our culture and engaging our people.”

Delivered on every level

Mr Raynard went on to remark: “We decided the process of creating the new office should embody the collaborative new BMG Chrysalis culture we were trying to create.” He added: “In a series of project meetings, we thrashed it all out. I am glad to say that what we ended up with has delivered on every level.”

Open plan and lots of glass

In terms of design, the office is open plan and it features plenty of glass, Mr Raynard pointed out.

Offering extra detail, he commented: “Where individual offices are essential – for example for the artists and repertoire team which scouts and works with artists – we have given people leeway to design their own space, with the only rule being that desks have to be the standard white. Naturally, music is everywhere, playing at the reception and represented in disc form on the ceiling – and there is music memorabilia and decorations.”

At the rear of the office there’s a design-led breakout area with Wi-Fi, a bar, table football and relaxed furniture. Meanwhile, the overall colour scheme is grey and red, which reflects BMG’s corporate livery.

The easy solution

If you’re on the hunt for office space Leeds or elsewhere that’s ready to move into, just take a look around our website. You won’t be disappointed by the level of choice on offer and you should be able to find premises that meet all of your requirements.



Why businesses choose serviced office rental

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Having the right premises from which to operate can be vital to a company’s success, with the combination of a great working environment, prestigious postcode and competitive rates ensuring a business can thrive. But, finding the right property can be easier said than done. These days a lot of businesses (particularly those that are just starting out) may not have the funds to confidently sign a long-term lease, and what about the issues of refurbishment/facilities/opportunity to expand? Flexibility and cost-effectiveness are two key areas of concern, and that’s why managed arrangements are quickly becoming the preferred choice.

The benefits of serviced office rental

•    Flexibility. Traditional leases tend to last for ten years, meaning a company is tied into that one location and will face administration charges should they need to move. Of course, this arrangement is far from ideal—what if circumstances change? If you’re going through a period of growth or temporarily need additional space for subcontractors (for example) you’ll want the flexibility to add more space as necessary, and a managed office can deliver that kind of solution.

•    Value. You might think that managed options will be far more expensive than a traditional lease, but this isn’t always the case. And, when you consider the fact that you’re getting a fully furnished space and that the fixed rate covers every aspect of office management, you’ll soon see that it’s actually a highly cost-effective solution with no need to worry about any unforeseen costs that might normally be associated with running an office.

•    Convenience. Most serviced premises will be ready to move into at a moment’s notice, with these all-inclusive spaces having all the facilities and amenities necessary to get started straight away. You’ll have everything from reception desks to workstations, and the fixed price means you’ll be far better able to manage your finances to offer another level of convenience into the mix.

•    Location. A lot of managed spaces will be in highly prestigious locations with the likes of serviced offices in Mayfair and high-end Manchester offices being readily available, and the right location can make all the difference both in terms of customer impression and ease of access for clients and employees.

Ultimately, having the right commercial premises can transform your company’s prospects. It can make all the difference to the way it functions on a day-to-day basis and can even affect the impression it gives to clients and visitors—if you’ve got a drab, poorly-furnished office space not only will employees be unmotivated but it won’t put your business in a good light, and then there’s the fact that if you’re tied in to a long-term contract you could easily come unstuck should your financial situation change. That’s why managed solutions should be the preferred choice.

The days of traditional office leases are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and with more and more businesses choosing to go down the managed route it’s high time you joined them. So, if you want first-hand experience of why businesses choose serviced office rental make sure to get in touch and you’ll soon be able to reap the rewards of this way of operating.


BBC Television Centre Redevelopment to Create Office Space for 3,000 Creative Workers

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BBC Television Centre, where such iconic programmes as Blue Peter, Dad’s Army, Doctor Who, Top of the Pops and Absolutely Fabulous were created and recorded, closed its doors after 53 years in March of this year. The 14-acre site, with an original design supposedly inspired by a question mark scribbled on an envelope, sold for £200 million last year, with plans to redevelop the area into flats, a hotel, a cinema and office space. Unlike other serviced office space London, however, according to architects Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM), the new offices will be designed specifically for those working in the creative sector.

