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Are industry-specific managed offices better for business?

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Start-up businesses often struggle with one problem that perhaps they didn’t think about when they came up with their ‘big idea’ – business isolation. The reason that many small businesses are choosing to locate in managed offices isn’t just for the plethora of logistical advantages, but also to ensure that they don’t end up feeling isolated through a lack of human contact, which can be a problem for home-based entrepreneurs. That isolation can quickly drain the enthusiasm out of a businessman or woman, resulting in the failure of the enterprise.

But taking the idea a step further, it now seems that industry-specific office space for start-ups is really starting to take hold, spurred on by the success of Manchester’s creative hub, MediaCityUK. Alongside such luminaries as the BBC and ITV, it’s also home to a raft of creative types, ranging from app developers (which represent a disproportionately high 12% of the businesses) and webmasters through to animators, PR and film and TV production. So does it pay to have your friends close, and your (business) enemies even closer?

Industry-centric managed offices

It seems so, and MediaCityUK is just one example of more industry-centric managed offices. Head out to Cambridgeshire and you’ll encounter the wonderfully named ‘Silicon Fen’, full to the rafters with technology companies pushing the boundaries of next generation computing.

What these industry-centric complexes represent is an opportunity for start-ups to network with their neighbours and learn from more established companies within the same environment. Monthly meetings and business clubs encourage this networking, and particularly for any creative industry involved in digital media, the opportunities are really too good to be missed.

Those involved in managed offices think that we’ll start to see a trend developing, where industry-centric complexes become even more popular than the more generic office spaces available at the moment. This could have a number of benefits, not only for the businesses who take up residence, but for the local economy too. Expect this trend to continue in 2014.


Getting Your First Business Premises

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Many small businesses start life based at the kitchen table or from the box room. Working at home has its advantages – saved costs and no commute to name a couple – but it can also have major drawbacks. It can be hard to stay motivated when there are household distractions, particularly when the children come home or the phone’s ringing off the hook with personal calls. If you need to meet clients, your living room doesn’t scream ‘professional businessperson’ either, so you may even be holding yourself back by not finding your own business premises.

Yet signing the lease for your own office space to rent can be scary. At least if you have already spent some time running your business from home, you will have had the chance to make some profit which you can put towards the running costs of your new office, as well as establishing how well your business is doing in the current marketplace.

Accommodation and labour are two of the biggest financial drains on a business, yet both are usually necessary to ensure its success and growth. Consequently, you should spend some time to research different locations and think about how much space you might need before you sign up for anything. Remember that an empty property always looks bigger than it would with furniture in, and a crowded office is no good for your staff or your customers’ morale.

Location can be one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing your office space. There’s no point choosing prestigious office space in Victoria if you are targeting clients on lower incomes, and likewise city centre Birmingham office space may cause problems if your staff and your clients are all coming by car and would prefer free car parking and less traffic jams over access to public transport. Location will also usually affect costs, so consider what your most important priority is and then go with that.

Expansion has to be a consideration for any and every business. Already if you’re moving from your kitchen to your first office you have been able to expand, so you need to consider if that growth is likely to continue. Serviced offices offer short-term leases and a great amount of flexibility, which make them ideal for first business premises. You won’t have to commit yourself to too much, but at the same time you’ll have the opportunity to allow your office to grow as your business does.

For your first office, you also most probably won’t have any furniture to put into it. Rather than spending all the profit you’ve made so far on some smart-looking desks and office chairs, with a serviced office you’ll have a fully furnished workspace which you can move straight into, so you won’t have an unnecessarily large initial payout to contend with.

Serviced offices make a great option for first business premises, although many established businesses are also choosing them because they are much more suited to the current economic climate.


BBC Television Centre Redevelopment to Create Office Space for 3,000 Creative Workers

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BBC Television Centre, where such iconic programmes as Blue Peter, Dad’s Army, Doctor Who, Top of the Pops and Absolutely Fabulous were created and recorded, closed its doors after 53 years in March of this year. The 14-acre site, with an original design supposedly inspired by a question mark scribbled on an envelope, sold for £200 million last year, with plans to redevelop the area into flats, a hotel, a cinema and office space. Unlike other serviced office space London, however, according to architects Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM), the new offices will be designed specifically for those working in the creative sector.

