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Business Start-Ups in Edinburgh

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Businesses are increasingly looking to Edinburgh as the ideal place to base their head working offices. After all, Edinburgh has a fully thriving economy and is home to almost 500,000 people. The Scottish capital city can boast both the Scottish Parliament Holyrood and Edinburgh Castle, meaning that there has been continuously strong political and financial investment in the area for hundreds of years. Setting up a business can be a stressful time, and it can be hard to be certain that you are taking the right decisions. However, Edinburgh is a great place to start a new business and work for success.

When looking for a new business space, many companies consider serviced offices to be essential, as they provide a safe environment to carry out work. You don’t have to worry about unexpected building charges, and many offices have 24-hour security for maximum business peace of mind. It is not an unusual trend to see start-up businesses flourish during recessions. After all, many people have no choice other than to bite the bullet and see where their entrepreneurial streaks will take them. In such circumstances, it is sensible to take advantage of as much of the help and advice that is available to you as possible. Serviced Edinburgh office space will give you the security of working alongside established companies in a safe environment.

What’s more, when looking for office space, Edinburgh already has a great support system to help new businesses. The city’s Chamber of Commerce offers advice on a number of different issues that can affect new businesses. Experts on matters such as financial reports and cash flow, employment laws, and tax returns, are readily available for anyone who seeks a helping hand on the topics. Indeed, there are a number of different business support networks operating in the city which will allow you to network to your heart’s content.

But it is not just the fantastic office space Edinburgh offers which makes the city such a great place to start a business. The transport links in Edinburgh are second to none. The city is easily navigated through a network of public transport which is well used to dealing with people who are new to Edinburgh. Edinburgh Waverly is the main train station and has links to all the major railway stations in Great Britain. Taxis are readily available and the city has its own airport which flies direct to a number of different international destinations.

Even better, if your business is creative in nature, Edinburgh is one of the most creative cities in the world. Every summer the streets are filled with a thriving mix of tourists and performers who descend upon the Scottish capital in order to soak up the city’s festival culture. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the biggest festival of its kind in the world. Millions of visitors travel to the city for the festival which offers a unique opportunity for businesses to take advantage of a huge potential customer base.


How to Choose a New Office

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When you are starting a new company and are looking for the perfect office location, it can take a long time to find the perfect premises. After all, when you are looking for office space to rent, a number of different factors will come into play depending on the type of business that you run.  No matter whether you are looking for London office space or Manchester office space, there are a number of considerations that every business should take into account.

First of all, one person’s idea of a perfect office can be another person’s nightmare. There is no such thing as a perfect office space which will appeal to everyone. However, there are a few criteria that most businesses require to be fulfilled before they sign up to a lease. Areas such as the size of an office and how many people it can comfortably hold, additional services, and lease conditions, should all be considered before signing up to a lease. An office is often the first place that many businesses may meet their clients for a first time, so it is important to find somewhere that reflects the character and professionalism of a company.

When it comes to deciding on the size of office you need, it is important to take into account the number of employees that are going to work on the premises. If you run a business single handedly you are obviously going to need a lot less space than a business which employs over 50 people. Generally speaking, the more space that you can offer to your employees, the more work satisfaction they will receive. Always remember that happy employees generate higher productivity results than their unhappy counterparts. In a packed call centre, employees can generally expect to operate in a space comprising of as little as six square metres. However, a firm which offers consultations in person may require something closer to 12 square metres per employee instead.

Hot desking can be an ideal way of making the most of your office space, especially if you run a large company. It is important to choose premises which allow you to make the most of the space on offer. Any company that may have disabled employees or expect disabled visitors may need to look at how accessible a building is. If your offices are located on the third floor, do clients have to walk up three flights of stairs, or is there a lift for them to take? Many companies require the use of a large meeting room where they can brief staff and entertain important clients. Making a list of all the things that you expect an office to provide can be very useful when looking round potential premises.

Most of all make sure that you will be able to afford the rent. There is no point in splashing out on a really flash office if the rent is going to ruin your business. Use common sense and compromise to find your perfect office space.


Benefits of Managed Offices

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Your choice of office will say a lot about your business. After all, if you operate in rundown and dirty premises you cannot expect to impress potential clients. That is why so many start-ups are increasingly turning towards business centres to base their new companies in. Such centres typically offer full services which include everything that you need to run a business. Indeed, there are a huge number of advantages which come from working in serviced offices.

First of all, most serviced offices offer a degree of flexibility which does not come with traditionally signed leases. When you are starting out in business nothing is certain, which is why it is unadvisable to get drawn into a long lease which is difficult to get out of. Successful businesses are constantly growing and expanding, so it is unrealistic to expect your office space in London needs to be the same in ten years’ time as they are now. Serviced offices recognise that the needs of a company can change very rapidly, and thus allow flexible leases which can be altered without incurring any major buy out fees. This is increasingly important in the international economy as businesses that want to stay ahead of the game need to be able to adapt to different market conditions very quickly indeed.

