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How to Choose a New Office

Posted by admin on October 22, 2012 at 10:52 am. Filed under: offices to let

When you are starting a new company and are looking for the perfect office location, it can take a long time to find the perfect premises. After all, when you are looking for office space to rent, a number of different factors will come into play depending on the type of business that you run.  No matter whether you are looking for London office space or Manchester office space, there are a number of considerations that every business should take into account.

First of all, one person’s idea of a perfect office can be another person’s nightmare. There is no such thing as a perfect office space which will appeal to everyone. However, there are a few criteria that most businesses require to be fulfilled before they sign up to a lease. Areas such as the size of an office and how many people it can comfortably hold, additional services, and lease conditions, should all be considered before signing up to a lease. An office is often the first place that many businesses may meet their clients for a first time, so it is important to find somewhere that reflects the character and professionalism of a company.

When it comes to deciding on the size of office you need, it is important to take into account the number of employees that are going to work on the premises. If you run a business single handedly you are obviously going to need a lot less space than a business which employs over 50 people. Generally speaking, the more space that you can offer to your employees, the more work satisfaction they will receive. Always remember that happy employees generate higher productivity results than their unhappy counterparts. In a packed call centre, employees can generally expect to operate in a space comprising of as little as six square metres. However, a firm which offers consultations in person may require something closer to 12 square metres per employee instead.

Hot desking can be an ideal way of making the most of your office space, especially if you run a large company. It is important to choose premises which allow you to make the most of the space on offer. Any company that may have disabled employees or expect disabled visitors may need to look at how accessible a building is. If your offices are located on the third floor, do clients have to walk up three flights of stairs, or is there a lift for them to take? Many companies require the use of a large meeting room where they can brief staff and entertain important clients. Making a list of all the things that you expect an office to provide can be very useful when looking round potential premises.

Most of all make sure that you will be able to afford the rent. There is no point in splashing out on a really flash office if the rent is going to ruin your business. Use common sense and compromise to find your perfect office space.


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