The BBC aren’t disappearing completely from their original site either. Their commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, will continue to hold and run offices at the site, and BBC Studios and Post Production will also continue to use office space, meaning that the BBC will use around 20% of the new site. The aim is that other creative and media companies will then be drawn to the area because of the BBC’s continued presence and will rent the new office space created.

Stanhope Plc are developing the site with a £500 million development scheme, and are looking to create 1,000 homes, alongside a boutique hotel and open public space. There will also be increased and improved access routes from the surrounding area and space to accommodate around 3,000 workers wanting to rent office space London.

Preserving the heritage of the area is also an important focus for the company. David Camp, the chief executive of Stanhope Plc, said of the newly developed site: “Stanhope is working in partnership with the BBC to deliver a publicly accessible mixed use remodelling of these iconic buildings and redevelopment of the adjoining land. The BBC will continue to have a significant presence at Television Centre and we will be bringing new life into the site with new public routes, spaces and uses. We will be introducing a vibrant and exciting mix of new retail, leisure, office and residential uses whilst keeping and enhancing the famous original BBC buildings and retaining key operational BBC studio and office facilities on site. Television Centre will be a great place to live, work and visit.”

Stanhope Plc’s website also states that some offices would be: “aimed at occupiers in the creative sector providing new employment opportunities”, which is a great way of preserving the iconic building’s legacy.

Some studios at the Grade II-listed building at Wood Lane will also remain, with studios 1, 2 and 3 being refitted and used for television broadcasts, including some of the BBC’s most popular programmes, such as Strictly Come Dancing. The rest of the listed building is what will become the hotel and apartments, while other parts of the site will be completely redeveloped, with Stanhope planning to bulldoze some of the older and more rundown parts of the area, where they plan to build the offices, shops, flats, health club and hotel to benefit the local community.


Fancy locating your business in Mayfair?

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If you are a small to medium sized business owner, probably the last place that you will think is affordable to rent office space is Mayfair. It is one of the most prestigious areas of London and is known for its wealthy but quirky aspects. The Grosvenor Estate – the main landowner – has invested substantially in maintaining the quality and tradition of the area.

The area

Mayfair is an historic part of the capital, sandwiched between Park Lane to the east and Regent Street to the west. Piccadilly is situated to the south and the famous shopping venue, Oxford Street to the north.

The vision conjured up of serviced offices is new modern buildings, but Mayfair bucks the trend.

Serviced offices in Mayfair are mainly located in period properties although those in Berkeley Street and Berkeley Square are of modern appearance.

The construction of Crossrail has impacted on Hanover Square which has been decanted in order to make room for the new ticket hall. The result has been a depression in the rental market allowing for more reasonable rents making that particular area more affordable.

Tenants in Mayfair have some of the best travel links available. There are excellent tube and mainline connections with buses and airports easily accessible. This means that your clients will have convenient access to your offices. Numerous intimate and upscale restaurants and clubs are within the vicinity which will impress your clients and afford several opportunities to do business in an informal and conducive atmosphere.

Appeal of serviced offices

As Mayfair is such a prestigious location, renting traditional office space will be prohibitively expensive for the average small or medium size business owner. However serviced offices offer an affordable solution making it possible to locate and mingle with other reputable and established businesses.

Serviced offices offer a simple solution without the need for any time consuming and expensive fit outs. Providing a turn-key solution you can move in at short notice without the need to engage lawyers in the process. Occupation of serviced offices is usually governed by a relatively simple agreement in plain English so lawyers do not need to scrutinise lengthy complicated leases which are associated with traditional offices.

Another convenient aspect of serviced offices is that one monthly rental payment covers most of your expenses and outgoings. Business rates, electricity, cleaning, buildings insurance, are all covered in the rent along with the shared use of a kitchen, break out areas, equipped and staffed reception area, sometimes with security provided. Telephony services and high speed internet are available with some management companies including these within the monthly rent. Meeting rooms can be hired for an additional fee as and when required, often with refreshments, which creates a highly professional image.

If you want to find offices to rent in Mayfair, opting for serviced offices could be the ideal solution. At Abacus Real Estate we have the experience and expertise to assist with your office space search in Mayfair.


