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Serviced offices in Bristol

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If you are about to start up a business, you will have to give thought to its location. Once you have decided on a city, the precise site for your office space is important.

Bristol as an office base

Many businesses seeking a south west location are drawn towards Bristol. It is not hard to see why. Bristol is in an ideal place to connect with the extreme south west such as Exeter, the Midlands such as Birmingham and is a gateway to Wales. It is also well situated for connection to London whilst Heathrow and Gatwick are within easy reach. Bristol is also blessed with its own airport to the south, with frequent connections to European and British cities. Bristol has a long tradition of being at the forefront of innovation – Brunel built the famous suspension bridge and the city is a centre for technological advancement.

Options for Bristol office space

Having decided on renting office space in Bristol, you have options on the type of space to rent. Traditional offices are usually let on a long term basis which involves a major commitment both in terms of time and money. Occupation of these offices is governed by a lease usually with full repairing obligations. The space is usually empty, meaning that the new occupier has to fit out the offices and put in essential infrastructure. This can take time which would be better devoted to running other aspects of your business.

The real problem is that traditional offices are not particularly flexible. If you want to locate your business elsewhere or take on additional space, traditional offices are rigid. A lease often has a break clause which can be triggered only after giving several months notice and on payment of a substantial premium.

In today’s economic climate, the ability to alter your business whether it is downsizing or relocating on a temporary basis is important. Serviced offices give you the flexibility you are seeking. They are meant to be a short term solution but in fact many become long term arrangements as they can be easily renewed.

Advantages of serviced offices

The main advantage of serviced offices in Bristol lies in the cost of one monthly rental payment which includes a variety of expenses and outgoings. The monthly rental normally includes:

• Buildings insurance
• Furniture and fitments
• Power, electricity bills
• Daily cleaning
• Staffed reception area
• Service charges
• Phone systems and handsets
• Cabling and Broadband
• Printers and copiers
• Use of shared kitchen

As serviced offices are already fitted out they are ready for occupation on a few days notice. Businesses can start operating from them immediately and many are set in prestigious locations which would be unaffordable if renting traditional offices. The bright and modern decor associated with serviced offices means that any clients will have a favourable impression when entering the pristine reception area.

At Abacus Real Estate, we have the experience and expertise to take care of your office needs in Bristol.


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