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Renting Victoria office space

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Choosing to rent office space in Victoria could be a wise decision. Victoria is a commercial area within the City of Westminster and houses one of the busiest transportation networks in the capital consisting of Victoria railway, London underground and a huge coach station.

Victoria is home to some of the most famous landmarks in London with Westminster cathedral just a stone’s throw from the underground station. Further along are Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. Victoria also boasts many chic hotels and international restaurants where your clients will not fail to be impressed with the variety and quality of entertainment on offer. The famous Apollo theatre is in the heart of Victoria and produces major musicals and hosts world class comedy shows.

Why choose serviced offices?

Renting traditional office space in Victoria is costly as the tenant has to fit out the offices and put in all the usual office equipment in addition to paying the usual expenses on top. The convenience of serviced offices in Victoria is that the offices are already fitted out so saving you time and money. One monthly payment includes most of your outgoings such as:

• Business rates
• Buildings insurance
• Daily cleaning
• Staffed reception
• Service charges
• On site security
• Use of kitchen
• Utilities, including telephony and broadband
• Facilities Management

Many serviced offices are situated just off Victoria Street in a variety of buildings ranging from modern purpose built ones to conversions. Stag Place is particularly popular for serviced offices and is well situated for Victoria station and its transportation links.

Built in flexibility of serviced offices

Traditional offices by their very nature require time and money to fit them out and are meant to be a long-term commitment. Although this gives a business some security, it does not provide flexibility. In tough economic times most businesses prefer to be in a fluid state where they are not locked in and can adapt and adjust easily to new market trends. Traditional offices are regulated by complicated leases which have burdensome obligations on the tenant. If a tenant wishes to make an early exit from a 15 year lease, he will normally have to pay a premium to break the term. This is additional expenditure which could easily be spent on another part of the business.

Adaptability of serviced offices

Serviced offices are governed by straightforward licences since the landlord is responsible for the maintenance of the entire premises. Renting serviced offices in Victoria will give you the flexibility to either take on additional space or reduce it depending on your business needs. Sometimes, businesses have to relocate to Victoria to be near their clients for a one-off project lasting just a few weeks, and serviced offices are an ideal solution. They can be rented on a weekly or monthly basis, and as they are a turn-key operation they are available at short notice.

At Abacus Real Estate, we offer a fully tailored and comprehensive service to help you find your ideal Victoria office space.


Serviced offices in the heart of England

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Birmingham is Britain’s second-largest city and is a major commercial centre with the 72nd largest economy in the world. As such it is little wonder that Birmingham is sought after as a place from which to operate your business by renting serviced offices.

Cultural attractions

It has three universities and two university colleges making it one of the most esteemed centres of academic excellence outside of London. It is a cultural magnet in the midlands with the Birmingham Royal Ballet and City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra all within the city limits. Entertaining clients is all part of the business and by renting office space in Birmingham,you will have no shortage of high end restaurants, bars and hotels in which to impress clients. Other attractions on offer include the Birmingham NEC, Bullring shopping centre and the Thinktank science museum, which will stimulate and impress your clients.


Accessing serviced offices in Birmingham is made easy by the wide variety of public transport. Trains, buses, trams, and airports are all in abundance making Birmingham an ideal location in which to rent office space.

Tenants of office space in Birmingham have easy access courtesy of three mainline train stations. The main hub is Birmingham New Street which is the busiest outside of London, with just over 40 million people passing through each year. Birmingham Snow Hill station is the second busiest in Birmingham based in the city centre. This station is the terminus for the Midland Metro and connects to Wolverhampton with additional links to Wednesbury and West Bromwich. The third station is Birmingham Moor Street and provides express direct transportation to London Marylebone.

Access office space in Birmingham by bus

If you wish to use the bus, Birmingham will not disappoint. National Express Midlands has a monopoly on most routes and the number 11 outer circle bus route is one of the longest routes in Europe. The entire link covers about 26 miles with 272 bus stops en route.

Birmingham by Tram

Trams are a quaint addition to any city and the Birmingham Midland Metro tram has routes from Birmingham to Wolverhampton. Annually, the tram system carries some five million passengers.

