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Choosing to rent office space in Edinburgh

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Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is the second largest city in Scotland and the eighth largest in the United Kingdom based on population number. The city is a huge magnet for tourists who swell the population considerably especially throughout the summer months. Many businesses choose to rent office space in the city.

August in particular is popular with visitors who come to see the annual Edinburgh Festival. Other attractions occurring throughout August include the Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Festival, the Edinburgh International Book Festival and the Military Tattoo. During August the population of Edinburgh is practically doubled and the city is a melting pot for cultures and tastes.

Edinburgh transportation choices

Tenants with serviced offices in Edinburgh have a wide variety of options at their disposal. Edinburgh airport is in close proximity to the city centre and there are numerous train and bus services ensuring a quick connection to all parts of the city and beyond.

Edinburgh by air

Edinburgh Airport is the busiest in Scotland and provides access for over nine million people annually. It is located just eight miles or 12.8 kilometres from the city centre. Renting office space in Edinburgh allows you swift and easy access to all corners of the globe via the conveniently located airport.

Edinburgh by rail

Businesses with offices in Edinburgh benefit from the capital’s main overground train station known as Waverley. This station is centrally situated and it serves just over 14 million passengers annually and is only beaten by Glasgow Central as the busiest station in Scotland. Waverley affords access to all parts of the United Kingdom, such as Bristol, London, Leeds and Birmingham, as well as locally to Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

Edinburgh by bus

Lothian Buses operate most of the buses in the city centre routes of Edinburgh and to the suburbs, with most of the routes running via Princes Street. People wishing to travel further afield use Edinburgh Bus Station situated just off St. Andrew Square.

Why choose serviced offices in Edinburgh?

Apart from the cultural charms and excellent transportation links, there are other reasons to locate your business in Edinburgh. There is a good choice of serviced offices to rent in the city. These offices allow businesses the flexibility to react to changing fortunes quickly. They can be viewed as short term solutions since they can be rented almost immediately owing to the fact that they come fully fitted and furnished, so all you have to do is move in. Equally, if the arrangement suits you then it is possible to renew the short term arrangement so that it becomes a long term relationship but always with the option to terminate upon giving short notice.

As the offices are fitted out you do not need to make a major capital outlay in setting up the offices and also you do not lose precious time in doing so. Serviced offices are an ideal turn-key solution to get your business up and running.

At Abacus Real Estate, we have the expertise to find suitable serviced offices in Edinburgh.


A solution to Manchester office space

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Entrepreneurs looking to locate their business in the north east may want to consider Manchester for their office space. It is a thriving metropolis, home to some 2.6 million people and has several cultural and sporting attractions.

Sporting fame

Few people in the world have not heard of Manchester United and the club has a massive, dedicated following throughout the world. The wide exposure of the football club means that people from all corners of the earth see what Manchester has to offer. The other notable football club, Manchester City has gained more recent notoriety as significant investment has seen it win the English Premiership and challenge their rivals for supremacy. Few of your clients can resist the opportunity to see a match at the ground of one of these two major clubs. In addition to this, the Emirates Old Trafford is the cricket ground for Lancashire County and attracts Test matches, One Day Internationals and International Twenty20s matches.

Role in industrial revolution

Manchester is famed for its part in the industrial revolution and was the location of the first railway station, which played a significant role in the cotton industry. Waterways were important in the revolution and the Manchester Ship Canal was a major transportation route, helping to make Manchester one of the foremost industrial centres in the United Kingdom.

Rutherford split the atom in Manchester, where he taught at the famous historic Manchester University. The first meeting of the Trades Union Congress was held in the city.

Transportation links

Office space in Manchester benefits from the city’s excellent transport links which are varied and accessible. Manchester airport is a major hub with flights to the USA, Europe and beyond. Three major over ground train stations serve over 30 million passengers per year, making the city one of the best rail networks hubs in the United Kingdom. Trams also operate within the city, with the network comprising of 23 miles of tramway connecting 42 stations. Apart from their practicalities, trams offer a novel and unique way of seeing Manchester, which will be appreciated by your clients.

