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BMG using exciting new workspace

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Firms are continually pushing the boundaries when it comes to office space. Thanks to developments in technology and interior design, as well as shifting working habits, organisations are creating increasingly divergent and interesting spaces.

Of course, if you’re on the lookout for a new base for your organisation, you don’t have to go to the effort of designing it yourself. Instead, you can simply find serviced offices Birmingham or elsewhere that tick all your boxes from the outset. This means all you have to do is move in and start working. Nothing could be easier.

BMG case study

One organisation that’s well aware of the importance of effective office design is BMG. The international group of music companies, which trades under BMG Chrysalis in the UK, the US and Sweden, has transformed a premises in Wigmore Street, London.

Writing on Financial Director, the firm’s Mark Ranyard noted that it needed a new office after BMG bought Chrysalis in February 2011. The building chosen was Grade II listed and it had housed one of the UK’s first department stores.

An exciting and creative workspace

Mr Raynard noted that managers had clear objectives when transforming the working space. About this, he said: “Having found the right space, we needed someone to turn it into something we could use. The brief was to maintain a clear BMG corporate identity, while also making it an exciting creative workspace.”

He also stated: “Our office is more than a space – it has been integral to the company’s development, both reflecting our culture and engaging our people.”

Delivered on every level

Mr Raynard went on to remark: “We decided the process of creating the new office should embody the collaborative new BMG Chrysalis culture we were trying to create.” He added: “In a series of project meetings, we thrashed it all out. I am glad to say that what we ended up with has delivered on every level.”

Open plan and lots of glass

In terms of design, the office is open plan and it features plenty of glass, Mr Raynard pointed out.

Offering extra detail, he commented: “Where individual offices are essential – for example for the artists and repertoire team which scouts and works with artists – we have given people leeway to design their own space, with the only rule being that desks have to be the standard white. Naturally, music is everywhere, playing at the reception and represented in disc form on the ceiling – and there is music memorabilia and decorations.”

At the rear of the office there’s a design-led breakout area with Wi-Fi, a bar, table football and relaxed furniture. Meanwhile, the overall colour scheme is grey and red, which reflects BMG’s corporate livery.

The easy solution

If you’re on the hunt for office space Leeds or elsewhere that’s ready to move into, just take a look around our website. You won’t be disappointed by the level of choice on offer and you should be able to find premises that meet all of your requirements.



Why Relocate Your Office to Birmingham?

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Businesses, no matter how large or small, can benefit from being based in a city that is vibrant, well-connected and contains a well-educated and dedicated workforce. Birmingham is one such city. The UK’s second city is a great place to base your business, benefiting from an excellent location, a well-developed transport infrastructure and a wide range of amenities. With a huge number of highly successful businesses choosing to base themselves in Birmingham, now is a great time to relocate to the city. Here are some reasons why you should consider moving to Birmingham office space:

Excellent Transport Links

In recent years, Birmingham has seen huge investment in its transport links. This has made Birmingham office space highly desirable. Birmingham New Street station, one of the busiest rail hubs in the UK outside London, has benefited from significant investment. It is now easier than ever for business travellers to journey between Birmingham and London. Birmingham international airport has also been improved in recent years. Its runway has been extended, and it’s now possible to travel to more locations, in the UK and internationally, than ever before. Birmingham can also quickly and easily be reached by road from almost anywhere in Britain. It also has one of the most comprehensive bus and coach networks in the country. Its sophisticated range of transport links makes Birmingham a great place to base your business.

Ideal for Meetings and Conferences

Birmingham is the ideal city to hold your company’s meetings and conferences. Not only is it conveniently located for travel, there are also a huge number of first-rate conference facilities. Business people from all over the world have visited major conferences in Birmingham. This has raised the profile of the city as a foremost business hub. Hosting a conference in an important city like Birmingham is a great way to get national and international recognition for your business, as well as giving you an opportunity to network with the world’s most eminent business people.

A Great Place to Recruit

Employers in Birmingham have access to a wide, highly-educated talent pool. The city of Birmingham contains 3 world-class universities, including the University of Birmingham, ranked in the top 100 universities in the world. There are many educational establishments in the surrounding areas. When you base your office space in Birmingham, you can be confident that you’ll recruit a highly-skilled and dedicated workforce to do your business justice.