Access by car

No matter how good the public transport system is, some people still prefer to travel by car. The road system around Birmingham is well served and the famous Spaghetti Junction is a renowned convergence for vehicles. Several motorways have links to Birmingham including the M5, M6 and M42 so you can easily access the city from every direction. It may not be eco-friendly but some clients will visit Birmingham by car, so easily accessible roads will be an advantage when choosing to rent office space in Birmingham.

Should you decide to locate your business in the midlands, you should consider Birmingham. Its cultural attractions, excellent bars and restaurants, and first rate shopping are a big draw when considering renting office space. If you are keen to rent serviced offices in Birmingham, contact Abacus Real Estate, where we possess the experience to help you put your business in the best location.


The allure of Mayfair office space

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Many small to medium business owners automatically discount Mayfair when seeking office space to rent, imagining that it is unaffordable. However, a closer look would prove them wrong.

Mayfair’s international recognition

Mayfair is universally famous, and the mention of Bond Street and Savile Row in many places throughout the world will be met with a gesture of familiarity. Mayfair’s uniqueness is also its attractiveness. Many well known embassies choose to be located in Mayfair giving it a somewhat regal and dignified appeal with foreign attention.

The fame of Mayfair is reinforced by the retail outlets on display, with Bond Street associated with jewellery and Savile Row with tailoring.

Calmness of Mayfair

The business aspect of Mayfair is not thwarted by attention given to its retail units. It may be bustling in the immediate location of the shops but there are many areas where you can find tranquility. Such areas are found in hidden gardens and squares, with some being private but equally many are open to the public. So you can share in a taste of the uniqueness of Mayfair as you meander through its many squares, such as Berkeley, Hanover and Grosvenor. The pleasant atmosphere will be appreciated by your clients and is easily accessible from your office space in Mayfair.

Entertaining options

It is very likely that you will have to entertain clients at some point in your business relationship with them. Mayfair will not let you down in this regard as the area is awash with some famous bars, restaurants and hotels. Equally, there are some very quiet and quirky places to unwind in the backstreets of Mayfair. If you rent serviced offices in the area you will be spoilt for choice for entertainment options. You can celebrate a business deal in a high visibility restaurant or you can choose to negotiate a deal in a quiet unobtrusive establishment.

Transport links

Mayfair is near the centre of London and is well served by bus and underground stations. Access to mainline rail stations such as Victoria, Paddington and Charing Cross Road is easy. The Piccadilly underground line lies within Mayfair, giving seamless access to Heathrow whilst Gatwick is accessed from nearby Victoria.

Serviced offices

The eclectic nature of Mayfair makes it intriguing. Companies can choose between old buildings which have been modernised and purpose-built modern premises. Modern technology will function in each type of building so you are not sacrificing state of the art IT by choosing older premises. Most businesses cannot get a foothold in Mayfair unless they choose serviced offices rather than traditional offices.

Serviced offices in Mayfair are available on a short term basis and payment is by one monthly payment which covers the majority of the business expenses. Outgoings generally included consist of:

• business rates
• buildings insurance
• utilities
• cleaning on daily basis
• staffed reception
• security
• kitchen
• service charges
• furniture
• printers and copiers

At Abacus Real Estate we have the expertise to find your ideal Mayfair serviced offices.


Liverpool for your office space requirements

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Transport links are a major consideration when locating your business. The best-run businesses can still suffer if they are not situated in a place which is easily accessible. Liverpool is particularly blessed with some of best transport networks in England. It is in close proximity to overground trains, buses and airports ensuring that you can reach other destinations quickly when travelling to and from your Liverpool office space.

Travelling by road

Road links to and from Liverpool are direct, ensuring speedy connections. To the east of the city, the M62 motorway connects it with Hull and there are opportunities along this route to divert to other major cities such as Leeds and Manchester. If your clients need to visit you from more distant cities, the M62 offers indirect links to London, Nottingham, Birmingham and Sheffield. If links are needed to the west of Liverpool, the Kingsway and Queensway tunnels connect the city with Birkenhead and Wallasey. From Birkenhead the A41 provides links to Cheshire and Shropshire with the option of continuing to North Wales via the A55. Liverpool is connected to the south via the A562 with Widnes and Warrington. If you occupy serviced offices in Liverpool you can be assured of good road connections to and from the city in all directions.