Serviced offices

Having chosen Manchester as the ideal place for your business base, the next decision is the choice of office space available. One of the most popular solutions is serviced offices in Manchester.

These offices offer a flexible solution in today’s uncertain economic climate. Traditional office space is always available but it has several drawbacks. Long leases govern the occupancy of traditional offices with onerous clauses and expensive financial penalties should you wish to leave the offices at short notice. The offices are presented as an empty shell and require fitting out, including the purchase of office furniture and equipment which is time consuming and expensive.

Alternatively, serviced offices offer a turn key solution requiring no capital outlay and being fully fitted and furnished, are available on just a few days or weeks notice. The arrangement can be ended on a similar short term notice period. One single fixed monthly rental payment covers most of your monthly outgoings and expenses.

At Abacus Real Estate, we have the expertise to offer you solutions to your search for suitable office space in Manchester.


The allure of serviced offices

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Whether you are looking to rent office space in Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, London or Birmingham, the same considerations arise. Location and office type are of paramount consideration.

Affordability of serviced offices

London office space is available in many areas of the capital. No one really wants to rent office space in a run down suburb but the prospect of renting office space in a prestigious and trendy area remains a dream for many business owners. However it would be a mistake to write off locating your office premises in Mayfair.

By choosing a certain type of office accommodation even small business owners can afford to locate their offices in a high end location usually reserved for the wealthy.

Serviced offices unlock access to prestigious locations

The benefit of serviced offices is that they are configured in such a way which means they are accessible by many business owners. Accessibility does not mean that quality is compromised. On the contrary, serviced office space in Victoria is situated in the highly prestigious location of Stag Place and comprises high spec reception areas with bright tasteful décor and a feeling of plush quality. Due to the nature of serviced offices they can be rented for a very affordable price.

Most serviced offices have a bright and luxurious appeal with attractive fully staffed reception areas. An on-site security guard adds to the secure and professional feeling as your clients wait in the comfortable seating area. The reception staff are fully trained and help to promote the professionalism of the offices.

By sharing office accommodation, the costs can be split between the tenants making it an affordable option. Serviced offices also provide an instant solution to any accommodation problems since they are available on just a few days’ notice. As they are provided fully fitted and furnished, there are no set up costs and you are free to commence running your business upon taking occupation.

What is included?

Irrespective of whether you rent office space in Edinburgh or Leeds, the same expenses and outgoings are normally covered. One fixed monthly rental payment allows you to plan for the future and includes the following:

• Buildings insurance
• Regular cleaning outside of office hours
• Staffed reception area
• On site security
• IT infrastructure and telephony services
• Use of communal facilities, e.g. bathroom, kitchen
• Utility bills
• Business rates
• Dilapidations
• Furniture
• Fit out

Short term myth of serviced offices

Serviced offices are usually associated with temporary short term office moves. This is a myth and serviced offices often become long term solutions. Their flexibility means that business tenants continue to renew their short term occupancy turning the arrangement into a long term one. In these uncertain economic times, the ability to be flexible and move to different sized offices at short notice is very important. Serviced offices can often be vacated on giving just a few weeks notice.

At Abacus Real Estate, we have the expertise to assist you in your search for the most suitable office premises in your chosen location.


Bristol office space could be just what your business needs

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Bristol is a mecca for investment and has a highly cosmopolitan and integrated society. It is the eighth largest city in England and is strategically placed as the gateway to the south west and Wales. When measured by GDP per head, the city has the second strongest economy outside the capital. As such it is a magnet for business entrepreneurs seeking office space, whether starting out or an established business relocating. Its desirability is enhanced by the quality of office accommodation available.

Why rent office space in Bristol?

