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See How You Can Save Money With a Serviced Office

Posted by admin on February 28, 2012 at 11:45 am. Filed under: commercial property


Just one of the many advantages of having a serviced office space in London is the simplicity of having just one price to pay for everything. Where traditional offices would have separate charges for rent, rates, taxes, maintenance and bills, plus having to buy furniture and equipment, serviced offices include everything all in one charge. As well as all of the standard charges, you will also get heating, air conditioning, security and cleaning as part of the same package, not only saving you those extra bills to pay, but also the hassle of organising these services as well.

There are other services which you will also be able to benefit from, which for some businesses can prove invaluable. These include having a full time receptionist who can direct your calls and take messages, and also welcome your customers or visitors. If you think about how much  you would have to pay someone to fulfil this role over the year, you can see straightaway how much you are saving by having it included as part of your package.

For all of this, an average grade A central London office space costs you just £600 per person per month. Considering that your serviced office will also be at a prestigious address in the centre of London, it is unlikely that you’ll find an office on a traditional lease for that price when you factor in all those extras. Plus, you’ll be paying to have the hassle of several different people to pay and organising your finances to accommodate this!


How a Serviced Office Can Help Your New Business

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With the economic climate still not much better than it was a couple of years ago, new start ups and small businesses cannot really afford to not take advantage of the flexibility that serviced office rental offers. Unlike traditional leases, a serviced office lease gives a much greater deal of flexibility and with a shorter term. Consequently, should the business fail, it is easier to get out, but on a more positive note, it is also easier to expand or contract by adapting the amount of space you rent quickly and easily. This can not only save you money on your lease, but also allow you to earn more money by having a lease that meets your business needs as and when they occur.

Another advantage of a serviced office for a new start up is that everything is included in the price, including all the furniture and furnishings. So whether you’re looking for office space in Edinburgh or to rent office space in London, you won’t have to put aside a great deal of treasured start up cash for buying furniture. Plus, if you’re a one man band or a very small team, you get the added advantage of having a full time receptionist to hand as part of the package. While they won’t update your accounts or input your data for you, they will field your calls, take messages and welcome clients, while you get on with the day to day running of the business and generating cash flow.


The Rise of the Business Centre

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Business centres have been used in the US now for over 30 years and are accepted as a normal way to find and rent office space. When you think of the term business centre, you might imagine a modern glass building that’s out of town on a retail park somewhere, and while this is certainly one kind of business centre, it can equally be a former listed building in the heart of the city centre, where the inside has been transformed into modern offices. This is certainly the case when it comes to renting Liverpool offices, where many Victorian buildings have been transformed into business centres.

There are around 900 business centres now in the UK, both independently owned and managed by chains and property groups. If you are looking for offices to let in Liverpool, or anywhere else, we have over 1,000 listed for the UK alone, and around 4,000 or more worldwide. Whatever size space you are looking for, we have serviced offices on long and short term leases in the best business centres in great locations. The business centre’s location can actually help to increase business, as the prestigious address will impress clients and make them more inclined to do (or continue to do) business with you.

Alternatively, out of town business centres are ideal for businesses that don’t deal directly with customers, but which need good transport links or access to free parking and a shorter and faster commute without having to go into the city centre.


How Much Does a Serviced Office Cost?

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The price of serviced office rental will vary depending on a number of factors. Location is obviously a big factor to take into consideration, both in terms of city and then the location within that city. Serviced office space in London will understandably cost more than serviced offices in Leeds or Liverpool, for example. Then, a central location in any city will cost more than an office in an out of town business centre because you’re paying for the prestigious address and the many benefits of operating your business in the heart of the city.

Then there is the level of serviced office you choose to take out, plus the size and length of lease. A shorter term lease will cost more because you are paying for the ability to be able to end it sooner, just as the same would apply to a mobile phone contract, for example. To give you an indication, however, a grade A office in the centre of London costs around £750 per person per month, while the same in Heathrow would be £550, and in Leeds £350. Opting for grade B or C offices would reduce your costs even further.

The thing to bear in mind, however, is that the price of serviced office rental is not just for the room(s) itself, but also includes all other overheads, such as maintenance, building insurance, cleaning, utilities and other rates and taxes. You also get all the furniture included, plus use of a receptionist, and often telecom charges too.


Less Commitment for Less Money

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When you reduce the size of something, it makes sense that you pay less, right? This applies to leases for office space too! A serviced office space, that is.

When you take out a conventional lease, it is normally for an extremely long term that you can’t get out of. In the current economic climate, this can be a scary prospect, particularly for small or new businesses that don’t have a confident view of the future ahead. Even with larger businesses, we have seen that no one is safe. A serviced office doesn’t just offer you the flexibility of a shorter lease, however. You can take out one or a small number of rooms and then increase as your business expands. And if it doesn’t, no problem.

As for costing, with a conventional lease you will be subject to rent, rates, service charges, utilities, cleaning, legal fees, furnishings and fittings, telecoms and IT. Most of these will be managed by different people, companies or suppliers too so you will have negotiations and dealings with each of them separately, taking up a lot of your time that could be spent doing something else like running your business and making the money to pay for it all. Meanwhile, serviced offices from Manchester to Mayfair have just one charge which doesn’t involve any solicitors or inspections. Simple. So whether you’re looking for office space in Mayfair, Manchester or even Manhattan, take a look at our listings and get yourself a great deal.


Why You Should Switch to a Serviced Office

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Having an office to work from is an essential requirement for many businesses, yet not one which is much thought about once they are in it. That is, until it comes to move or leave the premises. The costs for leaving office space rented with a conventional lease include legal fees, surveyors’ fees and administrative charges, much like when you moved in. If the reason you are leaving is because you need to move to bigger or smaller premises, you will resent having to pay all these fees just to meet the needs of your business.

With a serviced office, on the other hand, there are no exit costs. It doesn’t matter whether you have serviced offices in Victoria or Birmingham office space, you pay just one monthly cost from start to finish and nothing else before or after your lease starts and ends.

The nature of serviced office space is that if you need to adapt your circumstances, there is the possibility to do so. If you are a small business, when you started with your conventional lease, the chances are that the space was too big for your needs and you grew into it (hopefully). A serviced office is available in much smaller units at much smaller prices (even just one room if that’s all you need) and you can expand as you find you need to do so.