Air connections

Road connections are important, but so are air connections in the modern world. Liverpool’s airport, John Lennon, has many direct domestic and European flights. Flights to 68 destinations are on offer including Barcelona, Berlin, Zurich, Rome, Paris, Madrid and Milan. These flights are typically cheap offered by low-cost airlines, notably Easyjet and Ryanair. KLM, the Dutch national airline, provides a service four times daily where passengers are faced with the prospect of flying to 800 destinations globally with KLM via the Dutch airport. Such an assortment of flights makes Liverpool an ideal place in which to search for office space.

Rail connections

Two separate rail networks serve Liverpool. The national network connects Liverpool with major towns and cities throughout England. The mainline station is Lime Street station and it offers connections to London, Manchester, Preston, Leeds, Sheffield, Derby, York, Norwich and Nottingham. Passengers can reach John Lennon airport via Liverpool South Parkway. Businesses occupying office space in Liverpool can rest assured that they are easily reachable by their clients throughout the country.

Bus connections

Liverpool has an extensive bus service being served by many companies including Stagecoach and Arriva. Queen Square Bus Station and Liverpool One Bus Station are the two main terminals for local buses. The former serves destinations north and east of Liverpool and the latter serves those to the south and east. A night bus is in operation and cross river services to the Wirral use terminus points in Sir Thomas Street and Castle Street. These connections are useful for journeys particularly those contained within the city and are an asset for any business owner with office space in Liverpool.

At Abacus Real Estate we can advise you on the best location for your Liverpool office space.


Serviced offices in Bristol

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If you are about to start up a business, you will have to give thought to its location. Once you have decided on a city, the precise site for your office space is important.

Bristol as an office base

Many businesses seeking a south west location are drawn towards Bristol. It is not hard to see why. Bristol is in an ideal place to connect with the extreme south west such as Exeter, the Midlands such as Birmingham and is a gateway to Wales. It is also well situated for connection to London whilst Heathrow and Gatwick are within easy reach. Bristol is also blessed with its own airport to the south, with frequent connections to European and British cities. Bristol has a long tradition of being at the forefront of innovation – Brunel built the famous suspension bridge and the city is a centre for technological advancement.

Options for Bristol office space

Having decided on renting office space in Bristol, you have options on the type of space to rent. Traditional offices are usually let on a long term basis which involves a major commitment both in terms of time and money. Occupation of these offices is governed by a lease usually with full repairing obligations. The space is usually empty, meaning that the new occupier has to fit out the offices and put in essential infrastructure. This can take time which would be better devoted to running other aspects of your business.

The real problem is that traditional offices are not particularly flexible. If you want to locate your business elsewhere or take on additional space, traditional offices are rigid. A lease often has a break clause which can be triggered only after giving several months notice and on payment of a substantial premium.

In today’s economic climate, the ability to alter your business whether it is downsizing or relocating on a temporary basis is important. Serviced offices give you the flexibility you are seeking. They are meant to be a short term solution but in fact many become long term arrangements as they can be easily renewed.

Advantages of serviced offices

The main advantage of serviced offices in Bristol lies in the cost of one monthly rental payment which includes a variety of expenses and outgoings. The monthly rental normally includes:

• Buildings insurance
• Furniture and fitments
• Power, electricity bills
• Daily cleaning
• Staffed reception area
• Service charges
• Phone systems and handsets
• Cabling and Broadband
• Printers and copiers
• Use of shared kitchen

As serviced offices are already fitted out they are ready for occupation on a few days notice. Businesses can start operating from them immediately and many are set in prestigious locations which would be unaffordable if renting traditional offices. The bright and modern decor associated with serviced offices means that any clients will have a favourable impression when entering the pristine reception area.

At Abacus Real Estate, we have the experience and expertise to take care of your office needs in Bristol.