The BBC aren’t disappearing completely from their original site either. Their commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, will continue to hold and run offices at the site, and BBC Studios and Post Production will also continue to use office space, meaning that the BBC will use around 20% of the new site. The aim is that other creative and media companies will then be drawn to the area because of the BBC’s continued presence and will rent the new office space created.

Stanhope Plc are developing the site with a £500 million development scheme, and are looking to create 1,000 homes, alongside a boutique hotel and open public space. There will also be increased and improved access routes from the surrounding area and space to accommodate around 3,000 workers wanting to rent office space London.

Preserving the heritage of the area is also an important focus for the company. David Camp, the chief executive of Stanhope Plc, said of the newly developed site: “Stanhope is working in partnership with the BBC to deliver a publicly accessible mixed use remodelling of these iconic buildings and redevelopment of the adjoining land. The BBC will continue to have a significant presence at Television Centre and we will be bringing new life into the site with new public routes, spaces and uses. We will be introducing a vibrant and exciting mix of new retail, leisure, office and residential uses whilst keeping and enhancing the famous original BBC buildings and retaining key operational BBC studio and office facilities on site. Television Centre will be a great place to live, work and visit.”

Stanhope Plc’s website also states that some offices would be: “aimed at occupiers in the creative sector providing new employment opportunities”, which is a great way of preserving the iconic building’s legacy.

Some studios at the Grade II-listed building at Wood Lane will also remain, with studios 1, 2 and 3 being refitted and used for television broadcasts, including some of the BBC’s most popular programmes, such as Strictly Come Dancing. The rest of the listed building is what will become the hotel and apartments, while other parts of the site will be completely redeveloped, with Stanhope planning to bulldoze some of the older and more rundown parts of the area, where they plan to build the offices, shops, flats, health club and hotel to benefit the local community.


Budgeting Start-Up Costs for a New Business

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More and more people are turning towards starting their own businesses, often as a result of redundancy and the difficulties of finding another job in an increasingly difficult job market. One of the main stumbling blocks new entrepreneurs come across is a lack of funding or start-up cash needed to get off the ground. All businesses need a certain level of cash to start. In fact, there are various financial draws on a new business, including promotional and marketing activities, purchasing supplies and insurance, to name but a few.

One thing many new businesses also have to allow capital for is business premises. Traditional leases for office space require a hefty deposit and commitment to a lease of several years, which can be daunting for any new business. While you wouldn’t start a business unless you believed in your product or service, you also can’t know for sure how the future will pan out, particularly in today’s current economic climate, which is showing no signs of improving either.

A great way of managing your start-up costs is by looking at serviced offices in business centres for your premises. Found all around the country, from commercial property Bristol to office space Leeds, there are two primary advantages of serviced offices for start-up businesses. Firstly, the leases are much shorter and more flexible, with an average lease of under a year. This makes the prospect of committing yourself to a leased office when you don’t know how the market will take your business much less scary. What’s more, leases of serviced offices are generally flexible, so you can increase or decrease the amount of space you rent as your business requirements change. This saves you from having to gamble at taking on (and paying for) a larger space when you first start, with the hope of needing that extra room for additional staff as your business takes off.

The second biggest advantage of a serviced office is that you only have one monthly bill encompassing all of the costs associated with having and running your office. This makes it much easier to budget, which is especially important for a new business. The amount of start-up capital needed to get going is also much less, with furniture and furnishings also being included in the price of the office. So, while you’ll still have the initial outlay for things like trade insurance and promotional materials, you will have cut other start-up costs significantly.

One of the biggest outlays a business faces after premises is staffing costs. Therefore, while you’re getting going, you should try and do as much of the work yourself as possible. Not only does this save you money, but it also gives you a really good grounding in all the different aspects of your business and will help you to develop skills you might not have known you had or been that confident about. Dealing with everything yourself will also save you time when it comes to decision making because you won’t have to discuss with other people.



