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The Cheaper Option for Office Space

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When you need to rent office space, obviously you want the best deal at the cheapest price. Often the price you see advertised isn’t the total price you’ll end up paying either, once rates, maintenance charges and bills have been added on. Usually, the more exclusive the location, the higher all of these will be. To be able to accurately compare office space in London, for example, you need to find out as much information about each property up front.

Last year’s Total Office Cost Survey (TOCS) actually found that, by and large, a serviced office worked out cheaper than a conventional lease. Even serviced offices in London were found to be cheaper. A serviced office is usually found in a business centre and is popular because all its charges are included in the price you pay (including bills in some cases). They also generally have short term leases, which make them popular for new companies or temporary branches of existing companies.

While serviced office space was once thought of as expensive, it is now a much more attractive proposition for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. As attitudes towards taking out long leases have changed because of uncertainty caused by the recession, the serviced office market has been able to adapt and present deals that are attractive to tenants, while people offering conventional leases have not done the same. Serviced offices in London allow businesses to have an attractive address without the high hidden charges.


Benefits of Serviced Offices for Large Businesses

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It was once the case that serviced offices were primarily for small or new businesses. The reasons for this were that because the leases were generally significantly shorter than an office taken out on a conventional lease, the risks were hugely minimised if something went wrong in the business. However, changes in the market brought about as a result of the economic climate now mean that a serviced office has many more advantages to offer businesses of all sizes. With even huge corporations such as Sky News taking out serviced office space in London (in The Gherkin), this shows the benefits that they hold.

Sky News gives its reasons for taking out a serviced office space in London as the prestigious address and easy access The Gherkin building offers to the heart of the city. Having serviced office space in London, however, also means that the corporation will be able to change location quickly and easily should they need to. Many large organisations choose a serviced office lease over a conventional lease when they want to set up temporary premises in a location or while looking for permanent premises.

Another reason for getting a serviced office space in London might be because your business is expanding or is likely to do so soon. With a serviced office, you can adjust your lease quickly and easily to meet the needs of your business, including expansion for taking on extra employees. With a conventional lease this would probably meet with delays, if they even had the room to do so.


Who Can Benefit from a Serviced Office

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Serviced offices have benefits for most businesses, but for some types of organisation they are the best solution for finding premises and office space. The two main advantages of a serviced office are that it will generally offer a shorter and more flexible lease than a conventionally leased office, and that there are no hidden charges, but that everything is included in the price you pay, usually including the furniture and all bills.

Serviced offices are ideal for businesses which want to expand quickly, including where they need to open a new branch in another location. If a London-based business is looking for offices to let in Bristol, for example, taking a lease with a serviced office will allow that branch to open more or less immediately, rather than having to wait for legal and administrative procedures to go through. Likewise, for an international or foreign company looking to open up in the UK and needing to rent office space in London, they will be able to do so much more easily and cost effectively than through a conventional lease. They won’t have to worry about buying furniture or travelling abroad to check out and measure up the premises beforehand because they will have everything they need on arrival.

Another major advantage is for anyone who cannot afford to take out a conventional lease because of the hefty deposits required. Whether you need a temporary or a permanent office, you can set up in a serviced office immediately without the need for a large bank balance.


Office Space Issues for New Businesses

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New businesses have several problems when it comes to finding office space to rent. First of all, it is unlikely that a new start up will have a lot of spare cash around in order to be able to afford a deposit required for a conventional lease. Secondly, starting a new business is an uncertain time. You can’t be sure whether your idea will be a success and you don’t want to bankrupt yourself having to pay a lengthy lease for something that’s not working.

Alternatively, your business might take off quicker than you expect but a restrictive lease prevents you from having enough adequate space to expand and make the most of your success. Serviced offices in Manchester and other major towns and cities across the UK offer the perfect solution to all of these problems. A serviced office will have two main advantages, in that it is able to offer a flexible and short-term lease which will work with your business when it needs to contract and expand. What’s more, it comes with everything your business needs to be able to set up and start trading straight away. This sometimes even includes additional facilities such as a receptionist service or use of a photocopier and franking machine, all things which can save your business money when it needs it most.