Committed to the Environment

For the majority of businesses nowadays, a green agenda is a top priority. Birmingham, once a city noted for heavy industry, is now a city committed to the environment. Many areas of the city have been commended for their efficiency. The city itself also has a great record in recycling and cutting carbon emissions. Office space to rent in Birmingham is likely to have been designed with the environment in mind. This is an important thing to consider if you’re concerned about your business’ green credentials.


Commercial Property Across The UK And The World

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At Abacus we have a long history of providing award winning office space to the commercial sector. This naturally comes with a wealth of knowledge and information that we can pass onto you so that you can make the best decisions regarding commercial property. Aside from our many options in London, we also have commercial spaces around the country including Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast as well as office space around the world, all for fantastic prices. Because of our extensive network of properties, we are the go-to people for the best rates and options, regardless of whether you are expanding throughout the United Kingdom or even the world. We have offerings on every continent including Australia, China, Russia, North and South America and South Africa. Because of the current economic climate around the world an investment in serviced office rental can prove to be very cost effective indeed. Many people claim that the property market is really suffering, but for those looking to invest many prices couldn’t get any cheaper.

Most notably, our network spreads throughout the United Kingdom and we can offer many exciting opportunities for commercial property Bristol. This large city is emerging as one of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom and its naturally attracting a lot of attention. Interest in Bristol is increasing making now a prime time to get the best prices on a commercial base there. If you are wondering which city in the UK would prove to be the most lucrative then Bristol surely must be one of the best options. We have multiple Grade A fully furnished offices in the centre of Bristol with ample parking as well. Depending on your requirements, you could go for a Grade II listed building which could play host to many business meetings while leaving a lasting impression of your company. Each office is kept in immaculate condition with all of the modern amenities that are required by a functioning business. As is a rarity for inner city centres, some of our Bristol properties even offer garden areas which can generally enhance employee well being.

Providing a Northern alternative to Bristol is Liverpool. Liverpool has benefitted from a lot of investment over the past decade and is turning into a modern business city. Of particular note is the Exchange Flags property located in the city’s business district. This uniquely memorable building is Grade II listed and is within the World Heritage Site and offers many perks including parking, firewall protection, as well as many meeting rooms. With Liverpool John Lennon Airport close by and both of the M62 and M53 transport to this prime location should not prove to be an issue. Liverpool Lime Street railway station also provides links with London Euston.

Liverpool office space is of a uniquely high quality and properties can be accessed from between £200 – £500 per person per month. We have both inner city locations and ones extending to the outskirts creating opportunities that are really tailored to your demands.


Take Advantage Of A Growing Manchester

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Manchester is continuing to grow at an exponential rate. Over the past 2 decades the entire face and image of the city centre has been updated from the old sooted red brickwork of an northern industrial town to a beacon of commerce that is attractive and friendly to business people from all over the world. With Manchester Airport and vital train links to the rest of the United Kingdom, the city is also very well connected and with many of the BBC’s operations moving to Salford, the city is looking more and more like an attractive option to many. One of the greatest reasons that we can think of to invest in Manchester office space is because of the significant savings that can be made on Grade A business centres. At a general rate of £375 per person per month, you will have a first class base that includes everything from security, secretaries, receptionists, maintenance, all heating and lighting bills as well as a fully furbished cutting edge office that is capable of hosting conferences both face-to-face and video. A super-fast Internet also comes as standard making this package very attractive indeed. By moving to Manchester from London, you could effectively halve your outgoings on office costs.

We have many quality buildings in various locations around Manchester and all of them are easily accessible. Among the many decisions for you to make is whether location is key. Being in the city centre can bring many advantages that a prime location offers, but it can also bring the usual city problems of traffic congestion although Manchester’s tram service is a fast, clean and efficient alternative. It may well be that you are wanting a business centre that boasts an impressive design and Manchester will certainly not let you down. Albion Street in Manchester is home to some Grade II listed buildings that are available for office rent. Many of these offices have very impressive meeting halls as well as top class architecture throughout. Image and impact can be greatly increased by setting your operations in a place like this.