Choosing to rent office space in Edinburgh

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Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is the second largest city in Scotland and the eighth largest in the United Kingdom based on population number. The city is a huge magnet for tourists who swell the population considerably especially throughout the summer months. Many businesses choose to rent office space in the city.

August in particular is popular with visitors who come to see the annual Edinburgh Festival. Other attractions occurring throughout August include the Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Festival, the Edinburgh International Book Festival and the Military Tattoo. During August the population of Edinburgh is practically doubled and the city is a melting pot for cultures and tastes.

Edinburgh transportation choices

Tenants with serviced offices in Edinburgh have a wide variety of options at their disposal. Edinburgh airport is in close proximity to the city centre and there are numerous train and bus services ensuring a quick connection to all parts of the city and beyond.

Edinburgh by air

Edinburgh Airport is the busiest in Scotland and provides access for over nine million people annually. It is located just eight miles or 12.8 kilometres from the city centre. Renting office space in Edinburgh allows you swift and easy access to all corners of the globe via the conveniently located airport.

Edinburgh by rail

Businesses with offices in Edinburgh benefit from the capital’s main overground train station known as Waverley. This station is centrally situated and it serves just over 14 million passengers annually and is only beaten by Glasgow Central as the busiest station in Scotland. Waverley affords access to all parts of the United Kingdom, such as Bristol, London, Leeds and Birmingham, as well as locally to Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

Edinburgh by bus

Lothian Buses operate most of the buses in the city centre routes of Edinburgh and to the suburbs, with most of the routes running via Princes Street. People wishing to travel further afield use Edinburgh Bus Station situated just off St. Andrew Square.

Why choose serviced offices in Edinburgh?

Apart from the cultural charms and excellent transportation links, there are other reasons to locate your business in Edinburgh. There is a good choice of serviced offices to rent in the city. These offices allow businesses the flexibility to react to changing fortunes quickly. They can be viewed as short term solutions since they can be rented almost immediately owing to the fact that they come fully fitted and furnished, so all you have to do is move in. Equally, if the arrangement suits you then it is possible to renew the short term arrangement so that it becomes a long term relationship but always with the option to terminate upon giving short notice.

As the offices are fitted out you do not need to make a major capital outlay in setting up the offices and also you do not lose precious time in doing so. Serviced offices are an ideal turn-key solution to get your business up and running.

At Abacus Real Estate, we have the expertise to find suitable serviced offices in Edinburgh.


The allure of serviced offices

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Whether you are looking to rent office space in Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, London or Birmingham, the same considerations arise. Location and office type are of paramount consideration.

Affordability of serviced offices

London office space is available in many areas of the capital. No one really wants to rent office space in a run down suburb but the prospect of renting office space in a prestigious and trendy area remains a dream for many business owners. However it would be a mistake to write off locating your office premises in Mayfair.

By choosing a certain type of office accommodation even small business owners can afford to locate their offices in a high end location usually reserved for the wealthy.

Serviced offices unlock access to prestigious locations

The benefit of serviced offices is that they are configured in such a way which means they are accessible by many business owners. Accessibility does not mean that quality is compromised. On the contrary, serviced office space in Victoria is situated in the highly prestigious location of Stag Place and comprises high spec reception areas with bright tasteful décor and a feeling of plush quality. Due to the nature of serviced offices they can be rented for a very affordable price.

Most serviced offices have a bright and luxurious appeal with attractive fully staffed reception areas. An on-site security guard adds to the secure and professional feeling as your clients wait in the comfortable seating area. The reception staff are fully trained and help to promote the professionalism of the offices.

By sharing office accommodation, the costs can be split between the tenants making it an affordable option. Serviced offices also provide an instant solution to any accommodation problems since they are available on just a few days’ notice. As they are provided fully fitted and furnished, there are no set up costs and you are free to commence running your business upon taking occupation.

What is included?

