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What are the workspace options available for new and small business owners?

Posted by admin on December 27, 2013 at 9:54 am. Filed under: office space

If you’re a new business owner you’ll already have had to make lots of decisions to get your venture off the ground. If your business is still in its infancy, or still in the planning stages, then one such decision that you’ll need to make is that of the dedicated workspace.

Many new businesses are small in size and have financial limitations to match. The current economic climate has put an increased amount of pressure on start-ups, making every decision an important one – and that certainly includes where you operate your business from.

If your business requires an office, you’ll need to think about what you need from your office space in order to ensure that your business is given every chance to succeed. There are a number of office options for small businesses, which include:

1- The home office
If you are running on a very tight budget then working from home can be a great solution – in fact many flourishing businesses began life on the kitchen table! To operate without restriction from home you’ll need to be comfortable conducting your business with just a computer, a phone and an Internet connection.

2 – The virtual office
The next step up is to take your home office set up and give it a little upgrade using a few innovations. You already may be using voicemail, video conferencing software and a laptop to enable you to conduct meetings away from your home. But there are other upgrades available that could help your business with regards to its professional appearance. These include a remote receptionist and a mail-receiving agency.

3 – The workstation
Your business may currently be suitable to be run from home but your home may not be a suitable place for your business! Perhaps you have young children at home during the day or just lack the space for a dedicated office within your house? A possible solution could be to rent a workstation in an existing office, where your weekly or monthly payment should include phone and Internet costs, and potentially other services too. This could be a good option while you consider taking on a rented office space.

4 – The serviced office
If your business is more than a one-man operation then it’s likely that you’ll need to look for an office space to rent. However, the idea of renting an office and equipping it with furniture, computers and other necessities can be daunting. Perhaps you just aren’t comfortable signing a long-term contract with you business still in its early stages?

The solution is to look for serviced offices within an existing business centre. A serviced office comes fully fitted and furnished and you won’t have to worry about business rates and energy bills or the security or cleaning of the office. Business services, such as receptionists, broadband and telephone, meeting rooms and video conferencing will also be available. Another other significant advantage of serviced or managed offices is that you’ll often be able to sign a short-term lease initially, rather than needing to commit to several years from the outset.


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