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Demand remains surprisingly strong for serviced offices in England’s capital city

Posted by admin on January 28, 2011 at 3:43 pm. Filed under: Uncategorized

Despite the worst economic climate in most people’s living memory, there is still surprisingly strong interest in serviced offices in the City and West End. There’s no denying that rents have fallen substantially but, at the right price, many companies are seeing the good common sense of moving into serviced offices rather than signing lengthy conventional leases. In these uncertain times, many companies really don’t want to be tied into long leases on fixed amounts of office space which will inevitably be the wrong size for them before the end of the lease. By using serviced offices they are able only to take the amount of space they need right now, knowing that when they need to take on more staff, or maybe contract their workforce, they can simply move into a larger or smaller office within the same building – no change of address, no painful search for new premises etc. In most cases these moves can be arranged over a weekend – go home on Friday and return to your new office on Monday with everything in place for you to get on with what matters most – your own business.