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The benefits of serviced offices in Birmingham

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Birmingham is known as Britain’s second city and has the largest population outside of the capital. Birmingham’s economy is the second largest in the United Kingdom and it is a burgeoning commercial centre, making it an ideal location in which to rent office space for any new business owner.

Why Birmingham?

The city is a centre of excellence for higher education with three universities and two university colleges and is held in high esteem in the academic world. Birmingham is also held in high regard from a cultural viewpoint and boasts the Barber Institute of Fine Art, the Birmingham Royal Ballet and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Its cultural attractions are complemented by the Bullring shopping centre, the Birmingham NEC and many fine bars and restaurants located in Broad Street. Any visiting clients will be well catered for with such a variety of entertainment within Birmingham’s confines.

Accessibility is vital when setting up your business’s office and Birmingham is well served by trains, trams, buses and planes. This is expected to improve even further with the announcement of a high speed train link to London. You will be able to create a favourable image of your business by locating your office in a cosmopolitan city with excellent transport links.

Serviced office rental in Birmingham

A number of well-known companies have already made Birmingham their base. Cadbury products, HP sauce and the Austin Mini were all produced in Birmingham. The success of such companies goes to show why many businesses consider Birmingham a good base in which to set up their head offices. Most businesses do not want to lock themselves into a long term arrangement as there is uncertainty in the economy. The renting of conventional offices will involve entering into a medium or long term arrangement with a lease regulating terms of occupancy. The lease is often complicated and expensive legal fees are inevitable as the terms often require amendment before agreements are made. Although you may be able to exit from the lease if circumstances change, there are usually expensive break clauses, meaning there could be financial repercussions if you do terminate the arrangement.

Serviced offices are usually let on a short term arrangement, for months rather than years. They are governed by a simple licence agreement rather than a lease and there are no expensive break clauses and no need to engage a lawyer. The savings you make in lawyers’ fees can be put towards your monthly rental payment. Serviced offices come fully furnished with all office furniture, IT systems and telephony services provided.

Renting serviced offices in Birmingham is a good choice, especially in today’s economy. Serviced offices afford flexibility and are a time-saving solution for any busy business owner.

If you are looking for serviced offices to let in Birmingham, you should contact us at Abacus Real Estate. With our knowledge and experience, we can assist in your search and advise on the best choice for your office space in Birmingham.


Searching for office space in London

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London has always been a magnet for new businesses and as the UK’s capital city, it will continue to be sought after. The summer’s sporting events acted as a huge showcase for London, increasing its exposure around the world. The success of these events, universally proclaimed as the best organised, has a trickledown effect. The good feeling and proficiency associated with the sporting events transcends to businesses in London.

As a business owner, you may think that you cannot afford to rent office space in London, especially in the more prestigious and fashionable areas. However, you would be wrong to assume this; renting serviced offices, for example, provides an affordable option.

Traditional offices

Renting conventional offices in the high-end London commercial market can be prohibitively expensive for many business owners. Most traditional offices are rented on a long term basis and solicitors are involved in negotiating the lease, which means costly legal fees are incurred. Typically, traditional offices are let unfurnished, meaning the tenant will have to kit them out with the usual office furniture, install broadband and connect telephone services.

When setting up a business most owners need their hard earned money to market and promote their ventures, purchase products and engage staff. Cash-starved businesses will not prosper in today’s climate. Aside from the cost of setting up in conventional offices, there is a major time factor. Purchasing or leasing office furniture and getting arranging the installation of the IT infrastructure takes valuable time.

Affording office space in London

In London, there are some very fashionable areas such as Mayfair and Victoria where the average business could not hope to start up with the use of traditional office space. Before dismissing these areas for your business, you should consider the benefits of serviced offices. These offices are usually rented on a short term basis, although this can be rolled over and become a long term arrangement if it suits your business. A monthly rent covers virtually all of your outgoings and expenses. As several businesses contribute towards the running costs of business centres, you can afford to rent office space in Victoria or Mayfair. Having such prestigious post codes on your letterheads will give potential clients a favourable image of your business and their view of your professionalism will be reinforced when they visit your offices in person.

Serviced offices are usually ultra-modern and are controlled by a management company which deals with the usual hassles involved with occupying property, such as broken furniture and blocked kitchen sink. More often than not, the building is occupied by more than one business, and a modern bright reception area deals with access to the entire building. Businesses share communal facilities such as equipped kitchens and bathrooms. Break out areas are available, as are meeting rooms with conference facilities which can be hired as and when required.

Here at Abacus Real Estate, we offer invaluable advice on the best London office space available to suit your business needs.


Finding the perfect office space in Bristol

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Bristol, the gateway to Wales and the south west, is a convenient location to set up any type of business. It has good transport connections to the north and benefits from quick links to the capital and the UK’s major airports. However, finding office space to rent in Bristol can be time consuming as there are several types on offer.

Whether you are a fledgling business wanting to establish yourself in a challenging environment or an established company seeking to grow, renting serviced offices could be the ideal solution. The appeal of serviced offices lies mainly in their low overheads and quick set up potential.

Newly established businesses

Setting up a temporary or permanent office can be both expensive and time consuming. The various costs for things like IT infrastructure, office furniture and other equipment can quickly mount up. These issues take a great deal of time to sort out and can divert you away from the primary task of running your business profitably. Renting serviced offices is the ideal solution as most of these burdensome tasks are taken care of already.

Office furniture, IT infrastructure and telephone lines are already installed and the equipment provided will comprise the latest models. However, the benefits are by no means limited to the provision of equipment. Personnel are a vital commodity to any business. Managed or serviced offices in Bristol come equipped with reception services and support staff who are available to assist with most needs. This further frees the business owner to develop the business without worrying about taking on staff to fill these roles. There is an obvious saving in salary costs as the monthly rent you pay includes the provision of reception and support staff.