Alternatively, we also have many more modern alternatives such as the Exchange Quay which recently benefitted from a £2 million refurbishment to create a fully air conditioned centre that provides all of the modern amenities a business could ever want. Among the biggest reasons to invest in a building like this is that it is particularly well connected via the tram or by road and offers ample parking space, which many other offices may struggle to accommodate.

There has never been a better time to invest in Manchester offices, particularly if you are sure that your business will eventually expand to this region. With increasing growth and competition prices may naturally increase in this highly desirable city that boasts many of the country’s biggest attractions. With the M6 easily accessible, living in the surrounding area is also made a much more convenient option.

It is always important to look at our site to check our current rates.


No need to suffer the drawbacks of conventional offices

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If you are on the lookout for new premises from which to base your organisation, or need to invest in satellite offices, you will no doubt be keen to benefit from the best solutions around. After all, you will be spending your hard-earned money on the provisions and it is crucial that they meet all your practical criteria.

Among the working environments that you may have considered are conventional offices. However, before you go ahead and enter into an agreement concerning such a facility, it is important you think through all the repercussions. After all, there are a number of disadvantages associated with these premises.

For example, they generally come with long-term leases, tying your organisation into major commitments that you might not be able to uphold. For example, you might need to up or down-scale before the lease has run out, or move to a different location.

Meanwhile, these spaces tend to be shells comprising little more than walls and basic utilities. This means that to get them up and running, you may need to invest lots of money and effort.

Bearing these points in mind, you might be well advised to consider serviced offices instead. These are more flexible because their leases tend to be much shorter. This gives you greater manoeuvrability.

Also, when you take over such premises, they are fully equipped and ready to go, saving you time and hassle.

These days, there are many serviced offices available, meaning there is no need to endure the inconvenience associated with more traditional set-ups. Whether you want office space in Manchester, commercial property in Bristol or premises elsewhere, you should not struggle to get what you are after.


See How You Can Save Money With a Serviced Office

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Just one of the many advantages of having a serviced office space in London is the simplicity of having just one price to pay for everything. Where traditional offices would have separate charges for rent, rates, taxes, maintenance and bills, plus having to buy furniture and equipment, serviced offices include everything all in one charge. As well as all of the standard charges, you will also get heating, air conditioning, security and cleaning as part of the same package, not only saving you those extra bills to pay, but also the hassle of organising these services as well.

There are other services which you will also be able to benefit from, which for some businesses can prove invaluable. These include having a full time receptionist who can direct your calls and take messages, and also welcome your customers or visitors. If you think about how much  you would have to pay someone to fulfil this role over the year, you can see straightaway how much you are saving by having it included as part of your package.

For all of this, an average grade A central London office space costs you just £600 per person per month. Considering that your serviced office will also be at a prestigious address in the centre of London, it is unlikely that you’ll find an office on a traditional lease for that price when you factor in all those extras. Plus, you’ll be paying to have the hassle of several different people to pay and organising your finances to accommodate this!


Smart Offices for Smart Prices

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The term ‘serviced office’ brings to mind images of modern, well-furnished offices in out-of-town business centres or smart city centre buildings. You may be mistaken, then, for thinking that these come with a hefty price tag. After all, being able to run your business from a great location with all the added benefits of a fixed monthly charge with no hidden extras should cost a lot, particularly when you take into account that you can move in straightaway, without having to wait for essential services such as Internet and phone to be installed. The fact is, though, that serviced offices can often work out as more cost effective than an office on a lengthy conventional lease, because you have the flexibility of being able to leave or change your space requirements without having to wait for a lease of several years to be complete or having to pay high administrative costs.

Whether you need to find commercial property in Bristol or offices to let in Birmingham, we have over 1,000 listings for serviced offices in the UK, as well as thousands more in other major cities around the world. Small, medium and large businesses alike benefit from the advantages of serviced offices. Large businesses in particular are now choosing to house all or part of their business in a serviced office because of the flexibility of options it offers, opening a new or temporary branch of a company being one such example of how a large company can use a serviced office to their advantage.