Serviced offices in London can also include benefits such as fixed rental prices. All inclusive services can include everything from office furniture, to 24-hour security, and kitchen refreshment facilities. Signing a lease which has a fixed rental price means that businesses can accurately calculate their financial accounts every month as they know exactly how much money they will be spending on rent. As such, this should help reduce the risks of encountering any major cash flow problems.

Many serviced offices offer extra facilities such as meeting room hire and communal staff areas. Meeting rooms can look great when meeting with new clients. Working in a serviced office which is fronted by a professional receptionist can also increase the trustworthiness and professionalism quota that your business projects. For people who lack confidence when it comes to working with computers, serviced offices can be the answer. Having an inbuilt IT infrastructure means that there is no need to worry if things break down or go wrong, as the office administrators will have their own IT support team to repair any problems.

Working in serviced offices also gives businesses the chance to interact with other companies that work in the same location. This can prove invaluable when you are first starting out in business because you never know when a new contact may be of use. Networking is a major part of business growth, and it is well worth knowing people who are experts in different fields of work.  What is more, managed offices do not have to be a temporary solution. Many long established businesses prefer to work in serviced offices because it removes the stress of owning a building and allows them to concentrate on more important things instead.


Different Types of Offices

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There are many different types of premises that people can choose to work from when first setting up a business. The type of business that you run will greatly influence the type of premises that you need to work from. Small businesses may not require a lot of space to operate in, whereas larger companies will obviously need enough space to fit in all their employees. Starting a new business can be a stressful time as nobody can know what the future holds for certain. With such a large range of options on offer, let’s look at the types of premises that you can run a business from.

Work from Home

Many start-ups choose to work from home as they begin to build an income and customer base. This has a number of benefits – primarily that you won’t have to pay any extra rent hiring office space. But there are downsides to working from home arrangements. You can get easily distracted in your own home and it can be difficult to sometimes separate work and family life. If you live with other people they may not understand your need for peace and quiet when working throughout the day, and you may find that your attention is invariably pulled elsewhere.

Virtual Offices

Another problem that can plague businesses which work from home is the lack of a professional office address. However, this can be solved by investing in the services of a virtual office. Virtual offices are typically based in large buildings in major cities. In return for a small monthly rental fee, business can rent the use of an address whilst still working from home. Virtual offices will collect and forward all your mail, and can even set up phone answering services for you.

Serviced Offices

If you are looking for Liverpool office space, then managed offices may be exactly what you are looking for. Hiring a space at a serviced office removes the need to be responsible for the upkeep of an office building. An all inclusive monthly fee on a flexible lease can buy you everything you need to make your business a success. From comfortable furniture to IT and Internet support, serviced offices look professional and provide a fantastic working environment. There is a large range of Liverpool offices to choose from, but one of the rules of business is to reduce stresses where you can. Paying a serviced office company to take care of all your working premises needs means that you can concentrate on building your business.

Buy a Building

However, some businesses require huge amounts of space, or are unsuitable for running in a shared business environment. In such cases you can always look into buying your own building to work from. This can obviously be very expensive and you may need to investigate whether you will need any special licences from your local council. However, owning your own office space means that your work can be kept safe from potentially prying eyes.


Finding Office Space Online

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There is no doubt about it, looking for office space in London can be an absolute nightmare, especially during the colder months. There is nothing fun about trudging through the cold and rain looking around countless examples of exactly what you don’t want your office to be like. Fortunately, you no longer have to waste so much time shivering in the freezing cold if you don’t want to. The rise of the Internet has given business owners the option of searching for new office premises from the comfort of their own home. After all, business owners generally tend to work very long hours indeed, and there are not many who would fancy walking from office to office after a hard day at work.

When you need to rent office space, London really does have thousands of options available. However, you can cut through the dross by looking online. Searching for offices online can yield much faster results than visiting a lot of different estate agents and is an ideal way of managing your valuable time. When it comes to business, time is money, and any process which can produce successful results faster than traditional methods is a process which is well worth investing in.

Searching for new office premises online allows you to look for suitable locations at any time of the day. No matter whether it is first thing in the morning when you are eating your breakfast or last thing at night before you put your pyjamas on and get into bed, online office searches can be fitted into any type of lifestyle schedule. Stay warm inside and open your mind to a world of office possibilities.

Top quality serviced office space in London can be hard to come by, which is why the Internet is an ideal way of keeping yourself informed of the latest properties which come onto the market. Spending five minutes every day searching for your dream offices can be far more effective than spending hours ringing round the estate agents all week. A quick search online can bring up hundreds of offices which are just waiting for the right tenants. When you find an office which you would like to investigate further you can always arrange a physical viewing.

What’s more, online office adverts usually have a lot of pictures for you to look at. Many people can judge the character of a room from a photograph. It is important to find offices which suit the image of your business. Looking at photos of offices online helps to cut out the need of visiting unsuitable premises. Why waste time on properties which you know you won’t be interested in?

You can search for offices online via a number of different criteria, including size, location, and employee numbers. Search forms are very simple to use and will bring up results in seconds. Scouting for offices online will give you an idea of the large range of different types of offices available to rent within an area.