Grow with your business

Hopefully your business will grow but rather than have to relocate to larger premises, serviced offices give you the flexibility to expand your business without having to relocate. A business may be awarded a significant one-off project which means it will need more space for a certain time, or a particular contract may necessitate that the business moves nearer to the client. These are normally short term measures and the solution is to rent additional serviced office space. The option of using additional rooms for employee meetings and conferences with clients gives you the flexibility for additional room as and when you require it, paying for the facilities on a pay-as-you-go basis.


No self-respecting business owner wants to commit to long term accommodation in the current economic climate. Renting traditional office premises typically requires signing a complicated lease agreement which has expensive break clauses should you wish to exercise an early exit from the arrangement. Serviced offices are not governed by long term leases and hefty legal fees. As a small business owner, you can rent high end quality office space at more affordable prices in managed offices in Bristol.

Here at Abacus Real Estate, we can assist in your search for Bristol office space.


Finding affordable office space to rent in Edinburgh

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Scotland is a stunning, fashionable place in which to locate your offices. Edinburgh can provide a majestic and picturesque backdrop to any business. As the country’s capital, it often attracts major investment and the new government buildings are a testimony to its exciting future. It is, then, no surprise that it is becoming increasingly popular as the preferred location to do business north of the border with England.

Economic uncertainty

If you think you cannot afford office space in Edinburgh, in particular its financial district, you may need to think again. The popularity of occupying traditional unfurnished offices on a medium or long term basis is fading and the trend of serviced offices is slowly but surely taking over. These offices suit the modern business owner who is unsure of the future economic climate and understandably reluctant to make any kind of long term commitment. The ability to move premises at short notice when business is slacking is vital, and if business is booming, it is convenient to keep your occupation licence rolling over from month to month.

The growing appeal of serviced offices

Serviced or managed offices are essentially designed to be occupied on a short term basis, anywhere from one month to 12 months. However, there is nothing to stop you from occupying them for much longer periods should it suit your needs. Serviced offices are usually presented fully furnished with modern office equipment and tend to be complemented by break areas.

Meeting rooms, many complete with the latest communications equipment, are available to rent as and when required. Meeting clients in highly equipped office space will help to create a favourable image with prospective clients. The managing agent can even arrange catering via its facilities management division, ensuring that good quality refreshments arrive promptly and are presented in a professional manner.

Monthly rent

As with most conventional options, serviced offices do come with a monthly rental fee. However, with serviced offices, the monthly rent tends to include most of your expenses, making the whole process hassle free and convenient. The charge also typically includes use of the office furniture, including telephone and internet systems, communal kitchens, reception areas, buildings insurance, cleaning contractors and electricity. If any of these facilities break down, the management company is responsible for their repair, which minimises the input and time required from you.

As there are no leases to sign or solicitor’s fees to pay, you can save money in legal costs. The whole administrative process of signing a simple licence agreement can be finished very quickly, enabling you to take possession of your offices in a day or so. As you do not have to deal with the time consuming task of furnishing and equipping your office, you will have more time to devote to running and marketing your business.

At Abacus Real Estate we can help you find your dream serviced offices in Edinburgh. Whether you’re starting a new business or simply relocating, the financial district of Scotland’s capital can be considered a fine choice.


Finding affordable office space in Mayfair

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As an enthusiastic business owner wanting to make a good impression on prospective clients, you could do a lot worse than rent serviced offices in Mayfair. You may have already thought of the London district as a location for your offices but dismissed it because of cost. However, as one of the most prestigious areas of the city, you might be surprised at the affordability of quality office space to rent in this much sought-after area of the capital.

The advantages of locating your office in Mayfair

Mayfair has high quality entertainment venues and high end luxurious shops on its doorstep. The area exudes wealth and prosperity and many high profile and wealthy people have made it their home over the years. Having offices with such a notable post code can only have positive effects on your business.

Mayfair’s worldwide reputation

The area has such a reputation that you can mention Bond Street and Saville Row in many areas of the world and there will be a nod of familiarity. Several prominent embassies are also located in Mayfair, attracting a consistent stream of foreign attention and publicity to the area.

Entertaining in Mayfair

Even smaller and medium sized businesses entertain clients at some time. Mayfair is blessed with many quality restaurants and hotels in which you can conduct business in comfort and in a tranquil environment. The area has some interesting architecture and spaces such as Grosvenor Square and Berkeley Square where you can wander with your clients in convivial surroundings.

Serviced offices

One convenient and affordable solution for office space in Mayfair is to take advantage of a short term serviced office lease. These offices are pristine and come equipped with modern, state-of-the-art technology. A fully functioning reception area often comes as standard with serviced offices, and these areas tend to include tasteful pot plants, comfortable chairs and 24 hour on site security.

Your offices will be fully furnished with the usual office equipment and will usually come with a high-speed internet connection available; it has even become normal to include the internet access within the monthly rent. You will also have access to communal kitchens, which include such equipment as microwaves, sinks and refrigerators.

Wherever you want to be located, very few companies want to make a long term commitment in these uncertain economic times. Another appeal of serviced offices lies in their flexibility. They can be a long term arrangement if you so wish, or a short term starting point, with rental periods as short as one month commonly available. As they are already fully furnished and functioning offices, you could be moving in within 24 hours. A fully inclusive monthly rental fee will take care of most of your expenses, although the hiring of meeting rooms may come at an additional cost.

Here at Abacus Real Estate, we have the experience and knowledge to offer the best solution to your office accommodation needs, whether you’re a new business owner or you’re simply looking to relocate.