Irrespective of whether you rent office space in Edinburgh or Leeds, the same expenses and outgoings are normally covered. One fixed monthly rental payment allows you to plan for the future and includes the following:

• Buildings insurance
• Regular cleaning outside of office hours
• Staffed reception area
• On site security
• IT infrastructure and telephony services
• Use of communal facilities, e.g. bathroom, kitchen
• Utility bills
• Business rates
• Dilapidations
• Furniture
• Fit out

Short term myth of serviced offices

Serviced offices are usually associated with temporary short term office moves. This is a myth and serviced offices often become long term solutions. Their flexibility means that business tenants continue to renew their short term occupancy turning the arrangement into a long term one. In these uncertain economic times, the ability to be flexible and move to different sized offices at short notice is very important. Serviced offices can often be vacated on giving just a few weeks notice.

At Abacus Real Estate, we have the expertise to assist you in your search for the most suitable office premises in your chosen location.


Bristol office space could be just what your business needs

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Bristol is a mecca for investment and has a highly cosmopolitan and integrated society. It is the eighth largest city in England and is strategically placed as the gateway to the south west and Wales. When measured by GDP per head, the city has the second strongest economy outside the capital. As such it is a magnet for business entrepreneurs seeking office space, whether starting out or an established business relocating. Its desirability is enhanced by the quality of office accommodation available.

Why rent office space in Bristol?

Bristol has a stable population of around 433,100 and is surrounded by a Larger Urban Zone with approximately 1,070,000 residents. Bristol has good green eco credentials, being the sole UK city to be short listed for the first European Green Capital award. Forum for the Future undertook an independent assessment in which Bristol was acknowledged as the UK’s Most Sustainable City. Not content with these prestigious awards, Bristol was named European City of the Year by the Academy of Urbanism which was comprised of notable architects, engineers, designers and planners.

Bristol has an assortment of green spaces and stands on the edge of some spectacular scenery including the Clifton suspension bridge, Cheddar gorge, the Wookey Hole caves and the Gower peninsula. The architecturally impressive city of Bath is a short drive and is an ideal place to take your clients for a day of relaxation and culture. Bristol itself has over 450 parks and areas of green space which for its size means it is the greenest city in England.

Transportation considerations when renting office space in Bristol

Road links from Bristol to the rest of the country are excellent with motorways leading off in all directions. The M4 links Bristol to the capital and the M5 dissects the outskirts of Bristol with northbound links to Birmingham and the north and southbound links to Taunton and Exeter. The M4 continues westwards into Wales and there are now two bridges just outside Bristol over which you can enter Wales giving drivers an option if one bridge is closed.

Bristol is a major train hub with Bristol Temple Meads being the largest railway in the western part of England. Bristol International Airport is easily accessible just to the south of the city with numerous services to most of Europe and other parts of the UK.

Serviced Offices in Bristol

Most business owners want their office set-up to be swift and convenient enabling them to concentrate on other aspects of their business. Serviced offices are an ideal solution since they come fully fitted and furnished and can be occupied on very little notice. The simplicity does not end there as most of your expenses and outgoings are covered in one monthly rental payment. One payment covers use of office furniture, buildings insurance, utilities, service charges, security, business rates and staffed reception area.

At Abacus Real Estate we can advise you on your office needs and assist in your search for office space in Bristol.


Renting Victoria office space

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Choosing to rent office space in Victoria could be a wise decision. Victoria is a commercial area within the City of Westminster and houses one of the busiest transportation networks in the capital consisting of Victoria railway, London underground and a huge coach station.

Victoria is home to some of the most famous landmarks in London with Westminster cathedral just a stone’s throw from the underground station. Further along are Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. Victoria also boasts many chic hotels and international restaurants where your clients will not fail to be impressed with the variety and quality of entertainment on offer. The famous Apollo theatre is in the heart of Victoria and produces major musicals and hosts world class comedy shows.

Why choose serviced offices?