Business Start-Ups in Edinburgh

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Businesses are increasingly looking to Edinburgh as the ideal place to base their head working offices. After all, Edinburgh has a fully thriving economy and is home to almost 500,000 people. The Scottish capital city can boast both the Scottish Parliament Holyrood and Edinburgh Castle, meaning that there has been continuously strong political and financial investment in the area for hundreds of years. Setting up a business can be a stressful time, and it can be hard to be certain that you are taking the right decisions. However, Edinburgh is a great place to start a new business and work for success.

When looking for a new business space, many companies consider serviced offices to be essential, as they provide a safe environment to carry out work. You don’t have to worry about unexpected building charges, and many offices have 24-hour security for maximum business peace of mind. It is not an unusual trend to see start-up businesses flourish during recessions. After all, many people have no choice other than to bite the bullet and see where their entrepreneurial streaks will take them. In such circumstances, it is sensible to take advantage of as much of the help and advice that is available to you as possible. Serviced Edinburgh office space will give you the security of working alongside established companies in a safe environment.

What’s more, when looking for office space, Edinburgh already has a great support system to help new businesses. The city’s Chamber of Commerce offers advice on a number of different issues that can affect new businesses. Experts on matters such as financial reports and cash flow, employment laws, and tax returns, are readily available for anyone who seeks a helping hand on the topics. Indeed, there are a number of different business support networks operating in the city which will allow you to network to your heart’s content.

But it is not just the fantastic office space Edinburgh offers which makes the city such a great place to start a business. The transport links in Edinburgh are second to none. The city is easily navigated through a network of public transport which is well used to dealing with people who are new to Edinburgh. Edinburgh Waverly is the main train station and has links to all the major railway stations in Great Britain. Taxis are readily available and the city has its own airport which flies direct to a number of different international destinations.

Even better, if your business is creative in nature, Edinburgh is one of the most creative cities in the world. Every summer the streets are filled with a thriving mix of tourists and performers who descend upon the Scottish capital in order to soak up the city’s festival culture. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the biggest festival of its kind in the world. Millions of visitors travel to the city for the festival which offers a unique opportunity for businesses to take advantage of a huge potential customer base.


Reining in your spending with serviced office space

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Like a lot of firms, yours might be walking on a financial tightrope at present. Trading conditions remain strained and balancing your books may be a constant struggle.

During times like this, it’s vital you don’t overspend on your office space. Splashing too much cash on your working environment could prove to be the undoing of your company. The good news is, as long as you know where to look, it’s possible to source superb value offices and to keep your expenditure on this down to a minimum.

Tough times for retailers

If you’re involved in the retail sector, you might be under particular pressure. Because household incomes remain stretched due to depressed wages and the rising cost of living, it can be hard to persuade consumers to part with their cash.

Indeed, the latest Distributive Trades Survey conducted by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) during the first two weeks of August revealed that sales on the UK high street remained flat compared with a year ago and sentiment about the business situation deteriorated.

Some stats

The study revealed that 31 per cent of retailers had experienced a fall in sales volumes compared with the same period in 2011. This was higher than the 27 per cent that reported a rise. Also, 12 of 13 retailing subsectors saw a slowdown in the pace of year-on-year sales growth in August.

Meanwhile, the number of people employed in the sector declined year-on-year and further layoffs are expected in the coming months.

A mixed picture

Responding to the statistics, chair of the CBI distributive trades panel Judith McKenna said: “Although this summer’s events created a mood of celebration across the nation, these figures would suggest this positivity did not extend to the high street.

“However, although retailers expect the overall business situation to worsen in the coming three months, they still expect sales to rise year-on-year in September.”

Keeping control

At present, you might find your business bills are unpredictable. For example, the charges you face for energy use, security and so on might vary from month to month or quarter to quarter. This can make financial planning very difficult.

Thankfully, there’s a simple way to address this issue and that’s to take advantage of serviced offices in Manchester and elsewhere. While the cost of working environments like this may seem higher at first, you have to bear in mind the fact that the charges include almost all the bills you would otherwise pay separately. This extra certainty can bolster your peace of mind and make planning ahead much easier.

Able to adapt

Also, if you take advantage of serviced offices in London and elsewhere, you can benefit from short-term contracts. Not being tied into long agreements gives you far more flexibility and you can respond to changes in demand with greater speed.

This should help ensure you don’t end up with financial commitments you’re unable to stick to.