Bristol has a stable population of around 433,100 and is surrounded by a Larger Urban Zone with approximately 1,070,000 residents. Bristol has good green eco credentials, being the sole UK city to be short listed for the first European Green Capital award. Forum for the Future undertook an independent assessment in which Bristol was acknowledged as the UK’s Most Sustainable City. Not content with these prestigious awards, Bristol was named European City of the Year by the Academy of Urbanism which was comprised of notable architects, engineers, designers and planners.

Bristol has an assortment of green spaces and stands on the edge of some spectacular scenery including the Clifton suspension bridge, Cheddar gorge, the Wookey Hole caves and the Gower peninsula. The architecturally impressive city of Bath is a short drive and is an ideal place to take your clients for a day of relaxation and culture. Bristol itself has over 450 parks and areas of green space which for its size means it is the greenest city in England.

Transportation considerations when renting office space in Bristol

Road links from Bristol to the rest of the country are excellent with motorways leading off in all directions. The M4 links Bristol to the capital and the M5 dissects the outskirts of Bristol with northbound links to Birmingham and the north and southbound links to Taunton and Exeter. The M4 continues westwards into Wales and there are now two bridges just outside Bristol over which you can enter Wales giving drivers an option if one bridge is closed.

Bristol is a major train hub with Bristol Temple Meads being the largest railway in the western part of England. Bristol International Airport is easily accessible just to the south of the city with numerous services to most of Europe and other parts of the UK.

Serviced Offices in Bristol

Most business owners want their office set-up to be swift and convenient enabling them to concentrate on other aspects of their business. Serviced offices are an ideal solution since they come fully fitted and furnished and can be occupied on very little notice. The simplicity does not end there as most of your expenses and outgoings are covered in one monthly rental payment. One payment covers use of office furniture, buildings insurance, utilities, service charges, security, business rates and staffed reception area.

At Abacus Real Estate we can advise you on your office needs and assist in your search for office space in Bristol.


Serviced offices in London

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As a busy entrepreneur you will be aware of the constraints on your time with an endless variety of tasks waiting for your input. Renting office space in London is a daunting prospect involving many considerations aside from the location of your offices within the capital.

Traditional versus serviced offices

Moving to office premises can be time consuming if you opt for traditional offices. This type of office space requires a great deal of time and capital outlay since you must purchase office furniture and equipment. Traditional offices also require a long term commitment, being regulated by leases with a five or ten year timeframe. If you wish to end the arrangement you will normally have to pay a premium to trigger a break clause. This is another expense which your business can well do without.

The advantage of serviced offices is that they are the most cost effective and convenient solution to occupying office space in London or anywhere for that matter. Serviced offices are ideal irrespective of the size of your business.

Built in flexibility

The current economic climate has made setting up and operating business ventures difficult and uncertain. Businesses need to be in a position to react swiftly to changing circumstances. Serviced offices have the built in flexibility to allow a business to be able to move premises quickly, whether on a permanent or temporary basis.

Serviced offices are regulated by a simple agreement rather than a complicated and extensive lease. Normally serviced offices are available to rent for varying periods from a few weeks to months. If it suits your business the arrangements can be extended so that they become long term but with the added benefit of being ended swiftly and without expensive trigger clauses. The agreement does not require the added expense of lawyers pouring over it, which is the case with complex lease provisions.

London office space is available in many locations and careful consideration of location is important. The type of office space is also critical and a wrong choice could prove an expensive mistake.

Other pros of serviced offices in London

In an increasingly complicated world, the prospect of paying most of your office expenses in one monthly payment is very appealing. You have no expensive capital outlay or time consuming fitting to carry out. You are able to occupy your London office space quickly because serviced offices are provided fully furnished and equipped. You are provided with contemporary office furniture, and security, maintenance and utilities are all provided and included in your monthly payment. You have access to communal areas shared with other tenants, such as kitchens, bathrooms and break out areas. IT services, secretarial and administrative support can sometimes be included in the monthly rent or available on a pay as you use basis.

If you wish to rent office space in London there are many aspects to consider. At Abacus Real Estate we can provide an ideal office solution in your search for office space to rent in London.