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Serviced offices for a flexible marketplace

Posted by admin on March 28, 2012 at 2:16 pm. Filed under: serviced offices

Running a business successfully has always required great skill, but as a result of the ongoing economic problems being seen in the UK and many other countries around the world, even greater insight and leadership is now required.

One of the most important qualities for bosses to posses is adaptability. The marketplace is constantly changing and it is only by reacting appropriately to these alterations that firms can stand the test of time.

However, if you are in charge of an organisation, you will no doubt be aware of how difficult this can be. One of the constraints you may have faced in the past is your accommodation. Of course, it is vital that you have office space from which to conduct your operations, but in the past, the leases connected to such lets were long-term and inflexible.

For example, if you needed to quickly downsize or expand your firm, meaning your working space was no longer suitable, you might have faced delays and fees because of your contractual obligations.

The good news is, things have moved on. These days, it is possible to take advantage of superb serviced offices in London and elsewhere that permit far greater manoeuvrability. The shorter leases and more accommodating terms associated with these working spaces are more conducive to the needs of the modern marketplace.

So, if you have not already taken advantage of serviced offices in Liverpool or your chosen location, now may be the time to investigate the possibilities. Such action could make running your enterprise much more straightforward.


No need to suffer the drawbacks of conventional offices

Posted by admin on March 24, 2012 at 2:14 pm. Filed under: commercial property

If you are on the lookout for new premises from which to base your organisation, or need to invest in satellite offices, you will no doubt be keen to benefit from the best solutions around. After all, you will be spending your hard-earned money on the provisions and it is crucial that they meet all your practical criteria.

Among the working environments that you may have considered are conventional offices. However, before you go ahead and enter into an agreement concerning such a facility, it is important you think through all the repercussions. After all, there are a number of disadvantages associated with these premises.

For example, they generally come with long-term leases, tying your organisation into major commitments that you might not be able to uphold. For example, you might need to up or down-scale before the lease has run out, or move to a different location.

Meanwhile, these spaces tend to be shells comprising little more than walls and basic utilities. This means that to get them up and running, you may need to invest lots of money and effort.

Bearing these points in mind, you might be well advised to consider serviced offices instead. These are more flexible because their leases tend to be much shorter. This gives you greater manoeuvrability.

Also, when you take over such premises, they are fully equipped and ready to go, saving you time and hassle.

These days, there are many serviced offices available, meaning there is no need to endure the inconvenience associated with more traditional set-ups. Whether you want office space in Manchester, commercial property in Bristol or premises elsewhere, you should not struggle to get what you are after.


An affordable and convenient way to get a London office

Posted by admin on March 18, 2012 at 2:12 pm. Filed under: office space

Having an office in London can add prestige to your firm and is great for PR purposes. There is often an assumption made by businesses and consumers that enterprises that have a base in the capital are doing particularly well. Also, from a logistical point of view, this location can be superb.

Much of the action in the world of UK business takes place in the south-east of England. By having a foothold there, you therefore make yourself more available to interested parties.

However, you might have ruled out the prospect of benefiting from such a workplace on the basis of cost. Unsurprisingly, there is a premium attached to commercial premises in the city.

But if you are savvy, you may well be able to realise your ambition of operating from London office space. By making the most of serviced office rental opportunities, you might find a solution that fits within your budget. These provisions can be ideal for organisations of varying sizes, including very small operators.

Also, by taking advantage of such offices, you can control your costs easily because many of your bills will be included in a fixed fee. This means you should not experience any nasty financial surprises.

Meanwhile, because of the short-term nature of serviced office rental leases, you do not have to commit yourself to a long period of tenure. This takes the pressure off and means you can test the water.

So, getting office space in London may be easier than you think.


Take care when choosing your offices

Posted by admin on March 14, 2012 at 2:10 pm. Filed under: offices to let


These days, there are many different serviced and managed offices available and it is important that you put careful thought into the selection process. It is only by being diligent and taking a variety of issues into account that you are likely to make the perfect choice.

One of the factors you need to consider is location. There is no point in finding the ideal working space in terms of facilities, aesthetics and so on if it is positioned in the wrong area. This may result in long and frustrating commutes for many of your workers, causing dissatisfaction. Also, it might put off potential customers and business partners.

Also, transport links may be a key point to take into account. Being positioned near to good rail, road and air links might be very important, depending on the nature of your firm.

Therefore, before committing to your choice of working space, it is worthwhile doing a detailed analysis concerning where you will be best placed.

Meanwhile, the interior of your offices, whether you want serviced offices in Birmingham, serviced offices in Edinburgh or anything else, is also crucial and it is important that the space meets your practical needs. These days, the business world is increasingly technology dependent, so it is vital you have access to all the relevant modes of communication and so on.

Furthermore, your serviced or managed offices should look the part. Not only is the important in case third parties visit your premises, it is also vital in terms of the morale of your staff members.


Choosing between managed and serviced offices

Posted by admin on March 9, 2012 at 12:58 pm. Filed under: serviced offices

When you are choosing between the different types of office available, there is one decision you may have to make early on in the process and that is whether you want to utilise serviced or managed offices.

Managed versions fall somewhere between conventional working environments and their serviced counterparts. In general, they are more suitable for slightly larger firms and they often include a whole floor or wing of a building.

The contracts differ and some include services like heating, cleaning, lighting and so on. Also, in certain cases, furniture is provided.

However, they will not include some of the services typically associated with serviced corporate accommodation. For example, they generally do not come with post room operations, secretarial support, photocopying facilities, meeting room hire and so on.

In contrast, serviced offices represent the full package and are ideal for companies that are keen to move into premises with the minimum of hassle. Often, they are favoured by smaller organisations as they provide them with facilities and options that would not otherwise be open to them.

One of the draws of serviced office premises is the fact that they tend to be let on short-term contracts, meaning that their occupiers have considerable flexibility when it comes to moving on.

Whether your enterprise is seeking office space in Birmingham, Leeds office space or premises elsewhere, it is crucial that you know all your options and decide which type of working environment is most suitable.

Regardless of whether you decide to go for serviced or managed offices, you should have plenty of choice.


Avoid technology headaches with serviced offices

Posted by admin on March 2, 2012 at 12:57 pm. Filed under: serviced offices

These days, the business world is heavily reliant on technology. Indeed, like many firms, yours may not be able to function without a plethora of sophisticated devices and systems.

This may cause you considerable stress. After all, depending on such provisions makes you vulnerable to breakdowns. Furthermore, setting up a working environment that features all the necessary gadgets and infrastructure can be difficult and costly. Indeed, you might simply not have the resources to achieve this.

With this in mind, your choice of office space in Edinburgh or elsewhere is vital. If you are savvy, you can benefit from superb serviced offices that come with much if not all the technology you require. In contrast, traditional offices are often simply empty shells that you have to fill yourself, at great expense and difficulty.

Serviced offices in Mayfair and elsewhere represent a total solution and they often come with features such as reception and telephone answering services, networking and high speed internet access.  Also, many such working hubs come with access to video conferencing facilities. This might be a great help to your enterprise.

Being able to use such provisions without having to fork out for them upfront can make your life considerably easier and means you have one less thing to worry about.

Also, being part of a larger business centre means you may well receive help with any technical problems affecting your network and so on.

Of course, the technology and services associated with serviced offices do not come for free, but the costs are incorporated into manageable regular payments along with the rent.