By searching our website here at Abacus Real Estate, you may well find the perfect offices for you within no time.


Everything You Need for a New Business

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Starting a new business is incredibly exciting, but there are also a lot of things to think about. Choosing and equipping your ideal office in Leeds can take a long time and be incredibly stressful. If you’ve opted for serviced office rental, you may already have equipment in your new office. If not, here is everything you’ll need for your new office:

Desks and Chairs

The desks you buy don’t need to cost a fortune. They should just be functional and be large enough to hold everything they need to. However, you should buy the best office chairs that you can afford. Poor quality chairs can lead to long term health problems.

Telephone System

Many serviced offices in Leeds come with telephone systems, but if yours doesn’t, it will be a very important purchase. Think about your business’s needs before you invest in a telephone system. Talk to other business owners if you’re unsure what you’ll need.

Computer Equipment

Computer equipment has become an essential part of most businesses. It’s likely that every employee will need a PC and some may require laptops for home working. You may also need printers, a scanner and a photocopier. Larger businesses may also need server equipment.

Cabinets and Shelves

Offices are far more productive if they are kept tidy. Make sure there are enough cabinets and shelves to store everything away that needs to be. Good storage also makes it easier to find things when they are needed.


Benefits of Business Centres

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Business centres (often referred to as serviced offices) are generally made up of various small offices. These offices usually have shared use of a receptionist and administrative support, and often come ready equipped with IT infrastructure and telecoms. In busy, expensive cities like London, serviced offices are the ideal choice for businesses that don’t want to be tied into a long, costly lease. They are perfect for start-up businesses or companies that want to test the water in a new area before committing to a permanent office.

If you’re looking to rent office space in London, serviced offices should be at the top of your list. London office space is notoriously expensive and getting into a long lease can be incredibly risky for new businesses. Serviced offices often have flexible rental terms, with business owners able to lease space by the month or even the week. This will allow you to focus on making your business a success without worrying about keeping an office for a long time.

Serviced offices are generally quite small. This means that new businesses will not be paying for space they don’t need, but they have the option to expand into other offices in the building should they need to. These offices also often have the use of shared conference rooms and round the clock security systems. Some even have furniture included. They can help smaller business give off a more professional image without having to spend a fortune on a dedicated office.


How a Serviced Office Can Help Your New Business

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With the economic climate still not much better than it was a couple of years ago, new start ups and small businesses cannot really afford to not take advantage of the flexibility that serviced office rental offers. Unlike traditional leases, a serviced office lease gives a much greater deal of flexibility and with a shorter term. Consequently, should the business fail, it is easier to get out, but on a more positive note, it is also easier to expand or contract by adapting the amount of space you rent quickly and easily. This can not only save you money on your lease, but also allow you to earn more money by having a lease that meets your business needs as and when they occur.

Another advantage of a serviced office for a new start up is that everything is included in the price, including all the furniture and furnishings. So whether you’re looking for office space in Edinburgh or to rent office space in London, you won’t have to put aside a great deal of treasured start up cash for buying furniture. Plus, if you’re a one man band or a very small team, you get the added advantage of having a full time receptionist to hand as part of the package. While they won’t update your accounts or input your data for you, they will field your calls, take messages and welcome clients, while you get on with the day to day running of the business and generating cash flow.


What Business Centres Can Do For You

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Serviced offices are normally found in business centres, which themselves give your business a whole host of benefits. A business centre is either a whole or part of an office building where offices are leased to tenants with short-term leases.  These can be found either in the centre of a town or city or on a business park. Generally speaking, the premises are modern, either in new buildings (usually found at business parks) or refurbished interiors of older buildings.

When looking for offices in Edinburgh or London, or any other major city, you can therefore rent a short-term lease at a prestigious address without the extra expense that a conventional lease would have, plus all the added charges for building maintenance, etc. on top. Offices in a city centre are best for businesses which receive customers at their premises because they will be easy to find and get to. Having an office in a well-known or large building as well will also garner extra respect for your business, and you’ll be paying less for the privilege!

For businesses that do not have members of the general public on their premises regularly, it is perhaps a good idea to consider an out-of-town business park rather than an office in Leeds city centre, for example. Being out of the centre gives better access to motorway links and makes it easier for your employees to access facilities like free or discounted parking without having to pay exorbitant city centre prices.