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Benefits of Managed Offices

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Your choice of office will say a lot about your business. After all, if you operate in rundown and dirty premises you cannot expect to impress potential clients. That is why so many start-ups are increasingly turning towards business centres to base their new companies in. Such centres typically offer full services which include everything that you need to run a business. Indeed, there are a huge number of advantages which come from working in serviced offices.

First of all, most serviced offices offer a degree of flexibility which does not come with traditionally signed leases. When you are starting out in business nothing is certain, which is why it is unadvisable to get drawn into a long lease which is difficult to get out of. Successful businesses are constantly growing and expanding, so it is unrealistic to expect your office space in London needs to be the same in ten years’ time as they are now. Serviced offices recognise that the needs of a company can change very rapidly, and thus allow flexible leases which can be altered without incurring any major buy out fees. This is increasingly important in the international economy as businesses that want to stay ahead of the game need to be able to adapt to different market conditions very quickly indeed.

Serviced offices in London can also include benefits such as fixed rental prices. All inclusive services can include everything from office furniture, to 24-hour security, and kitchen refreshment facilities. Signing a lease which has a fixed rental price means that businesses can accurately calculate their financial accounts every month as they know exactly how much money they will be spending on rent. As such, this should help reduce the risks of encountering any major cash flow problems.

Many serviced offices offer extra facilities such as meeting room hire and communal staff areas. Meeting rooms can look great when meeting with new clients. Working in a serviced office which is fronted by a professional receptionist can also increase the trustworthiness and professionalism quota that your business projects. For people who lack confidence when it comes to working with computers, serviced offices can be the answer. Having an inbuilt IT infrastructure means that there is no need to worry if things break down or go wrong, as the office administrators will have their own IT support team to repair any problems.

Working in serviced offices also gives businesses the chance to interact with other companies that work in the same location. This can prove invaluable when you are first starting out in business because you never know when a new contact may be of use. Networking is a major part of business growth, and it is well worth knowing people who are experts in different fields of work.  What is more, managed offices do not have to be a temporary solution. Many long established businesses prefer to work in serviced offices because it removes the stress of owning a building and allows them to concentrate on more important things instead.


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