Renting traditional office space in Victoria is costly as the tenant has to fit out the offices and put in all the usual office equipment in addition to paying the usual expenses on top. The convenience of serviced offices in Victoria is that the offices are already fitted out so saving you time and money. One monthly payment includes most of your outgoings such as:

• Business rates
• Buildings insurance
• Daily cleaning
• Staffed reception
• Service charges
• On site security
• Use of kitchen
• Utilities, including telephony and broadband
• Facilities Management

Many serviced offices are situated just off Victoria Street in a variety of buildings ranging from modern purpose built ones to conversions. Stag Place is particularly popular for serviced offices and is well situated for Victoria station and its transportation links.

Built in flexibility of serviced offices

Traditional offices by their very nature require time and money to fit them out and are meant to be a long-term commitment. Although this gives a business some security, it does not provide flexibility. In tough economic times most businesses prefer to be in a fluid state where they are not locked in and can adapt and adjust easily to new market trends. Traditional offices are regulated by complicated leases which have burdensome obligations on the tenant. If a tenant wishes to make an early exit from a 15 year lease, he will normally have to pay a premium to break the term. This is additional expenditure which could easily be spent on another part of the business.

Adaptability of serviced offices

Serviced offices are governed by straightforward licences since the landlord is responsible for the maintenance of the entire premises. Renting serviced offices in Victoria will give you the flexibility to either take on additional space or reduce it depending on your business needs. Sometimes, businesses have to relocate to Victoria to be near their clients for a one-off project lasting just a few weeks, and serviced offices are an ideal solution. They can be rented on a weekly or monthly basis, and as they are a turn-key operation they are available at short notice.

At Abacus Real Estate, we offer a fully tailored and comprehensive service to help you find your ideal Victoria office space.


Serviced offices in the heart of England

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Birmingham is Britain’s second-largest city and is a major commercial centre with the 72nd largest economy in the world. As such it is little wonder that Birmingham is sought after as a place from which to operate your business by renting serviced offices.

Cultural attractions

It has three universities and two university colleges making it one of the most esteemed centres of academic excellence outside of London. It is a cultural magnet in the midlands with the Birmingham Royal Ballet and City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra all within the city limits. Entertaining clients is all part of the business and by renting office space in Birmingham,you will have no shortage of high end restaurants, bars and hotels in which to impress clients. Other attractions on offer include the Birmingham NEC, Bullring shopping centre and the Thinktank science museum, which will stimulate and impress your clients.


Accessing serviced offices in Birmingham is made easy by the wide variety of public transport. Trains, buses, trams, and airports are all in abundance making Birmingham an ideal location in which to rent office space.

Tenants of office space in Birmingham have easy access courtesy of three mainline train stations. The main hub is Birmingham New Street which is the busiest outside of London, with just over 40 million people passing through each year. Birmingham Snow Hill station is the second busiest in Birmingham based in the city centre. This station is the terminus for the Midland Metro and connects to Wolverhampton with additional links to Wednesbury and West Bromwich. The third station is Birmingham Moor Street and provides express direct transportation to London Marylebone.

Access office space in Birmingham by bus

If you wish to use the bus, Birmingham will not disappoint. National Express Midlands has a monopoly on most routes and the number 11 outer circle bus route is one of the longest routes in Europe. The entire link covers about 26 miles with 272 bus stops en route.

Birmingham by Tram

Trams are a quaint addition to any city and the Birmingham Midland Metro tram has routes from Birmingham to Wolverhampton. Annually, the tram system carries some five million passengers.

Access by car

No matter how good the public transport system is, some people still prefer to travel by car. The road system around Birmingham is well served and the famous Spaghetti Junction is a renowned convergence for vehicles. Several motorways have links to Birmingham including the M5, M6 and M42 so you can easily access the city from every direction. It may not be eco-friendly but some clients will visit Birmingham by car, so easily accessible roads will be an advantage when choosing to rent office space in Birmingham.

Should you decide to locate your business in the midlands, you should consider Birmingham. Its cultural attractions, excellent bars and restaurants, and first rate shopping are a big draw when considering renting office space. If you are keen to rent serviced offices in Birmingham, contact Abacus Real Estate, where we possess the experience to help you put your business in the best location.


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