Here at Abacus Real Estate, we list serviced offices in Birmingham and Bristol, Leeds and Liverpool. In fact, all across the UK and major worldwide cities too.


London serviced office prices on the increase

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Nearly a year ago Abacus Office Finder was predicting an increase in demand for serviced offices in London – were they right to be thinking ahead of the gloomy cloud that seemed to be hovering over the London office market? Needless to say it isn’t an easy question to answer, but in the last twelve monthslondon serviced office rents have inceased substantially and so using a basic economic equation one would have to accept that if the price has gone up (but the supply hasn’t changed) then demand must have gone up too.

SME’s looking to expand or contract their business are ham-strung by conventional landlords. The keyword for any SME has to be ‘flexibility’, whether this has to do with their business offering or the structure of their business. The global recession has made it hard enough to trade at all without the unwelcome interference of outside influences, such as inflexible landlords of business premises. It has long been a personal frustration of mine that property often ends up driving business instead of being a servant to it.

Abacus Office Finder have recently worked with a number of clients who made decisions to expand or contract their businesses into new offices, only to find that their current landlords wouldn’t release them from their existing commitments. In each case they were forced to ride out their leases of inappropriate office space, to the detriment of their business, before they were able to implement their future plans.

With even more journalistic comment about a double dip recession looming, businesses are certainly reluctant to branch out into new offices with so much uncertainty ahead. Taking a lease on a conventional office isn’t for the fainthearted seeing as many conventional landlords want you to sign a 10, 15 or even 20 year lease.

At the risk of sounding rather simplistic, there is a very straight forward answer – use a serviced office! Everything is laid out and ready of a new occupier, lease agreements are often on one or two sides of A4, lease terms can be as short or long as you like and if you need to expand or contract in a few months time you can just move to another office withing the same building without needing to change your stationery or anything else.


What Business Centres Can Do For You

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Serviced offices are normally found in business centres, which themselves give your business a whole host of benefits. A business centre is either a whole or part of an office building where offices are leased to tenants with short-term leases.  These can be found either in the centre of a town or city or on a business park. Generally speaking, the premises are modern, either in new buildings (usually found at business parks) or refurbished interiors of older buildings.

When looking for offices in Edinburgh or London, or any other major city, you can therefore rent a short-term lease at a prestigious address without the extra expense that a conventional lease would have, plus all the added charges for building maintenance, etc. on top. Offices in a city centre are best for businesses which receive customers at their premises because they will be easy to find and get to. Having an office in a well-known or large building as well will also garner extra respect for your business, and you’ll be paying less for the privilege!

For businesses that do not have members of the general public on their premises regularly, it is perhaps a good idea to consider an out-of-town business park rather than an office in Leeds city centre, for example. Being out of the centre gives better access to motorway links and makes it easier for your employees to access facilities like free or discounted parking without having to pay exorbitant city centre prices.


How to Get the Perfect Office Space

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Business location is of extreme importance. It may be that your business needs to be in a prime location for good transport links (such as in an out-of-town business centre) or it may be that it’s better to have an executive office space right in the heart of the city. Opting for a serviced office as opposed to a conventional lease can provide either of these much more cost effectively. Having the right business premises can even determine whether your business succeeds or fails, so you should always make sure it meets your needs accurately.

Leasing a serviced office makes the whole leasing process much simpler. You can have an office in the perfect location without having to spend significant amounts of time finding, managing and furnishing it. Plus, you can usually move in straightaway. Renting office space in London or finding offices to let in Edinburgh has never been easier, particularly when you use our office finder tool which has over 4,000 offices listed worldwide, including over 1,000 in the UK alone.

As well as the known benefits of having a short and flexible lease and renting a furnished space that’s ready to move in straight away, a serviced office has other benefits too besides a great location. Many business centres provide additional services such as cleaning and maintenance, IT support, reception services, use of gym facilities for employees, and additional conference and meeting rooms for when your business needs that bit of extra space from time to time.